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Chapter 17: A lovely day

Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, waterfall between the mountains.

On the wall of the mountain that was about two to three hundred meters, a gigantic waterfall rushed down, and crashed into the pool below, causing mist to rise into the air. The enormous deafening sound was like the rumbling of thunder, which traveled far and wide.

At the edge of the waterfall, a topless bare-footed youth could be seen. His figure was as if made by a god with how perfect and finely sculpted his body was. Besides him stood to two beautiful girls. On his right was his ice princess while his left had his little aunt. While setting setting on his lap was Jasmine and holding him from behind was Ash. Each one fighting to make sure they had a place next to him.

"Alright, then this princess would like to observe what you called a movie....That one with the princess who had my name I would like to see it again…."

Jasmine's petite face turned to the side at this moment, and her cheeks revealed a hint of bashfulness as she said:

" After all as your first wife it's only right I choose"

"…. Is that really necessary? Do you really need to rub salt into their wounds?"

Yun Che evaluated Jasmine from the top to bottom looking at her lower back and rear end as she moved and rubbed his sleeping dragon, and said with a serious face trying to act as if nothing was going on.

"If they don't agree, I will just beat them again." Immediately, an icy cold aura filled with killing intent began to seep out of Jasmine's body.

"Fine, but you'll see what I'll do later at night."

As for the two girls they just swore to train harder making sure they'll pay her back for all the bullying she had done.


Thus the film starts with a street peddler, guiding them through the streets of the Arabian city of Agrabah, the home of the 1001 Arabian Nights. After trying to sell his wares on us, he pulls out an old oil lamp, claiming it "once changed the course of a young man's life. A young man who like this lamp was more than what he seemed: A diamond in the rough."

The peddler then begins to tell us a tale, beginning on a dark night, where the Sultan's Grand Vizier, Jafar, meets with a thief named Gazeem, who hands over half of a gold scarab beetle, of which Jafar has the second half. Putting them together, the beetle flies off, before causing a giant tiger's head to rise from the sand: A place known as the Cave of Wonders...

Later Jasmine, who does not want to be married off, decides to run away disguised as a peasant girl. However, her act of giving an apple to a hungry little boy lands her in trouble with the street merchant until Aladdin intervenes and leads Jasmine away just in time before she can lose a hand as payment for the fruit.

Until later on, while the fireworks begin popping, Aladdin and Jasmine share another kiss and fly off with Carpet near the moon. As "The End" writes in the sky, the moon laughs and turns around to show that it was really the Genie. Genie then pulls up the scene and says "made ya look", while the film ends.


No matter how many times Jasmine saw the movie she would never get tired of it. It along with Sleeping beauty were her favorite fairytales. Made her feel special knowing like in those films she found her own Prince Charming...Even Qingyue and Lingxi couldn't help but be lovestruck as they looked at Yun Che telling them self I found my Prince. Even though it was the their favorite of the Disney films like Jasmine they still very much liked it.

Xiao Lingxi seeing Jasmine in a good mood couldn't help but ask her how she got here and met Yun Che and even Xia Qingyue couldn't help but pay close attention as that was asked.

Jasmine's petite and cute eyebrow promptly sunk, and said coldly: "It all started when I found and grabbed the Evil God Blood drop, many were after me however all of the people who chased me are already dead I made sure they knew the price to paid for standing before me.

But what I didn't expect, was that they actually had this kind of 'taboo' poison! I was actually poisoned unawares! As for the reason why I came to this place, it was to find the five Evil God's secret grounds, mentioned in the memories of the Evil God's blood. Amongst them, one of the Evil God's secret ground's location was vaguely around the Blue Wind Empire's eastern area. As I was searching for it, the acute poison became active…. The rest of the story, you should already roughly understand."

"Evil God's five secret grounds?" Xiao Lingxi had a face full of bewilderment.

"The Evil God's memories had mentioned that this Profound Sky Continent was created by the Evil God at that time; on this Profound Sky continent, he had five places of refuge. Before his downfall, he left five "Seeds" in these respective five places. It also clarified that…." Jasmine then took a glance at Yun Che:

"Only those who had inherited his power, would be able to find them!"

"That means, only we will be able to find them?" A wave of excitement hit Xiao Lingxi, and she hurried said: "What exactly are those five seeds? Are they powerful? And are we supposed to find them?"

"Hmph, how could I know! But since it's something left behind by the Evil God, how could they be powerless. However, Yun Che since he is special he no longer needs them unless he wants his Evil God Bloodline to be complete faster

Jasmine said those words like an elder sister, proud of one's wisdom and experience. However Xia Qingyue just thought she was full of hot air and nothing she said was of help nor was she. If anything she should be more humble right now. While Xiao Lingxi just thought she was cool for knowing so much and being so strong, setting Jasmine as her goal to surpass....And Ash just saw Jasmine as a big headed little child that talked to much while knowing nothing.

Jasmine unaware of what everyone was thinking said let's watch another movie while asking for more Popcorn and sweets.


Unknowingly, four months had subtly passed by. Within the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, waterfall in the mountains. The season had already quietly entered wintertime, for the waterfall's water began to progressively become, more and more bone-chilling.

During this time Jasmine and Yun Che trained Xia Qingyue and most of all Xiao Lingxi until they were finally able to fully control their new Strength. Showing them new fighting styles and better ways to use the they had Profound Qi. Also Jasmine showed Yun Che Star God Broken Shadow and Great Way of the Buddha. Fully mastering both reaching max level for both, And now also had the body and bloodline of the Rage God.

Xia Qingyue and Xiao Lingxi didn't think anything special about it while Jasmine was already numb to all that Yun Che did.

"Honestly is there any meaning in training while you simply by sitting grow stronger in a day than we in 4 mouths"

As she had spoken until here, the expression in Jasmine's eyes suddenly fluctuated, and her voice also dampened: "Someone is coming."

"Wouldn't people come here often?" Xiao Lingxi said casually.

"There are five people altogether, their profound strengths all at the Sky Profound Realm. And one of them, is already half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm!" Xia Qingyue slightly knitted her brow as her voice faintly stiffened in heavy concentration.

"Wh…. at!!" Xiao Lingxi almost bit her tongue as she yelled without composure.

"Could it be Frozen Cloud Asgard? Did they finally found us?"

Yun Che: Nahhh it's just time to go pick up our little pet lizard come let follow them and watch a good show.


"High Level Profound Beasts Active Ahead, Below Nascent Profound Realm Level Five Please Leave With Haste."

Along the way, Yun Che and the girls had bumped into a total of five warning signs

However, the last warning sign was labeled with blood-red colored carved words:

"Scarlet Dragon Prohibited Region!"

Of course with how strong they were those signs meant next to nothing to them while those those flying corpses couldn't tell anyone was following them. While Yun Che begin to feel the Evil God fire seed calling him.


But he didn't care enough to answer its call. While those annoying corpses from Burning something Clan had also arrived above the top of the cave by now unaware how close they were to death.


Suddenly, a tremendously loud roar that was loud enough to cause the earth to quake and the heavens to tremble, came from inside the huge cave. Along with the sound of the roar, suddenly came a blazing light from deep within the cave. It was subsequently followed by the appearance of a pillar of flame tens of meters thick that rushed towards the five in the sky. Miles of the surrounding area became filled with waves of scorching hot air.

While Yun Che and the girls wished they could could have some ice cream and barbecue. Long Story short Yun Che killed the 5 flying fire deadmen while Xiao Lingxi and Xia Qingyue beat up the Fire Dragon until it agree to be their little mount...calling it little Red. Jasmine on the other hand seemed Mad for she wanted to eat the poor little thing. As for how strong it was no one cared for they only saw it as a pet like a dog or cat.

Yun Che: Well I guess this little overgrown lizard will do until I get the Dragon God for only he is fit to be my Mount. That fire Seed was tasty though maybe I'll eat a couple more from the Systems.

AFatelessTale AFatelessTale

Sigh I thought I would be more easy to update now but Work keeps getting in the way

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