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100% Assassination Classroom: The Trickster / Chapter 3: Karma Akabane

Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom: The Trickster - Chapter 3 by Azezzz full book limited free

Chapter 3: Karma Akabane

"Yo! Nagisa, Kurai! It's been a while huh?" a voice came from behind

Nagisa and Kurai turned around just to see a boy with red haired drinking a milk box

"Karma-kun! You've returned!" Nagisa exclaimed

"Yeah I'm here to join you guys now" Karma said as he walked towards the octopus which is now named 'Korosensei'

"Woah is that the Korosensei I've heard about? He really does look like an octopus!" Karma said excitedly as he rush to the big yellow octopus

"You would be Akabane Karma-kun right? I heard your suspension ended today" Korosensei said as he walked closer to Karma to greet him, "You really shouldn't be late on your first day"

"Ahaha I really gotta get back to the rhythm of school life!" Karma said with a wry smile before reaching his hand out for a handshake, "And also I'll be more comfortable if you use my first name, but anyways nice to meet you"

"Same here, let's have a fun and interesting year" Korosensei said as he took the handshake

And when Korosensei took the handshake, part of his hand suddenly exploded,and at that moment Karma took out his hidden knife and striked

"What?!?" Although Korosensei was surprised, he still dodged the knife with ease

"Kurai!" Karma shouted with a smile as he threw the knife at Korosensei at high speed

It was then that Kurai with his blood red tatto still glowing suddenly appeared behind Korosensei and slashed his customized card

However, unfortunately Korosensei was still able to dodged that combo attack and appeared a few meters away

"Tch" Kurai clicked his tongue as he looked at his card

"Huh... You really are fast... And these knives actually works against you, I tried to cut them into small pieces and stick them onto my hand but... Y'know sensei, to be deceive by such tricks... It won't be a stretch to say that Kurai can kill you easily very soon.. " Karma said with a sinister smile," and to back up that far, aren't you a bit too frightened? "

Karma then proceed to walk closer to Korosensei, "I've heard that you were named 'Korosensei' because you're unkillable, but..."

"What's thiis? ~ Sensei... Could it be that you're an easy mark? ~" Karma said with a mocking tone that caused Korosensei start boiling in anger Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then Karma simply just walked away, with the same killing intent we had a few seconds ago

After that day Karma continued his assassination attempts while also using provoking tactics, he managed to wound Korosensei a few times but, then the table started to turn on him, and Korosensei was the one that started to fuck with him

Kurai on the otherhand started to skip class more often to train more

And it was in the middle of one of those skipping session that Karasuma found him in the middle of the forest

It was at that moment that he suddenly vanished in front of Karasuma. And moments later Karasuma suddenly kicked the air on instinct

"Tch I still can't hide it all.." Kurai muttered as he appeared in front of Karasuma while holding his side in pain

"Shit! sorry my bad, I just striked on instinct, are you okay?" Karasuma said in a panick as he helped Kurai up

"Yeh, no its fine, I was the one who started it.." Kurai said as he shrugged off the pain, "But, I'm surprised, Karasuma-san you're actually the strongest king I've seen"

"Kurai, what's that ability of yours, I still don't understand how a child could be born with that ability" Karasuma asked

"I believe it was mutation from my father of some sort, but I'm not sure." Kurai said as he suddenly had a flashback


"Zora! Take Kurai and run!" a woman shouted as another arrow pierced her leg

"Fuck!!!" a black haired man with a blood red tattoo on his face shouted as he picked up the small Kurai who seems to be around 5 years old and the woman and tried to make a run for it

"Zora... Stop.... It's too late..." the woman said as she used her last bit of energy and pushed herself off Zora's grasp

"No.... Yumi!" Zora suddenly stop and shouted in surprise and looked back

"Zora run... And please.... Take care of Kurai..... He's our last hope... ", Yumi then turned to the little Kurai and smiled, "Kurai, please.... Live well... And stay strong.... Remember.. Mom will always be there got it?"

"M-Mom...?" Kurai muttered with tears in his eyes as he looked his mother's pitiful state

And to that Yumi just showed Kurai a cheerful smile, and it was at that moment an arrow suddenly pierced through her heart and did the finishing blow

"G-God damn it...." Zora bit his lip in despair and muttered as His tattoo began to glow and he suddenly vanish,

"Kurai.... activated it..." Zora whispered

And in a mere second Kurai also vanished into thin air

The two continued to ran for days and finally they found a boat and escaped

(7 years later)

It's been seven years since Kurai and and Zora escaped from that filthy land

Kurai was now 12 and was currently standing in front of his father with a serious expression

"Son.... This is not good.... [He] implanted a tracker into my wound 7 years ago... I can't stay here anymore.." Zora said as he clenched his fist

It was at that moment that Kurai eyes began to widened as he stuttered, "W-what... what do mean dad?"

Zora began to tear up and opened his mouth, "..Kurai... I'm sorry... I know you're going to hate this old man but... Please stay strong and just... Live... And If you see him... Run..."

Zora then lifted his head up and gave one last smile and pat Kurai's head. And it was then that Zora's tattoo suddenly glowed into life

And in just a mere second... He vanished into the shadow night

[Flashback ended]

"Fuck!!!" Kurai shouted while falling to the ground as he held his tatto in pain

"Kurai! What's wrong" Karasuma asked as he rushed to assist Kurai

"I don't know.... My curse mark is burning..." Kurai said as blood start to come out of his left eyes

And after a while, the burning stopped and Kurai collapsed onto the ground in exhaution

"Karasuma-sensei... I need to get stronger... Please train me..." Kurai said in determination

And to that Karasuma smiled as he said, "Tch you sure brat?... You might die in the process of training .."

"I don't care... Train me.." Kurai said as his curse mark began to glow showing his bloodlust

"Alright then..." Karasuma said as he stood up and walk away, "Meet me here after school everyday...."

'I have to get stronger.... I need to find [Him] and kill him...'

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