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66.66% Assassin's King second chance / Chapter 6: Passing the test

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Chapter 6: Passing the test

"Eh?! Me?"

Lin Xuan nodded "Yes you, come here and all of you should listen as I am only going to explain what is the major factor of this test is aside from cultivating talents," Lin Xuan said as Long Yu arrive beside him.

Lin Xuan looked at Long Yu and asked: "How old are you?" Long Yu answered almost instantly while still confused "Five, why?" The man nodded and said "Good, Now don't be scared come here" Long Yu slowly walked to the Lin Xuan side.

"Now let's start!" Lin Xuan shouted as he placed his hand on Long Yu's shoulder "Child what's your name?" Long Yu answered "Long Yu" the man nodded "Okay Yu kid, What do you know about Cultivators?" Long Yu looked at him like an idiot as he shook his head "No idea" The man then raised his three fingers and said "Since you do not know I will tell you then, all of you should pay attention as this would be important especially if you can be recommended to the academy. Okay, Cultivators are what we call the warriors who protect civilian and villagers like you, they are divided into three branches the Ordinary warrior which is the commonest of them all and the weakest as they can only wield the power of internal force.

The next is the Beast warriors which is considered the most powerful as these type of cultivators can assimilate the beast soul of the fallen savage beast, in addition, they can have many beast souls as their rank goes up plus they can also use inner force.

The last is the Invoker they are considered to be the rarest of them all as only a few individuals appeared in the last hundred years, the reason is they are the only human able to tame and communicate with savage beast apart from that they also have their own Guardian Beast upon awakening, they can also use inner force but many Invokers in the past don't train using them as they rely too much on their Beast Companions which is in my opinion was way too stupid they have the ability to but they don't even train it so stupid.

They may look awfully overpowered but they have major weaknesses as their taming requires them to have a complete soul and a powerful soul force and their Guardian beast shares its soul with an Invoker which is to say that they share the same soul if the Guardian Beast dies the Invokers soul will forever be damaged and be unable to tame any savage beast and this weakness was like stripping their ability away from them." Lin Xuan stopped talking and looked at everyone some of them are digesting what the had heard and some are already indulging in their own fantasy thinking about what they may end up with.

Long Yu listened attentively and has a question on his mind so he raised his hands. Seeing Long Yu raise his hands Lin Xuan "Do you have a question?" Long Yu nodded and said, "What is an inner force?".

Lin Xuan nodded and thought 'this kids observation is not bad' then said "Inner force is a mysterious energy inside of those cultivators unlike the common folks that can only practice body strengthening the cultivators has this energy inside them that needed to be ignited to be used and the only way to ignite this energy is by countless battle and breaking through the limits causing this energy to ignite, well there are some exceptions as such some geniuses can already wield inner force without their knowledge."

Long Yu nodded and started digesting all the information he just got, seeing that no one has questions Lin Xuan thought 'It's about time to start' he suddenly clapped gaining the crowd's attention then said "I will now start conducting the awakening test on all of you which will be decided upon your talent, hey! Yu kid come here you will be the first one". Long Yu felt helpless and thought 'Looks like I'm gonna be the hero that no one wants to be'.

Lin Xuan took out a jade tablet from out of nowhere that made the crowd shocked except Long Yu who furrowed his brows 'Spatial storages? Interesting' then he unfurrowed his brows. Lin Xuan nodded at the crowd's reaction then said to Long Yu "Alright!, all you need to do is sit in lotus position while holding this jade tablet".

Long Yu sat on lotus position while holding the tablet without question then looked at Lin Xuan before saying "Now what?". Lin Xuan shook his head speechless before placing his hands on his back then he said "I want you to close your eyes and if you feel something slowly follow that feeling until it stopped, Clear?". Long Yu nodded and closed his eyes while Lin Xuan's hands suddenly glowed pale blue.

Long Yu suddenly finds himself in a very dark place which emits a chilling breeze suddenly a speck of light appears at the distance and Long Yu thought 'Should I go for it or Nah, clearly that's not a feeling' as he focused his attention to it. After a long while if waiting Long Yu decided to follow the speck of light.

Meanwhile, The jade tablet Long Yu holding started lighting up and digits started to appear on the tablet and started to rise. Lin Xuan nodded in satisfaction and slowly removed his hands in Long Yu's back and took out many more jade tablets and called some of his colleagues and started testing all of the participants.

After walking for a long time Long Yu reached the where the light is or more correctly what the light is, upon a closer look one can see a small figure inside the light "It looks like a pup of a canine species" Long Yu said as he inspects the creature that looks like being caged at the light.

Sensing his gaze the pup like creature turned to Long Yu and started wagging its furry tail back and forth like a dog finally seeing its owner after a long time. Long Yu couldn't help but be curious 'what is this guy doing in here and why is it trapped?' Long Yu thought before saying "Well let's try and release it if it ended up killing me then that's the end of story But I a different feeling about this".

Suddenly a problem occurred at Long Yu's mind "How am I gonna release this little guy? The concentration of that energy is too much for me to break" as he ponders he walk on a circle with the light sphere cage as the center. An idea popped up in his mind and he decided to try something "If I can't break it why not absorb it!" With a grin, he activated his Mysterious Cosmic scripture.

As if a magnet the outer layer of the tightly packed energy on the spherical cage of the little guy suddenly started coming at Long Yu. Long Yu felt as if he was on cloud nine as the energy being absorbed it gave him a pleasant feeling, getting lost on the feeling Long Yu unknowingly increased the suction on the energy.

The energy left on the spherical cage quite special as it was acting like the lock of the cage preventing the creature from escaping. Then the sudden increase of suction made the sphere cage tremble as if resisting being absorbed, Long Yu suddenly woke up from his stupor and grin "Just a little more and I'll achieve a small breakthrough, So don't mind if I get more right?".

Seeing the grinning Long Yu and the increasing suction the special energy initiated a battle of attrition with him. At this moment the little creature on the spherical cage suddenly attacked from the inside forcing the energy to suppress it.

Taking advantage of the situation Long Yu wanted to absorb the energy forcefully by consuming it but suddenly the spherical cage suddenly cracked and before he saw what's happening Long Yu suddenly blacked out.

Lin Xuan paced back in forth behind Long Yu as beads of sweat formed on his forehead he thought 'just how much internal force does this kid have all the participants are finished yet this kid has not yet exhausted his innate force' In midst of his thought Long Yu suddenly passed out and he almost didn't make it catching Long Yu. He checked his condition and heaved a big sigh of relief after knowing he just passed out, he took out a pill from his robes and fed it to Long Yu.

After a while, Long Yu suddenly jerked and stood up assuming a stance while looking around "What happened? Where I am?" Lin Xuan finally relaxed after seeing him awake and said "Relax you are still in the testing area". Long Yu then calmed down Lin Xuan looked at him and said " I must say your quite lucky, to be able to have a huge amount of inner force at such a young age you might as well be called a supreme genius yet it is a pity you are only an Ordinary warrior, Well don't lose hope its better than being a com-" Lin Xuan didn't have the time to finish what he is saying when he saw Long Yu grinning, Lin Xuan said speechlessly "Never mind then, Just rest for now".

After resting Lin Xuan and his subordinates started calling out names and giving them a jade slip each. Out of two hundred fifty participants, only a hundred names were called and among those hundred was Long Yu, After the calling was finished Lin Xuan suddenly said " For all those who have been called please come to my left and present your jade slip to my subordinates for verification, Is that clear?" The crowd responded loudly "Yes sir" then proceeded to queue up for verification.

Lin Xuan looked at the people that weren't called and softly shook his head before saying "You may all go home now, I'm sorry but you all failed and was only an ordinary folk" there were some who got angry and some who just left in disappointment and shame while those who want to cause trouble got apprehended.

Lin Xuan then turned to those who got verified and said "I congratulate you all for passing the MoonSpark Academy, I hope you can keep those jade slips until the day we come back seven months from now as that would be your identification that you are to enter the academy." Hearing that they passed some couldn't help but celebrate and be joyous, Lin Xuan then said "All of you may go home and celebrate with your family and exactly in seven months time the academy will send someone to pick you up, until then stay safe and healthy goodbye" then he turned and headed to his carriage giving one last look at the town before leaving.

Long Yu couldn't help but grin and clench his fist then he slowly turned and head back home when suddenly something popped up in his mind "What type of cultivator is Mr. Lin Xuan then?" He shook his head in disappointment ' let's just hope we can meet again he's a kind guy' he thought.

When he returned home he saw his father Long Wu lying on the couch drunk again with bottles of sake scattered on the floor, Long Yu started cleaning the mess and greeted his father "I'm home father" only to get a grunt for response Long Yu shook his head while tidying the mess and from time to time he would tell his father what happened.

"You know father the examiner said I can go to the academy because I passed the test as an Ordinary Warrior but the examiner said I have too mu-"Long Yu was interrupted by his father sudden appearance in front of him staring at his eyes, Long Wu said " What did you say again " Long Yu brought back from shock looked at his father whose staring at him then said "I passed and can go to the academy?" Long Wu immediately said "No after that" Long Yu then said "I have passed as an Ordinary warrior?".

Suddenly Long Wu broke into a smile and said " You go wash and we'll talk later you stink" before pushing Long Yu away. Long Yu grin and felt extremely happy as this is the first time he saw his father smile, he then headed to the bath.

SpeshelWolf SpeshelWolf

Enjoy and don't forget to comment if like it

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