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Chapter 7: Episode 7

Chennai starts to tremblimg in fear as each home have news channels overflowing with the assault in police station.As the policemen where buthered like beef.Fear has struck the whole Chennai lately.

Amal walks into his classroom,Students are disgussing the matter seriously as Amal can hear little pieces of their conversation.He slides into his usual corner,Sleep was taking over him

"Where will this all end"

He thought.

"This will end if you kill them"

"Because of you I dont have any privacy you know"


"I can't even Jerk off or have sex with anyone"

"You are virgin right"

"Saids who...?"

"You said it days back"

"Actually I didn't said anything"

"Ohh kie"

"Love and Lust is different though"

"Love is a powerful fuel,It either make you stronger or burns you to dust,The scars it won't go away"

"Can you make some one fall in love...?"

"That is not possible that is why it is called as an unique feeling even deities feel love...It is the ultimate there is"

"I don't know about that but Iam,sure people can live with out love"

"Then your life have no meaning"


"People nower days find love as a pattern to lust"

"Do you loved anyone....?"

"Iam the Devil,I can't let my feelings loose for"

"Ohh enough enough I got it don't cry"

As the professor enters the class and students stand up to greet him.

Adam stands like a statue on top of the thada waterfalls.

"What is next...?"

Joseph asks anxiously.

"Don't rush Joseph he will always have something on his mind"

Hawa interupts the conversation.

"We will bath this city in blood"

Adam replies.

Amal was standing infront of a huge row of books.Library was his favorite spot,He loves it just loves it maybe the only thing he love more than his Mother and her.Amal took a thick book on Greek mythology and slides into a corner.After running his eyes through a few pages doubts starts to struck Amal's mind.

"So the Animal deities who are they actually"

"There are no such deities in existence,They are actually some false gods"

"Can you go back to hell or heaven"

"Yes,but the human body can't handle the pressure of the travel it will vapourize"

"So you are saying it is merely impossible"

"Not merely almost"

"I can't let anyone die over I have to fight back even if means death"

Amal,closes his book and put it in his bag.

The night was speaking to Adam he loves the music of night the screeching of insects and whistle of wind,The cresent moon have slightly increases in size almost unnoticable but Adam loves it a lot.

"He is coming....."

Adam says in excitement,As everyone spike up their senses

"Adam's senses are great"

Joseph just mumbles in his mind.

As the Aura energy is getting stronger and stronger.

"It is a bit.. Different"

Hawa arises her curiosity

"Failure,It makes people grow"

Adam says as his eyes are filled with excitement.

Suddenly the mighty Cerberous lunges in to the top of the waterfall.

Amal jumps out of the beast.His costume was different,The pitch black scarf was covering his mouth and hair,The costume is like an old armor made of cloth as long spike was seen on the elbows,His Right Arm was open having a look at his demonic arm.The left arm is covered with darkgrey glows.Two small sickles was attaches to his waist.

"Ohh the battle armour of the Devil,One day have improved you a lot,It is bad to run away from a fight you know"

Adam growls as his excitement rises.

"Adam it is my turn now"

Joseph came infront,Adams eyes was filled with rage as he turns back.Suddenly his face emotion nullifies..He step back and tap the shoulder of Joseph and whispers in his ears

"Make it quick"

Joseph have a feintish smile on his face.

"First tell me what are you guys,You are not deities..?That Iam sure..."

Suddenly a shockwave was rushing towards Amal as he avoids it fastly.Joseph suddenly tackles Amal as both falls down the water fall,durning fall Amal now improved a lot with the dead match training of a day uses his quick reflexes and punches Joseph straight to the ground as his punch carries heavy dark matter energy..Joseph crashes the water so hard it creates a wave in circles as Amal stands top of the Water and waiting for Joseph.During the full night training Lucifer uses teaches Amal to control the outcome of emotions and elements and his sensory skills,As they trains inside the magic realm itself it gives more time than the real world.As the eight hoir was extended to weeks by the time lag between the magic realm and real world,Amal have that Idea to become stronger as he doesn't want anyone to die again.Lucifer sensing this teaches Amal first to emter his Magic realm.People have two souls can enter into two realms one of the two souls.As a night give extention of 7 days inside the realm,Amal learmed combacting skills,Basic magic amd elemental technique,Now he can activate the Iluminateye so fast and sense more faster.

"He is coming"

Lucifer warns Amal as Joseph approaches under water like a Jet,Amal hits the water with his satanic arm making air waves under water,Joseph got into on of the air waves


A huge roar break the wave as a Humanoid Crocodile like form arises from water he is brown in colour as his eyes where purple he lunges with his jaws open towards Amal

"Hell fire"

Amal's eye iluminates making a explosion of purple flame in the mouth of Joseph he crashes infront of Amal and dive quickly into the water.

"That must be his deity form then"

Amal thought.

"Black death"

Amal raises his arm on the sky as creating a black ball of explosive energy he sends it towards Joseph who was under water.

"Thunder emission"

Joseph growles as electricity crashes and hits Amal and the black death,black death explodes making the nano particles of a meter radius into dust.Joseph drives straight towards Amal with open Jaws.

Adam was enjoying the fight from top of the waterfall.

"He trained using the realm"

"I think both are getting along quickly"

Hawa shares her worries

"Maybe,Both are hollow then"

Adam says.Joseph bites on Amals Left arm and throws him into the ground Amal crashes on the lake side,He is feelimg numb.

"Your Armour is tough"

Joseph says his teeths feeling the pain of the hard bit still manages to wound Amal.

"Water makes electricity travel faster,Like this"

Joseph hits his tail on water making a thunderwave came hard at Amal.

Amal sends a blast of dark matter towards the wave the explosion semds Amal flying on air as Joseph lunges like a Jet towards himamd bite on his left ribcage.The armour was hard making Joseph hard to pentrate but manages to piecre two or three teeths into it still breakimg on of the ribcage bone.The beast doesn't let go of the grip as he dives back into the water with his prey.Amal's eye iluminated creating a whirlpool on the lake.Joseph didn't expected that at all as he totally got offguard and spins into the vicious whirlpool making Amal escape from his clutch

"Thunder emission"

Joseph growls.The whirlpool excelerates the speed of electricity Amal takes a full hit of the attack.


He cried in pain.Amal was half consious after that impact he quickly gets off from the water and falls near the shore.He crawls to move as suddenly Joseph lumges from water and strikes with his tail on the spine of Amal as it contains a shockwave completely breaking a vertebral column.Amal spits blood from his mouth wetting the scarf.

His whole body become numb.

"Look like you are not even a challenge for me"

Joseph bites Amal's left Arm and lifts him

"No nothing no sense of consiousness"

Joseph thought,Suddenly Joseph let go of Amal as he fell of hard.

"Huh Iam Graaaghhhh"

Joseph growls in pain and rushes like a madman back into the water.Amal slowly stand up on his knees.

"It is over the plan worked"

"But you are now a pulp"

Lucifer says.He soul burning purple flames that Amal explodes on the mouth of Joseph priorly as Amal was concentrating a portion of flame which he engulfed on his stomach manipulating it to rise far and far to a point where it burns his whole soul from inside.

"Graaghhh graghhhhh hraaaaaa"

The cry of Joseph shakes the atmosphere about a mile.As after few second Amal uses the water molecules to lift Joseph's body up from water to the ground.

"Time drift"

Amal's eye iluminates making the damage goes back all the way as he was now standing infront of Adam.Amal crumbles to the feat as George rushes towards him.

"Why you little pest"

Suddenly Adam rushes infront of George and stops him.

"But,he killed Joseph..."

Adams sinister stare stuns George's rage.He turns and walk towards Amal.

"I respect you you have improved greater"

Cerberous starts to growl

"Don't worry puppy I don't like to take on a deadmeat"

He slowly pushes his feet on the broken vertebra of Amal.


"You should be here tomorrow to or more people will die I will finish of you myself"

Adam releases his foot.And walks away as Hawa follows..George looking back at Amal in rage follows Adam as Amal slowly crawls and hopes over Cerberous.The might beast runs in extreme speed.

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