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Ascension of the Immortal Asura

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Author: rRandom

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On the Yuan Continent, monstrous beasts and powerful cultivators reign supreme. Their immense power is capable of shattering mountains and emptying oceans.

On this continent lives John Fenix, an unfortunate youth who is unable to cultivate and wield such immense power. He could only look up powerlessly at others and watch as they soared to heights unseen.

One day, after a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious and dangerous object, John finds himself able to cultivate and wield this immense power. Determined to never feel powerless again, he sets out on a journey filled with danger, excitment, joy and strife.

A journey to push through his limits, rise through the ranks of the martial world, and ascend above all as the Immortal Asura.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Hi All, Author Here. First off to my current readers, thank you for everyone who has read and continues to read my novel. I truly appreciate it, and will continue to support this novel until its eventual conclusion. I think John's journey so far has been incredibly interesting thus far, and hopefully what I have in store in the future continues to interest all readers. After a year and a half of writing this novel, I figured I'd write another review addressing comments/complaints that are commonly brought up. To put this at the top for all to see, I personally believe that while this novel is good throughout, it really kicks off and goes from "good" to "great," or even "fantastic" at around chapter 70. The novel if free to read up to chapter 90, and if you make it that far, I believe most readers will come to love the novel by that point. Now, to address common comments/complaints for this novel: 1) John being too naive or "dumb" - This comment is mostly brought up in the beginning of the novel, and these comments typically disappear by around chapter 90 or so. One thing to remember regarding John's smarts is that he starts out as a sheltered 14 year old child. He's never really been out in the world, and as such makes wrong decisions, and sometimes even dumb ones from the readers perspective. This is done for two reasons: one is to write a realistic MC, as a child who is smart without flaws from the start is not very realistic. The second reason is to show growth of the character in a way that the reader connects with. With the many decisions John makes that is seen as "dumb" or "stupid," he learns from those decisions and does not make them again. I would say by around chapter 90, John is almost a different character due to his personal and mental growth, and he continues to grow smarter as the novel progresses. 2) John not being ruthless enough or too nice: This comment is also brought up early on as well. John does make some naive decisions again, many that are too nice. But yet again, he learns from those decisions (ie. the village arc) that fuels his growth to becoming more ruthless, as well as colder to those not directly associated with him. Once again, the plot points make his ruthless personality shift believable, and by the current point in the novel, John is incredibly ruthless to his enemies, even to the point that others are shocked by his actions. He will continue to get more ruthless as the novel progresses, on his way to becoming "Asura" Those are the two main complaints early on in the novel, which tend to vanish as readers progress through the story, while John develops into the MC that readers of this genre like (Smart, ruthless, strong). I hope this update is useful for any new readers thinking of picking up this novel. Thanks for reading and supporting the novel. -rRandom

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    Perfect novel I don't need to add nothing more [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    Off to an amazing start. Very excited to see where this goes. The action bits are well thought out and detailed. The story progresses quickly without leaving the reader behind. Additionally, the world building so far is pretty good, I've got a good understanding of the world so far. Characters are very likeable and relatable. Again, very excited to see where this goes! Keep up the good work author.

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    probably the only original worth reading. i am pretty surprised you're not ranked higher. writing is good. story is good. world is good. characters are okay. updates are also okay. this is better than that vampire novel on top. i hope your story continues.

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    I have to say that I was really surprised of this novel. Even though the MC has few OP stuff going on, He still works for his own power and is getting stronger little by little. Not like many other original novels here where MC gets OP in couple chapters and after that he is the strongest in the world. The way the world building is happening is really great. I have to say that this is so far the best novel I have read for couple years.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Hi All, Author here. Thank you for taking the time to read and review this novel. I plan on supporting this novel to completion, and I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I am having writing it. Thanks, On a side note, shout out to my friend Miko for editing this novel and adding awesome ideas.

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    This is honestly such a great book. The author has absolutely phenomenal world development and story development, along with nuanced and interesting characters. The idea of the "Cultivation System" is also quite unique, and definitely well thought out. The author consistently updates the novel at a steady pace, which I really appreciate. I also appreciate the fact that the author has chosen to keep the novel free so far, as I am below 18 and thus have no money. Thank you so much rRandom :)

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    LV 12 Badge

    Great novel! The writing quality is superb and I personally saw no grammar mistakes. Other than that the main concept and cheat of the book is intriguing and I can't wait for more, same is said for the world background! Now, onto the negatives, the only thing which I dislike about the book so far is that is very slow-paced, of course I have only read up to chapter 90 so who knows, maybe the author is taking things slowly to really flesh out the world and characters before he speeds up a bit. But, as far as chapter 90 the novel progressed slower than to my liking. this is a key point though, this negative aspect of the novel I have described is only to my taste, as I personally don't like slow-paced novels so much. otherwise, great novel, keep on writing!

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    literally the best novel i've read so far, i can't explain how i feel reading this novel, but i can say that its the first one that made me bought the privilege chapters... pls keep it up with your amazing work author, and dont ever drop this story, not until u finisht it. <3

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    R.I.P Author , heartfelt condolence to the family and friends❤️

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    First of all I‘d like to mention that I dropped this novel at chapter 639, however this has nothing to do with the writing quality or the sort and is entirely based on personal preference. These preferences are obviosly reflected in this review, so anyone with different opinions concerning them and having read as far as I did will probably continue enjoying this story as I did before. The writing quality is superb and while there are mistakes here and there, they are few and far between and easily forgotten. The story development is really good and will probably leave most people always wanting more while watching as the world just grows bigger and bigger. The world background is done really well and while John is already a force to be reckond with, there is still so much to be done and to be achieved. It was fun watching him outgrow his surroundings only to discover that there are still much bigger mountains to climb, even the ones he doesn‘t know about yet. Now to the Character development/design, it was done really well in my opinion and it was definitely needed, especially at the start of the story. While I know that John was still really young and therefor naive at that point, it was still incredibly tedious to get through that part of the story. This was actually my third time starting this novel as I stopped reading two times before that simply because of the beginning chapters. However this time I continued and as the auther said, John is basically a different person after 90 chapters. After that it goes only uphill for his character in my opinion. His friends and family are also really well done and also provide something good to the story. While Adam can be annoying for some I found him mostly entertaning and above all he is useful to the team. The same can be said for Chase and Iris. While I didn‘t really like Iris at the start, that was mostly because of the way was she was introduced and not her character itself. And obviously Miko is awesome as well. Now onto a few things I disliked or simply took me out of the story sometimes. One thing would be some Inconsistencies that only appeared a few hundred chapters in, like John being suprised or intrigued by things he already knows or has already seen. This has only happend a handfull of times and involved nothing major, so it isn‘t really a problem but it did take me out of the story when I noticed it. Another thing would be the overuse of “faceslapping“. I don‘t really know how else to describe it, in my opinion there are too many instances of John being underestemated and therefor his opponent or a random crowd being overly imressed. Starting with “no way could he do that, look at his cultivation“ or “he is talented but young master x is on another level“ and ends with „no way“ from random crowd member b and “what have I just witnessed“ said crowd member z. While it can be quite enjoyable from time to time, too much with little time inbetween can be annoying. It is understandable that it happens since John mostly fights above his level but for me it happend a bit too often. Now all of this is not the reason why I stopped, I still really enjoyed the story even with these small points. The reason I stopped and where those personal preferences come in to play is Laia or to be more specific where the story with her and John is seemingly headed. Most of the time I dislike cultivation and weak to strong type Storys with romance, since I tried reading them before and every single one left me disappointed. However after a while I tried reading them again and while most where still not for me, I actually found 2 which I really enjoyed, so now I‘m more inclined to give Storys with romance a better chance as I did with this one. Now I don‘t actually know if Laia will be the FL in the end but the events that happend in the last few chapters and the way she was introduced before led me to believe she will be. Not only was the author really trying to sell her by describing how awesome and imprtant her abilities are, he also makes Johns blood flow incease or body heat up simply because he looks at her vailed face, which I always found ridiculous. But I already expected something like this to happen since she was introduced, when she helped an enemy escape and Johns hatred actually decreased a bit simply because he looked at her. Had that happend after she gave him the pill it would have been understandable but simply calming a bit down because of her looks, after she helped someone who tried to kill you escape is in my opinion stupid. Now all of this would have still been okay with me if not for chapter 639, where she sends a part of her soul into his. Not only did John open his soul to someone he met for the second time, now their souls are also in some way linked, a plotpoint I absolutely cannot stand. I know that she helped Adam and is helping with the tribulation but that level of trust is way over the top. Had it only been said that it was absolutely necessary and there was no way out of it, it would have been a bit better but John actually trusts her that much wholeheartedly. I was already a bit sceptical after she followed him through that gate, however it was over for me after the soul connection. However again, this is simply a personal preference and a few assumptions of mine that stop me from reading further, everybody who enjoys romance and has read the story this far will probably continue doing so and enjoy it probalbly even more than before. I still have things to say and I don’t know if what I wanted to say came across but my rant has already been long enough which I apologize for. I don‘t normally write reviews but after a while of dropping good storys because of similar reasons I thought I‘d try with this one. I apologize if you should find a lot of mistakes in my long rant however english is not my first language but I tried :) All the best to the author and happy reading to anyone reading this.

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    Well there are a couple things i like and dislike staring with the things i like, The fact theres no face slapping over and that he actually seems like a real character what i mean by this is he actually doesn't act like its a plague to have a follower or the fact he makes to many lies to cover the truth about his cultivation i mean if he were to lie to his own father then i would have to dip.Last this is i like the fact there are 2 other people that have as much potential as he does (Meaning the guy with the OP soul and the mage guy, and when i say they have a lot of potential its because they not only have good talent but also got inheritiances) over and there are many others such as the rewards he has and the cultivation path he has to take, the only thing i say i cant come to like is the fact his personality isn't getting cold enough even tho his cultivation and demon art but thats not a big problem since it is being shown that he has become a battle maniac

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    LV 11 Badge

    sorry author, I think that it's time for me to read illegally 😮‍💨. such a good novel but webnovel be scamming me

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    Review till chapter 203 Story is fine. Mc is fine. Story progresses fine. The problem with this novel is actually not the story itself but the cultivation. In this world you can either cultivate body or qi essence. The mc is unique and have 2 dantians, which makes him capable of cultivating both. The problem is that we often se mc fighting those at one minor realm over himself.(like early vs middle of a major realm) Till chapter 203, everytime that have happened mc has a really tight battle and the explains how great this is. The problem I have with this is that in almost every novel, the mc surprises everyone with his skill, and manages to defeat those at higher realms while being at a lower cultivation level. In this world supposedly body cultivating is a path which is as attractive as cultivating qi. Now we come to the roots of the problem. For example in chapter 200 we have a fight where opponent is a minor realm above his qi and body cultivation. MC has better qi skills, domain and so on. Still he only manages to win slightly. And then author talks of how he is genius to do this. To be honest, I feel like is a wastly underwhelming. I must say that it doesnt feel like he has a double cultivation at all. In none of the fights. Why bother going about this double dantian if it isnt gonna matter in fights. Why talk so much about body cultivations techniqiue if it doesnt seem like it helps. Authoer should read the book Walker of the worlds to see how it realisticially should have been. It is just annoying to read tbh, and makes the reading less realistic, and I wonder how it is gonna be when mc is gonna meet body cultivators later, when we see how underwhelming it has been till now.

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    As per discord Novel is now on hiatus. Author has no plans on ever coming back to it, due to personal issues.

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    honestly my biggest issue with this novel is that it's boring. even the fight scenes are boring. and the author nearly wver chapter points out that the character goes to his wardrobe to put on his favorite robes.

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    When I first started reading on webnovel I had many novels I would read at once and it was always easy to find a new story to read, but in the past few months I hate everything I'm reading, nothing is all that good and the few things that are decent get abandoned. My point is that this novel is one of the few that I love and look forward to reading, I typically give it my power stones every day because there are only 2 or 3 novels I even like anymore, this being one of them. It will keep you entertained throughout, the mc is enjoyable and the story is very well written. Solid 5/5 even if the update rate has slowed down recently, but I'll take it over some novels that post a chapter a month.

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    Truly an amazing and captivating novel. The MC is not a mindless beta and there is comedy mixed in that is actually funny. Grammar is good and mistakes are minimal and negligible. I advise all who are into this genre to give it a try

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    AUTHOR WE WILL MISS YOU. Author passed away :(

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    Author rRandom