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Read Asura Story of an Untold Hero - Beginner Saga Episode 1 - Chapter 5 online

Chapter 5: Episode 5

"The waiting was finally over" Adam says to the group in a roaring manner.His voice is filled with excitement.Everyone say alert.

"Ohh,Too bad this head was good for patting as it have no hair" Joseph exhales in disappointment.Adam lunges from his tomb.

"I can feel his too whoo he is quiet nasty"

Hawa hisses in a venomous manner.

"We must stay alert,Even in his host he must be strong"

"Don't be stupid,You dirty cat,Their spirit have to synchronize for a pure potential,Maybe even beyong a power we can imagine.....But Lucifer isn't one who sync with us.He is ruthless ruler who punishes evil with no heart,They say after been insulted by their father his heart can't fill with hate or live,It is considered as hollow without containing any emotions" Adam said

"Sounds harmless" Hawa said,Adam was about to say something suddenly Cerberous dived in like a fallen angel as the Dogs roared making crack to the shivering night.

Amal gets off of the mighty beast.Adam came forward in excitement.

"Welcome,You must be the host of Lucifer,A clever one aren't ya wearing a mask to protect the identity.

"What all other powers do I have"

As Adam is making a sinister eye contact with him like two mighty titans of the animal kingom or beyond,Adam is communicating with Lucifer about his powers.

"So can control the 4 pure elements,Use magic and summon pets and heal"

"Also I can sense Aura's and empathy control desire using eye and it has super reflexes also"


Suddenly something came fast towards Amal like a raging bullet.Amal catch it with quick reflexes,As the head suddenly corred to dust in the dark hand of Amal"

"Like that,Anf my Right Arm that is attached to you have the power to corrode anything that it touches even souls and air"

"Is that a head of a human being...?"

"Oww,You are mighty fast"

Joseph whizzes in disappointment


Adam roares in rage,Joseph trembles a little and says quietly.

"Why do you always get the fun,Fine.... Do whatever I still enjoy the show"

"Look,like you are not quiet good with words just like the Devil"

Adam came forward

"What we are called as the Animal Deities"

"Never heard of them"

Lucifer says to Amal

"Ohh,Yea we are new....In Aninal kingdom it is the survival of fittest and fare play,One against Four"

Adam pointed the thumb towards him and the others and nods in disapproval

"No,no,no where is the fun in that,I want fair play,Let's say Iam the superior of group Sooo It must be fine,I want to check how strong is the host"


Amal's eye triggered in rage as purple flames surrounds Adam.

"You know Im impressed,You killed one of our own,But Eujin was the weakest,Ypu know the Bird kingdom is nothing compare to the Animal kingdom and its might,When Iam his toppest Kings" A mighty roar shatters even air molecules to dust by its mightness as the flames extinguishes as A beastly black lion-like humanoid structure has standed infront of him. His eyes where red as blood as we can fell like it is using out lacking any eye balls,His Two teeths was Shining on his vicious grey beard.

"This is my deity form"

"Uhh,Deity form...?"

Amal frowns

"It,is the true form of deities as they mostly stay in their human forms mostly"

He lunges fast infront os Amal....Amal dodges the move in quick reflexes as he lunges again forward scratching Amal's torso.Amal spins and flicks infromt of Adam as a tiny Explosion of fire happens infront of the Mighty beast,Adam steps backwardAs Amal hits the earth as the portion on Adam's leg was trapped under the earth as the geography of the ground changes....Amal raises is fist and pointed towards the direction of Adam As his Arm is vibrating the air molecules around his surrounding so fast that it created a canon blast of shar air towards Adam.

"Dynasty Roar"

Adam says it a crushing voice as he roared making a huge roar,The roar is so powerful that it tosses the air cannon like a rubber ball and hits Amal's Arm as it creates severe wound as his handkercheif have mere rips,Adam make a loghting dash towards Amal Wit his razor claw

"Demon Slayer"

As his claws enlightened with divine light energy and made am extented version of them selfs.Adam freezes for moment as Cerberous Suddenly bitted the arm of Adam,The other two heads were trying to bite bicious at Adam as he slams his arm towards the ground as cerberous hits the ground hard.Adam kicks viciously on the dogs gut cerberous fainted.

"Well,You like to play dirty aren't ya,I thought it is one of one,See your little puppy hurted me"

Before Adam can move lucifer gives a fiery punch of to the face of Adam with his left arm as his right arm started to move towards his chest.....

"Dynasty Roar"

Adam again Roars is a choatic manner this time Amal was the one tosses like a rubber ball and as he hits one or two of the tombs hits multiple time on the ground and tosses off to the road from cemetary....His whole body is oozing with blood as they have tiny wounds all over.As Amal can't move his left arm as it is severly turned and crusd as flesh ir ripped of as we can even see the knuckes of bone.


Amal cries in severe pain and agony.Adam lunges towards stop infront of him as his placed his feet over Amal's head and he suddenly increased the pressure.

"Hmm,that looks painful,You are dirty,But no where stromg as the Emperor of Hell,Lucifer look like you found the wrong host...Your pretty costume isn't pretty anymore oww so painful to watch....."

Amal's clothes even pants where ripped he is like a slaughtered pig meat.Adam move towards his feet and whispers in the ear of Amal

"Any last words..?"

Adam faces suddenly turns curious

"Or maybe I should see who you are and punishes your entire family"

As Adam removes his feet Amal moves forward As his eyes flashed

"Sacred Ilumination"

Lucifer's Voice was over heard in Amal's Ears

As a flashy light Covers the whole area.

The flash wears of as Adam opens his eyes.His eyes was still flashing as he notices Amal disappears.

"Hmmm,Too bad"

Hawa and group came forward,Joseph tells in disappointment.

"You gone easy on him"

"There is always a next time"

As Adam's voice turns to harsh to sweet ,He adapts his human form quickly.

"Next time you guys can have the fun I lost interest"

Adam turns forward.

"But he surely leave a mark"

Hawa says touching Adam in his cheek as Adam shows pain,As his cheek have a burning scar.Adam spits,A mixture of saliva and blood have been drawned.

"Hmm,you are right Im sure he remembers mine too".

"Hey who are you people"

Suddenly some policemen in a jeep came and stops by.

"Iam done for today,You guys can have the fun"

Adam moves forward

"Hey Iam asking you"

The officer steps out of the Jeep as he was interupted by Joseph...A hand falls behing Joseph he turns back it was George

"You had your fun with the watchman It's my turn"

Joseph again have a disappointement ih his face

"Fine whatever"

As George moves forward to the officer

"I can amswer your question officer,He have heaby blood lust on his face.

Cerberous is dashing fast in sonic speed As he was carrying a ripped Amal on his back he is unconsious and panting in pure agony as he dashes towards the destination.

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