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Tutorial - Astral Wings - Chapter 2 by Cannifault full book limited free

Chapter 2: Tutorial

When he woke up, the sun had almost set. It had dyed the room blood red. Yan Ju groaned as he stumbled across the living room. His body felt sluggish. He also felt like an additional weight had been added to his back. His legs and arms were sore from all the climbing and running he had to do.

'Must be fatigue,' Yan Ju concluded as he stared into empty space.

He opened the bathroom door located beside the stairs and slammed it shut. Using an arm to support himself, he leaned towards the mirror. Behind his brown fringe was a purple-black bruise. It was clearly seen in contrast to his pale skin. Yan Ju's lips twitched at the sight.

He let out an exasperated sigh. Well, he did slam his head on a metal pole while running. At least he didn't get a concussion or fracture. It would truly be a bother... he would have to pay the medical bills. He splashed cold water on his face, feeling refreshed.

Then, his sight lingered... sensing something was amiss. Two black figures were following him, one on his left, the other on his right. Yan Ju's eyes widened in shock.

"Holy sh-!" he blurted out while stepping back a few times. The figures followed. They were large black wings.


On his back...

Yan Ju creased his brow.

Humans can't have wings, or else airplanes wouldn't have been invented. They would be able to do whatever they liked; murder, robbery, and if they were perverts... let's not talk about that. In short, if a human could fly, chaos would ensue. Therefore, the government would create more defense protocols... but the civilians wouldn't stay still. Heck, becoming a lab rat is always possible wherever you are. Afterward... a war would emerge, a battle for freedom for winged humans. This was why... humans can't have wings. Adding to the fact, why walk when you can fly?!

The list goes on and on while Yan Ju was still frozen, trying to stop his brain from becoming short-circuited.

Yan Ju reached out and touched his fluffy black wings. It's incredibly soft, like a comfortable blanket. This was solid evidence that the wings were real, but it was beyond his human understanding.

Yan Ju touched his wings once more, thinking he was hallucinating.

Then, along with a gold transparent screen, a metallic voice rang out.


[New Message]

[Among billions of humans, you have been chosen by The Sovereign Chi-ahem, The Sovereign Falcon, to become his apostle. He is also known as Banan-damn this... The Sovereign Falcon is also known as Ananab. He has gifted you with a starter boost to help you on your mission. We wish you good luck.]

[Message from 'Administrator Magnolia Warbler']


Yan Ju's mouth was gaping open. What he was hearing and seeing astounded him.

'Is this the all-powerful System? Does that mean I now have cheat skills? ... what's with the typos?' he became slightly excited but still skeptical.

Transparent blue screens began to appear in front of his eyes one after the other.

[Congratulations, you have developed a mutation!]

[Transmitting basic knowledge...]

Immediately, his mind was flooded with information. They were all scrambled and strewn about, making it difficult for Yan Ju to process what was going on. After the sensation had passed, the information began to fall into place. He recognized this as a System from the hundreds of games, anime, novels, and manga he had read. But why did they pick him? Yan Ju was suffering from a severe headache. He rested his hand on his brow, oblivious to the bruise's discomfort. Yan Ju was still ecstatic, even though he didn't get the cheat skills.

Should he try what the System had transmitted? Why not...



[User Profile]

Name: Yan Yijun

Title: Sovereign Falcon's Apostle

Age: 17

Mutation: Black Wings Lvl 1

Generic Skills: Flight Lvl 0, *Perception-Advanced Lvl 3, *Endurance-Novice Lvl 4, Recovery Lvl 2, *Reflex-Expert Lvl 1, ~Other Skills have yet to be Discovered~

Special Skills: *Adapt-Intermediate Lvl 4, *Instinct-Master Lvl 2

**Skill/Mutation/Trait will rank up/evolve once it reaches Lvl 10.

Current Upgrade Tokens (UT): 10

**Requires 5 tokens to 'Level Up' Skill/Trait by 1 level.

Overall Evaluation: Will be shown once requirements are met.


Despite the fact that everything was right in front of his eyes, Yan Ju assumed he was dreaming or going insane. It was similar to an RPG, with the exception of the 'Mutation' feature. Yan Ju then tried something different.


It was absolutely quiet. He tried once more.






[Mission has been assigned!]


[Tutorial Mission]

Details will be shown once accepted.



"It shouldn't be too difficult since it's a tutorial, right?" Yan Ju pondered aloud.

He was still irritated, however, that there was no [Decline] button. Before accepting the mission, he paused to think about it. After clicking the button, his vision went black for a brief moment.

He became conscious that he was floating the next moment. Cotton clouds were everywhere, enveloping his vision.

He was hovering in the sky.





He froze momentarily, remembering something, "Oh... PUBG does that..."

Yan Ju tried to maintain his composure. He had no idea what had just happened, but he needed to act quickly. Before his eyes flashed a scene of him as a mangled blob of flesh. He closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around his head, and tried to curl up into a ball. This took less than two seconds.

He attempted to move his wings with great difficulty.

Barely moving.

Then... a twitch.

Finally, a flap.

Yan Ju realized he couldn't succeed even if he flew. As he covered himself with his wings, he remembered something he'd read. Most birds push their chicks off cliffs to force them to learn to fly. He chuckled bitterly in his head because that was exactly what he was going through at the moment.


Yan Ju collided with the ground more quickly than he anticipated, coughing up blood.

He heard a familiar sound in his ears.


[A new skill, Wing Shield, has been created!]

When he spread his wings, he realized he was in a dense forest. Only a small amount of light passes through the dense leaves.

His eyes widened as he became aware of his surroundings.

'This is incredibly similar, way too similar. Could it be...?'

What happened next, however, prevented Yan Ju from finishing his thoughts.

His cheek was grazed by a large whip as he moved slightly towards the right. More whips came to attack him after he dodged, forcing Yan Ju to jump and flap his wings, although the pain had almost made him lose focus. But, he couldn't dodge in mid-air, so he flapped his wings again to alter his fall's trajectory. He did a flip, landing on a large boulder. The creatures wouldn't let him rest for a second. Five whips shot at the boulder, shattering it to pieces.

Yan Ju lamented the fact that he had underestimated the mission. He'd always been told by his mother, "Never take your opponents or the terrain for granted. Stay vigilant unless you have built the place and know every nook and cranny."

Yan Ju pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes. It was incredibly hard to see what was attacking him in the near-black forest. However, Yan Ju managed to see what it was in a split-second when it passed through a fragment of sunlight.

Frog. It was a huge frog.

He needed to change his view on the so-called 'Tutorial Mission' if he didn't want to die. This wasn't a normal RPG game, where the monsters in dungeons are weak and increase with your strength. Since he got here, he had been relying on his instincts, just like with the old man. Unlike how it sounded, his instinct wasn't as trustworthy. Yan Ju needed power, power that he could rely on when he was in a tight spot. His strength was comparable to an average human, his speed was only slightly better. Compared to these monsters, he was inferior.

Yes... he needed to grow stronger, just like his mother had said.

Yan Ju started weighing the disadvantages of the terrain. However, the frog monsters wouldn't stop. He could sense that they had intelligence because, the next moment, three whip-like tongues shot at him. When he dodged, more whips attacked him.

One of them cut his shoulder. Another was aimed at his left calf. More injuries appeared while his enemies didn't have a single scratch. He was beginning to become frustrated. Yan Ju couldn't fly since his wings were still damaged from the previous fall. The pain would also prevent him from maneuvering properly... which would make him an easier target.

[Host, how will you survive this precarious scenario?]

Yan Ju was taken aback but quickly recovered. He expected the System to be able to communicate with him, but he was still surprised.

"I... have no idea." Yan Ju spoke in hushed tones.

Gold flashed across the screen. Thankfully, it was invisible to others; otherwise, he would have been in serious danger.

[Pardon us, it seems we forgot to change the spawn point. Would you like to check the skill shop?]

Yan Ju thought for a moment, but he realized that it wasn't a good choice. This time, more than eight frogs attacked him simultaneously.

Yan Ju spoke up, "Can you pick the best skills for this moment? I have to focus on dodging these."

[You have bought 'Owl Vision' and 'Feather Spray', remaining UT: 1.]

[A new skill, Pain Tolerance, has been created!]

The pain decreased slightly, but it felt like the whole world to Yan Ju.

While he was in midair, he immediately knew how to use the skills. Again, he covered himself with his wings and stretched them out abruptly. Because of the low light, the feathers blended in smoothly with the terrain. Yan Ju heard painful croaks from multiple frogs. Although brief, he now had enough time. Flapping his wings in rapid succession, he flew away from the forest clumsily, nearly falling most of the time.

[Flight Lvl 0->Flight Lvl 1]

[Gained Title: Can't Catch Me!]

It didn't help that he could see his surroundings. His vision was obstructed by massive trees. Yan Ju then confirmed that there were no bird monsters. His mouth curled into a smile. He could take advantage of this.

Yan Ju saw something other than the green forest or the bright sky for the first time. Sand, to be precise.

He hadn't learned how to land properly, and he narrowly avoided landing face first. He sighed in relief.

[You have found a Safe Zone!]

Yan Ju sat down and stretched his wings. The pain from the cuts felt refreshing rather than uncomfortable.



[User Profile]

Name: Yan Yijun

Title: Sovereign Falcon's Apostle, Can't Catch Me

Age: 17

Mutation: Black Wings Lvl 1

Generic Skills: Flight Lvl 1, *Perception-Advanced Lvl 3, *Endurance-Novice Lvl 4, Recovery Lvl 2, *Reflex-Expert Lvl 1, ~Other Skills have yet to be Discovered~

Special Skills: *Adapt-Intermediate Lvl 4, *Instinct-Master Lvl 2, Wing Shield Lvl 1, Feather Spray Lvl 1, Owl Vision Lvl 1, Pain Tolerance Lvl 1

**Skill/Mutation/Trait will rank up/evolve once it reaches Lvl 10.

Current Upgrade Tokens (UT): 1

**Requires 5 tokens to 'Level Up' Skill/Trait by 1 level. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Overall Evaluation: Loading...


"Hm... what is the use of titles?" Yan Ju asked. He only asked for extra confirmation, although he could guess what it did.


[Sovereign Falcon's Apostle]

-Mutation-related skills will grow faster than others.

-Bird-related variables will restrain their hostility towards you unless you attack first.

-Chance of instilling fear into your enemies when wings are open: 10%. Only works when the strength difference is close.

~Other perks have yet to be unlocked~

[Can't Catch Me]

-Chance of dodging enemy attacks is 5%. The title may evolve when you complete certain conditions.


Yan Ju's prediction was right.

[Host, what are you doing?]

"You'll see."

While he was reading the titles, he plucked out his feathers. Surprisingly, the amount didn't decrease... this meant that he could use feather spray as long as he still had energy-

[Maximum number of feathers collected: 200!]

[Unable to provide more feathers!]

Oh. It appeared to be too excessive, but he completed his plan regardless.

He had noticed his feathers were unusually sharp during the fight.

Grabbing the nearest feather, he sliced a small stone in half cleanly. His gaze was dangerously drawn to the small heap of black feathers.

Cannifault Cannifault

As I've added some minor adjustments, the amount of chapters will increase, people who read the original will get what I mean (probably). Glad I could finish this chapter "properly" =w=




Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know. Like it ? Add to library!

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