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Read Asura Story of an Untold Hero - Beginner Saga Episode 1 - Chapter 9 online

Chapter 9: Episode 9

"What on earth happened here"

Amal sees a bundle of slaughtered and disfigured bodies.As he walks through them with a smear shock.As the a huge wave crashes a portion of the building and creates a huge hole in the third floor..Amal sharpens his eyes to view as George throws a little infant from the floor,With quick reflexes Amal grabs the infant from falling suddenly struck by a huge haymaker from George which send Amal crashing on the road.

"The Infant..."

Amal looks at his hands seeing the beautiful baby crying.


The beast comes infront of Amal in lighting speed.

"Take this baby to safety"

Amal gives the baby to Cerberous

"Amal these and all is risk,Let him kill the boy and after defeating you can bring him back to life"

Lucifer have shown his disliking

"Not,going to happen when Iam here"

As soon as Cerberous dashes fast with the boy George hits the ground the ground crack and directs towards Amal.Amal jumps and take his small sickles and lunges towards George,His training makes him to travel through any medium including air making him more easy for mid-air dodges.As Amal creates a dark matter energy around the sickle blades and waves at George George punches the sickle as Amal again send flying towards the road.

"You can't win in a fight of strength with me"

Georges fist is bleeding with the injury,Suddenly three Police Jeep rushes in.As the officer takes his lathi cane and came closer

"What is going on here huh...Who are you..?"

"Ha,ha,ha won't you weaklings never learn"

The policemen rushes towards George with the canes George hits one of the officer in chest piercing it and making a hole,He pierces the body in two and throws it away in opposite direction.

"Any more guys want to try"

Suddenly a gunshot hits George in chest.

"You weaklings and your stupid toys,Do you think that it can hurt a God like me...?"

The bullet have squashed because of the impact and is unable to pierce through Georges body.


Suddenly a hydrolic pressure strucks beneath George sends him flying in air.

"Black death"

Amal blast a ball of dark matter towards George,George takes a direct hit making it explodes but only making minor wounds on his torso.


George hits the ground in force making an earth quake sending away the policemen and Jeep away and destroying the road creating a circle of 500 metre radius.

"He didn't even shows his deity form and he is still so strong"

Lucifer was a little worried after seeing the ironic strength that is displayed by George

"You said you won't kill any people If I shows up...Why are you doing this.?"

"Ohh,that was Adam I won't play by his rules... You killed my two best friends and I will make you pay for it"

"Flame burst"

Amal points his finger towards George creating a explosion of Purple flame.


Georges roar creates crashing wind making the flames extinguish.A humanoid Grey elephant was standing infront of him as his trunk was having purple patches with Violet tusks and deep blue eyes.George have grown two times his size from his lean body to a muscular and heavy body.his legs represents of an elephant but his arms represents of a giant human.

"Just what are you people"

"Ohhh,we.... We are the Animal deities...."

"There are no such deities,are you working for the human who takes over heaven"

"Ohh,look like you know some stories,Yeah anyway Iam going to kill you cold,So before that I would like you to losten to some fairy tales... Zeldus doesn't created the machine on his own we are his colleagues...But that bastard have betrayed us amd goes into the heaven by his own..He only knows the password for the portal...But we didn't give up we hacked the password and enters the heaven..He become A mighty god tossing amd betraying the top gods of the heaven"

"Zeldus so that is his name"

"Heaven is nothing like we imagine only humans have religion gods haven't any"

"You are also a human one,why are slaughtering people"

"Ohh it is a job to finish you off"

George points towards Adam

"So that we can become the ruler of hell"

"Damn... they must have taken over hell as well"

Lucifer wrath was felt by Amal

"So what happens to the devils"

"Some of them ran away,Some was slaughtered,But I can't let you walk away after killing friend Adam is a maniac I can't play by his rules,Trumpet of death"

George points his trunk towards Amal and blasts a huge air wave which is sharp as blade towards him.Adam quickly avoids the wave and take his sickles and dashes towards George.George fights Adam with his huge and sharp tusks as the collison betwwen the sickle amd tusk creates sparks in atmosphere as both exchanges blows back and forth.

Adam notices the collisions happening on from far away.

"We have to speed up,The battle have already begun"

Adam now takes huge huge lunges towards the battle field.

Suddenly after a strike George grabs Amal with his trunk in arm

"Damn he got me"

George put his trunk on face of Amal

"Prepare to die....Aargh"

Amal uses his other sickle to make a wound on George's trunk forcing George to let go of Amal.


George hits the floor suddenly creating a earthquake of a kilometer radius.Amal was heavely injured as he was very close to the impact.

"Crap,I again let my guard down"

Amal was on his knees as George kicks Amal on the ribs


Amals ribcage have minor cracks on the heavy hit.Amal points his finger in ground creating a ilusion and George suddenly immerses into the ground fully.

Amal focuse and lifts a spherical portion of ground trapping George inside into the air.

"Trumpet of death...Aarghhh"

Georges screams in pain from inside the sphere.

"The stragety works..."

Lucifer says.

To escape the clutch of George using the sickle Amal also planted an explosive block of magic inside George's trunk.

"And I know he will use it to hit me anytime"

When George tries to use the trumpet of death to escape the sphere his attack explodes inside his trunk breaking his trunk.

"Time to finish this"

Amal lifts George a little more high in air.

"Flame burst"

Amal points his finger towards the sphere burning the whole sphere as it was like a purple sun on the night blazing.

"Aarghhhhhh... Aarghhhhh Aahhhh"

George's cry echoes like a elephants siren.After a few minutes the voice tottaly stops as Amal puts the sphere down.

"You become stronger"

Amal turns around to see Adam who yells from the top of an apartment

"Iam thriving to fight you again,See you tomorrow on the same place"

As their eyes meets up as Amal slowly stands up holding his ribs.

"Time drift"

Amal goes back to the time.Amal stands on his apartment holding his ribs.

Adam stands on the top of a building looking into sky as Hawa places her hand on his shoulder.Adam turns back

"Tomorrow this will comes to an end"

The apartment George attacks was sleeping quietfully as the security guard was in mild sleep listening to a classic tamil song.

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