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Chapter 8: Episode 8

"You have become Insane Adam"

George shows his disgracefulness towards him

"We evolved George..So we shouldn't show any emotions as Humans"

"But those are your friends..."

"I already told you those terms are used for Humans"

"My Ass.. Adam We have our chance to kill him..... He killed Eujin and Joseph infront of us.. And you let him go.."

"What fun do we have to take out a weak prey..."

George came closer and grabs the collar of Adam and lifts him on air.

"You are crossing your limits..."

Hawa tries to interupt their conversation

"Guys,You should be focusing on the enemy"

George puts Adam down.Adam doesnt have any emotions on his face either happiness or sorrow he was neutral... He clears his throat and says polietly

"See,George your human attributes haven't gone away if you continue to this"

"Say one more I will punch your teeth away"

Adam adjusts his collar

"Love to try"

He looks straing George in the eyes..After a few silent seconds washes away in time George walks away.....Hawa come closer and

tries to relaxes Adam

"I know how you feel"

"Then you must be telling a lie"

Adam says looking into her eyes he slowly touches her cheek.

"I will get my vengeance"

Both collides their lips one another passing a wild kiss as the moon was staring with the stars on the sky.

Amal slowly wakes up from his bed,He remembers how last night he crawls into his room.

"Aargh I can't move"

Amal feels an uncomfortable pain on his back.

"Your bones are not heales properly it need some more time"

"My ribs are feeling fine"

Amal touches his ribs

"You have a lot of cracks yesterday"

"He was so thick to penetrate from the outside,So I have to focus inside out....How long will it take to heal"

"Maybe a couple of hours"

"How come cerberous can enter the realm without my persmission"

"That is a rule anyone can enter the realm if they enter once but can't exited without the authors permission"

"You guys follow a strange laws in science,Still your dress is good it gives less penetration"

"First it is not a dress,It is one of my basic armor.... That deity form have strong thick skin like and armour and strong teeth I don't know how they can acheive those forms they are so weak compare to other deities....."

Lucifer voice is filled with unanswered questions and thrist for answers.

"What you are saying the deities are stronger...."

"Of course they are they can split a continent into two by a single attack or can drought the seven oceans.."

"What about you..."

"I once fighted my father which lead to several destruction of heaven as it was almost to fall from the sky to earth"

"Why can't I use your full strength"

"I told you before,We are different in lot of point of view"

"They says they will show up again in the same place so we should practice when my injuries heal"

"You are pushing your self more"

"I can't let people die in the name of me anymore..."

Amal was tired he makes a yawn as it hurts his back,He was still wearing the ripped armour.He slowly surrenders to sleep again.

"Adam he is gone"

Hawa says in disappointment.Rage fills in Adam's eyes.

"We,have to find him".

"Can you sense him"

"Yeah when he is near,Not like Lucifer. And his Eyes"

Adam replies.

Amal already enters the magic realm for his training.Lucifer was a great teacher making Amal control the basic elements Fire,Water ,Earth and Air even the greatest powers his eyes like sensing,Illusions,creating matter and controlling darkness.Amal was already a quick learner making him learn and grasp the things faster than usual he was very very good at that,As this mother was a usual teacher Amal was afraid of the mighty cane of his mother in his childhoods which will create marks on his butt.But his innocence makes him hurt more and more in the childhood as he was believed world to be a happy place.So it was hard for him to control emotions from the childhood.As grown up it becomes harder for him to accept the harsh truth of the world.His Mom

was a great teacher teaching him so many good things and bad things as a kid.Kid Amal

doesn't know what it was but soon has he grows up he knows it in the hard way as possible.

"Boy you need to always supress your emotions"

"Easy for you to say you says you don't have any emotions how can a man knows then what emotions are like"

"I used to have them... I know it it is painful"

Amal stands still for a moment.

"How can we control it....?"

"By using it in the right way..... Don't store any emotions for too long it will become cancer"

Memories struck Amal as Lucifer can feel his Aura rising

"Wrath is deadly My boy you can't always deny on it"

Lucifer warned Amal

"Flame burst"

Amal points his finger on the side of realm creating a huge explosion of Purple flame there.The realm of Lucifer was like inside of a thunder cloud greyish all around him it almost like another dimension.Lucifer have stored a lot of things inside his realm Cerberous was one of them.

"So do I age more as there is time difference in the Realm and the real world"

"No due to your fast healing factor you can heal anything within 24 hours...Which meams your aging and diseases too which merely means you are like immortal now"

"What you mean I don't have any death now"

Amal snaps and asks Lucifer.

"Thats merely impossible for a human body I

mean your lifespan will be far more greater than any normal human being"

"How far....?"

"Soo far that even you can't imagine Unless you don't kill yourself"

"Rotten Abomination"

Amal quickly teleports simuntaneously amd slashes his sickles his sickle slashes remain in air like a dark wound.

"You are improving fast"

Lucifer was impressed by the learning capacity of the Amal and how quickly he was remembering new attacks and manipulation.It was almost a week as Amal practices in realm as new discoveries are founded out by Amal about his new bound powers.

"I think that is enough for today"


"Because the food ran out"

"I need something fat to eat"

Amal shows sign to create portal to his room.

"So can't we go to another place after entering"

Amal steps out through the portal as a bright visual is have lights up his dark room.

"That is not possible"

Amal checks his phone which was on the study table near his bedroom.

"11 o clock"

He quickly goes into the shower and take a usual bath and changes his clothes and heads out.

"Only the store in the other junction will be open this time,I think I'll have Noodles for dinner" as he rushes out of the apartment.

Night drive was one of the things Amal life in his lonely life.

"Wait they say they will be their on thay falls today also right"

That strucks Amal like a meteorite as Amal turns his bike back.

George was walking into an apartment it was a huge flat...So huge.

"Hey what are you doing...? Who are you"

The security who was in a mild sleep suddenly wakes up and lights his torch towards him.

"They are not there... Amal iluminat eye flashes in the pitch dark as he parks bike on a corner.

"Maybe they have changed their tactics"

"Or may be not...I can semse two moving and one far away from them"

"How far..?".

"Let say both are in polar opposites"

"Let take out the lonely one"


Amal turns his bike back and rushes,Adam and Hawa was running through the roof tops fastly.As Adam have desperation and rage shown in his face.

"Too bad you have to die miserably at this age"

George holds his hands over the face of the old security guard and squashes the face like a cockroach the head squashes inside out as the brain and bones are mixed into one.George walks forward towards the apartment.

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