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40% Art of Poison / Chapter 2: Do or Die

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Chapter 2: Do or Die

Ru Ning stared at the rainbow snake that was slithering in place, his body frozen like a statue made of rock.

He wasn't sure what the snake was up to or when it was going to strike again, but he didn't dare to move and risk it, afraid that it might aggravate the snake.

The speed at which the snake moved was so fast that he wasn't able to see even its shadow move.

But oddly enough, he was still calm in a situation such as this. If it were anybody else, they would have surely turned and run without thinking.

He thought that even if he turned and ran, it would be impossible for him to escape successfully with the snake's speed that was as fast as a sudden bolt, so it was more logical for him to stay still and watch for its next actions.

In addition to watching the snake's every movement, Ru Ning was thinking of every possible way he could image in his head to find a way to survive this situation.

And as expected of the young prodigy, it didn't take long for him to think of a way to defeat the snake. Even if he wasn't positive about winning, there was no other choice for him. It's either do or die at this point.

"My body is immune to all toxin, what happened just now proved the effectiveness of the skill. And the bite of the snake is not strong enough to kill me even if it bites me again. Additionally…"

Ru Ning smiled inside his head. It was a crazy plan, but it was the only thing he could think of that could possibly defeat the snake.

His reaction speed is not fast enough to react to the snake's attack, nor was his body capable of dodging it even if he had the reaction speed, so there was only one way to defeat it.

"To let it kill itself…"

With that in mind, Ru Ning began silently casting the only Active Skill he has, which was Create Poison.

Although he has never used a Skill in his life before, at the moment he tried, he found that he was able to comprehend how Skills worked as though he has been using it all his life.

"Create Poison — Rainbow Venom!"

-60 MP

A flicker flashed in his eyes, and the snake noticed it.

Feeling threatened, the snake leaped towards Ru Ning once again.


Two more holes appeared on Ru Ning's neck.

-7 HP

His HP fell to a dangerously low number with more than half of it gone.

16/50 HP

Ru Ning could feel lightheadedness as his HP lowered from blood loss.

-1 HP

-1 HP

This time the rainbow snake released its fangs and jumped back on its own.

It probably didn't want to get yanked twice.

Ru Ning, with his vision blurry, could make out a grin with the snake's mouth.

"...This fucking snake is laughing at me?"

"I hope you enjoy my present." He opened his mouth and said to the snake.

The snake seemed puzzled after hearing his words, even shocked if it could make such an expression.

How could this human still have enough strength to stand, let alone talk, after having its deadly poison injected into his body not once but twice? Even a Tier 5 Earth Dragon would succumb to its poison seconds after being bitten!

Suddenly, the snake felt intense pain in its body and began spazzing violently.

It felt like its body was melting from the inside, and the feeling was quickly spreading throughout every inch of its body.

Not even three seconds later, the snake lost its vision.

Blood began leaking out its eyes and mouth half a second later.

It was in such pain that it was unable to scream, only twitching in pain.

Another two seconds passed, and the snake no longer moved; its entire body had melted from the inside out.

"That would've been the result if it were not for my Poison Immunity?"

Ru Ning shivered just thinking about it.

"In the end, it worked…"

Knowing he has full poison immunity, he used Create Poison on himself, covering his entire body in Rainbow Venom. And because of his Poison Mastery, the Tier 4 Rainbow Venom became Tier 5 Rainbow Venom, one whole Tier above the snake's ability to make the venom.

Meaning, the snake had killed itself after tasting its own medicine, but stronger.


A pleasant and clear noise resounded in Ru Ning's mind as he thought about what had happened.

[You have earned the Title 'Unique Monster Killer']

[Level up!]

[Stats has been increased based on your Class!]

[Level up!]

[Stats has been increased based on your Class!]

[Level up!]


Ru Ning leveled up a total of 9 times after killing the snake.

Additionally, after the snake died, its body disappeared into tiny fragments, and what appeared in the place it disappeared was a piece of shed skin — the same rainbow skin the snake had — but it was perfectly intact like it has never been touched before.


Ru Ning found it interesting and walked to pick up the item left behind by the snake.

Information about the skin appeared in his mind the moment he picked it up.

[Rainbow Snake Skin: A rare skin only obtainable from Rainbow Snakes. Can be used for tailoring, alchemy, smithing, and cooking.]

"What an interesting world… This change in my body, these weird plants and creatures, and this Rainbow Venom… Oh, the possibilities! I have never been so excited!"

Ru Ning's blood boiled with excitement after thinking about the new toxins in this world that could be experimented on.

Just thinking about the possibilities of learning new poisons greatly hyped him up with expectation for this world.

So what if this was an unknown world? As long as he could still chase his ambitions and find interest in things, then he wouldn't mind even going to hell!

After Ru Ning calmed down with his excitement, he realized that all the pain he had on his neck was gone, and when he touched where the snake had bitten, there was not a single snake bite mark!

The wound had magically disappeared!

He then looked at his status screen to see what had changed.


Name: Ru Ning

Class: Alchemist

Status: Commoner

Title: Abnormal Prodigy


Level: 10

HP: 95/95

MP: 280/280

Physical Strength: 12(+4)

Endurance: 13(+4)

Agility: 24(+7)

Magic Power: 38(+11)

Resistance: 71(+23)


{Tier 0} [Active: Create Poison] [Cost: ~]

{Tier 3} [Passive: Poison Mastery(Beginner)]

{Tier 10} [Passive: Poison Immunity]

Seeing the changes, he began calculating.

FilthyCommoner FilthyCommoner

Keep in mind that the 30% additional stats from the Rainbow Venom is seperated from the base stats.

So, Agility 24(+7) is actually 31 and not 24. And the (+#) is from the bonus.

Leave a comment if you would. Tell me what I can improve on if you see a mistake, or what you'd like to see more of!

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