60% Ascension of the Lightning God / Chapter 48: An Object.

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Chapter 48: An Object.

It looks like the captain got a bit angry. The guy went to far with what he was saying, and now he is dead. An underlying can never talk too much, but the captain was too friendly with them, and they started to think they can more than they actually do.

He knows this from experience, one wrong word in front of the Demon King and you are dead. He saw that happen once. And since then he knows how vital silence can be.

"Ship on the horizon!" A smuggler shouted from the Crow's nest.

"What's the flag?" shouted the captain.

"Demon King's fleet!"

"Grate! Now we have to deal with this! Everyone back to your posts! And you Long Jiao, under the deck! If they see you the whole fleet will swarm this place."

"Sure" If he wanted, Long Jiao could destroy the ship himself, but they only need a few seconds to send the news of him being here. So it's safer to stay hidden.

The Captain did not want to engage in a fight with the Demon King's ship; it would only bring him more trouble. Changing the curse, adjusting the sails, and now they are traveling as fast as possible.

"Get the bait from under the deck!"

One of the tricks he learned was using bait! The sea was infested with powerful monsters, and if you want to sail here, you need a ship that can hide from them. The most common way is to have the ship made out of the sea wood. A ship made out of it can hide from the monsters and sail freely.

This is what most of the Demons Kings ships were made out of, including the one he is using now. For him, a smuggler, it's hard to get it as the Demon King is controlling most of the supply. Because of this, he needs to avoid fighting! If the ship gets damaged, and they won't have enough of the sea wood to repair it, they can patch it up with ordinary wood, but then every monster in the vicinity will be able to find them.

"Let's make a party for the guests." a sadistic smile formed on Captains Czerwobear face.


Twenty days after Marcus gave Xiao Mei the Basic Energy Gathering Technique, both of them were practicing.

Name: Marcus


Health: Perfect.

Aptitude: MAX

Muscle strength: 1

Flexibility: 1

Speed: 1

Energy: 66

Eternal Soma Reserves: 73

His energy was steadily rising, he stopped practicing the Eternal Snake Fist, Snake body Transformation, Divine body modeling and ended making pathways. He also stopped reading and learning, he solely focused on two things, Basic Energy Gathering and controlling his energy!

Now that he can only depend on the energy to fight he needs it to be as strong as possible. While he was doing so, Xiao Mei was practicing like mad, and like Marcus, she was focusing on control of her power, and every day she would go into the sea, and train there. Marcus forced her to do so after she almost burned down the whole island.

Either way, his practice was going well, and he was able to finally shape the lightning. With a sword made out of plasma in hand, he sliced rocks as if they were made of paper. Next step in his training would be to learn controlling it without it having direct contact with his body.

This is something that will be hard to accomplish; he will need to make the energy that leaves his body not immediately change into lightning. For starters, he will make a small ball of lightning in his palm and try to make it travel without exploding. And to control it he will need to create a thin thread of unchanged lightning energy outside of his body that connects to a ball of lightning.

There was also one more thing he was doing every day.

Es? How is the situation?

"From the current data, the space fluctuations will be gone in a few hours."

He was checking with Es the space fluctuations around the island until they disappear, he won't be able to find anything about where they are. Stranded on an island they with no resources they can only train. And as there is no Qi in the air, he can't even train his body.

But until he finds where he is, there is no point in building a ship and going blindly into the sea. He doesn't want to die in the middle of the sea waiting for luck!

Five hours later Es spoke up. "Host the space fluctuations are gone, I'm looking for your locations now."


With energetic steps and a smile on his face, Marcus made his way towards the beach. He was going to tell this to Xiao Mei. She didn't know the details, but he said to her that he has a way to know more. And seeing that Marcus wasn't willing to say more, she said that it's okay and if he wants to tell her more she will listen.

"Xiao Mei!"

Looking at the beach he saw fire and smoke, soon after he shouted out, the fire disappeared and the smoke slowly cleared. The sand turned to glass, and everything close by was charred a bit.

Xiao Mei walked out if the smoke slowly, she had a pinched expression and crossed arms.

This is bad…


"Did... I interrupted you?" Marcus said while his body started shaking.

Ever since they were stuck here, Marcus and Xiao Mei became very good friends, but there were situations like this as well. When Marcus hits the wrong string, like saying something or interrupting her when she is practicing. She tends to get… annoyed. And with her training like a madman and having stronger physique then Marcus, she likes to resort to... violence.

If not for the Everlasting Soma regenerating his body in matters of seconds he might be dead by now!

He needs to be careful… to not make this crazy woman angry.

"Just talk."

"I know where we are."

Xiao Mei's expression relaxed, and with a gentle voice she said: "Go on, what is this place?"

Hearing this Marcus relaxed.

"We are on…" as he was about to explain, something showed up on a horizon. "Something is coming!"

Marcus opened his eyes and scanned the incoming object. Both Marcus and Xiao Mei tensed up. Xiao Mei was moving her eyes between Marcus and the object in the horizon.

Not able to hold it in anymore Xiao Mei asked. "What is it?"

"I don't know, but there are people inside it."

"People? Maybe they can take us from here!"

"Maybe. But it's better to be safe, start moving your energy and be ready to attack."

With a nod, she agreed with Marcus and readied herself.

As the object came closer, she saw it flying at high speed towards them. The metallic look and fire from its four arms made it look terrifying. She never saw anything like this!

She started to move her energy faster, and as the object came closer it slowed down and suspended itself in the air! Then a voice came from it!

"This is Lieutenant Garey from the UNF WS Artemis. You are trespassing the territory of the United Nations! Surrender yourself immediately, or we will open fire!"

Haron Haron

What is happening?!

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