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38.75% Ascension of the Lightning God / Chapter 31: The Competition - 2

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Chapter 31: The Competition - 2

Marcus was standing on the stage, in front of him was his first opponent today. It was already the next day, and a lot has changed. The twenty stages were removed and replaced with one bigger one. It was surrounded by stands, by now filled with people.

He will have to win four times before he can get into the finals, and then he will… give up.

He wants to get the second place. For some reason people here only know two uses of the Hundred Eyes Flower, eating it and making a pill out of it. They had no idea that it can be forged into new eyes. Because of it, they don't value it as much.

If it were a reward for the third place, Marcus would get third place, if for the first place he would get the first place.

Cracking his neck Marcus focused on his enemy, waiting for the teacher to start the fight Marcus moved his energy. And hearing the teacher beginning the fight, Marcus shot out the energy out of his body.

His opponent was a stage eight expert. But unlike the ones he defeated yesterday he was from the Genius class. He was a genius and seeing the lightning approaching him, he was able to dodge it. From young he trained and with his talent he was could quickly master many different techniques, cultivate twice as fast as his peers, and quickly overtaking his seniors.

With all of his experience, he was able to dodge Marcus's attack, but not the next one. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest he tried to block the attack, but the force behind was too great.

Looking at his opponent laying outside the stage, Marcus was unfazed, in the end, they are geniuses, and he needs to be careful while fighting them. Even though he defeated dozen stage eight experts yesterday, none of them could dodge his attack. This shows the difference between ordinary people and geniuses. Even with cultivation lower then their opponents they can still fight them equally.

Even if there is a small chance to lose, Marcus will do everything to make sure it doesn't happen. He will attack the way he did a moment ago, quickly and with great force. Win as soon as possible and don't give your opponent any chances to win.

With the fight finished Marcus walked down the stage and sit down, immediately recovering his energy.

The fights continued on, some were boring and were finished in few moves, some exciting and the dragged on for a long time.

It was again Marcus turn to fight, his opponent this time was someone he knew. He was one of the students form the Hunters Guild Training Program. Marcus saw him every day in class but never talked to him.

"Marcus, I honestly didn't expect you to be this strong" his voice was calm, it sounded as if he accepted that there is no way for him to win.

"I hope you won't hold a grudge against me."

"A grudge? No. You are clearly stronger than me, but I'm not going to let you win easily." With a smile on his face, he pushed his strength to the limit and dashed towards Marcus.


The punch coming towards Marcus was powerful, and if it hits, he would be in big trouble. If it hits.

Dodging the punch by shifting his upper body, Marcus released lightning from his hand.

It was fast. To fast to react. Marcus's opponent had no time to react and was hit in the stomach.

But that was not enough to bring him down. His mad attack continued, and only after five lighting strikes did he go down. Looking at his opponent unconscious on the floor, Marcus tried to understand why he didn't give up.

He knew that there was no chance for him to win, yet he persisted.

Next to battles ended in a similar manner, Marcus won them with ease. He was still in perfect condition, but this had no meaning anymore.

Looking at his opponent, a girl his age, with an elegant face and extraordinary body, she looked like a fairy.

"My name is Xiao Mei; I hope you will go easy on me."

Xiao Mei was observing all of Marcus fights, and she understood that even when facing a stage nine expert, he didn't use his full power. She currently at the very peak of stage nine, one step away from stage one Body Reconstruction.

She was fully aware that the chances for her to win are slim, if not non-existent. But she had to try; she wanted to try!

Ever since birth she had no peers that could equal her, even her seniors are not her opponents now. It was ages since she had a good fight. And fighting is what she loves the most!

And now in front of her is someone who can defeat her! She wants to fight him! She wants to beat him!

Waiting for the teacher to announce the start of the fight she started to move Qi around her body pushing it to the extreme.

With the start of the fight…

"I give up."

She heard her opponent surrender.

She was dumbfounded, as everyone around. Anyone who paid a single bit of attention would know that Marcus was strong. Redicusly strong. And yet he gave up so easily? Without even trying?

This is ridiculous!

Before Xiao Mei realized, Marcus was off the stage. Rage filled her whole body, she finally found a good opponent, and he gives up like that?!


She couldn't hold it anymore and shouted as loud as humanly possible. Everyone froze hearing that shout.

Didn't she want to get the Genius Class honor back? She won and succeeded in doing so, but now she also ruined it all.

Marcus ignored the shout and walked up to Principal Xiao. Looking back he saw that Xiao Mei was being held back by the teachers, but she didn't stop shouting at him. Was she crazy?

Looking back at Principal Xiao, he was looking at Xiao Mei with an embarrassed expression. Xiao? There is no way. It must be a coincidence.

Taking his rewards, Marcus left the Training Grounds. It was time to get new eyes!

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