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66.66% ATG Fade to Black / Chapter 11: Ash coming up from behind

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Chapter 11: Ash coming up from behind

Finally after a while Yun Che seeing both were up but too embarrassed to say anything so they acted of if they were still sleeping. Begin to move his hands both reaching for Xia Qingyue and Xiao Lingxi ass.

At first Xia Qingyue and Xiao Lingxi wanted to jump off him but as he played with their beautiful rear ends they couldn't help but stay still letting him do as he pleases....

Which went on for half an hour until they were unable to handle it any longer.

Xia Qingyue: Don't you think that's more then enough?

Yun Che: Nopeeee your ass feels amazing I can't help but touch it feel like my hand belongs there.

Xia Qingyue hearing that can't help but blush and tries to run off but before she can get away Yun Che kisses her and says

"And this is your good morning kiss"

And kisses her once more, Xia Qingyue can't help but melt in his arms as she tries her best to kiss him too. So they just stand there.

Xiao Lingxi at first was too embarrassed to say anything but as she saw them kiss like she wasn't there she couldn't help but get jealous and say something with a deep bitterness

"What about me Little Che?"

"In a Minute my ice princess is still a mad about last night"

"Back off he's MY MAN"

Xiao Lingxi hearing what they said wanted say something but as she thought about last night and what they did. She could only keep it to herself and wait.

Finally after a while they stopped but Xia Qingyue kept giving Xiao Lingxi looks as if challenging her. As if she were claiming what was hers

Xiao Lingxi eyes begin to water but before any tears fell Yun Che came and kissed her too


Finally after what seem like forever of Yun Che kissing them back and forth and making sure he didn't forget Ash he said

"Let's go. It's the morning of the first day, we have to go pay our respects to grandfather… And ask for his blessings"

Xia Qingyue stood without a word and stepped forward holding Yun Che right hand tightly. Xiao Lingxi at first wan't sure until Yun Che grabbed her hand she did try to fight back but he wouldn't her go so she just let it be.


Xiao Lie woke up early every day, and today was no exception. Upon entering Xiao Lie's courtyard, the first thing they saw was him watering his flowers and plants.

Xiao Lingxi unconsciously tried to wriggle her hand out of Yun Che's grasp. But to her surprise, Yun Che gripped her hand even tighter and as she was panicking, he grasped her hand and arrived in front of Xiao Lie.

"Grandfather, I have something to discuss with you."

Unlike the old Xiao Che, Yun Che didn't care he just wanted to get this over and marry his little Wife too so Yun Che came face to face with Xiao Lie's calm demeanour, his heart felt no anxiety.


Xiao Lingxi seemed to faintly realize something as she gave a soft gasp, her heart starting to beat wildly in her chest. As for Xia Qingyue she didn't care as long as Yun Che didn't let her hand go for she was first wife.....also she was already making plans to get in the way of Xiao Lingxi first night after all it was only fair after what she did in both life's.

As he saw Xiao Che and Xia Qingyue.....Xiao Lingxiand enter, he gently smiled. "You came."

However Yun Che was already bored of all this since he just wanted to get it over with and said.

"I beg for Grandfather… to betroth Lingxi to me,"

"Little Che…" The voice that sounded in Xiao Lingxi's ears was undoubtedly the one that made her tremble the most in her life. He had actually said it in front of her and in front of Xiao Lie..... and Xia Qingyue...He finally had said the words that she had desired to hear the most.

Xiao Lingxi also started to slowly sink to her knees. Her eyes misted over as she spoke in a soft voice, "Father, I… If it isn't Little Che, I would rather… never get married at all in this lifetime."

"Little Che is the person who grew up together with me and he is also the person that treats me the best. In my entire life, almost every single happy thing that has happened to me has occurred because of him. So to me, Little Che is like half of my life. In fact, he is the more important half, so if he isn't around… then I will never be able to experience happiness ever again."

As she declared them loud and clear the moment the words left her mouth, all of the fear and worry that clouded her heart had soundlessly disappeared and they were instead replaced with a warmth and tranquility she had never felt before in her life. The moment she had said those words, it seemed like the result of their request was no longer so important anymore. Because she had finally said the words that had been lying at the bottom of heart and soul, so her entire spirit felt as if it had suddenly reached a whole new level and become completely different from before.

Xia Qingyue on the other hand said nothing as if waiting for him to profess his love to her too

"...I don't mind if he has more women...For I'll always be his first wife"

"..." Xiao Lie's expression was not colored by the shock, daze, disappointment or fury that they had expected.....Though he was a little confused with what was going on with Xia Qingyue.

So it turned out for the best after all Xiao Lie knew how Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Che felt about each other for year...Though the stuff with Xia Qingyue came out of nowhere he could live with it. Both of the were like daughters to him anyways and he just wanted their happiness...As for Xiao Lingxi being Xiao Che aunt he could care less.

Xiao Lie:...Brat you are pretty good ah? Took both my daughters...besides it would seem you already know you aren't blood related

Xiao Che: Yes I know my sir name is Yun

Xiao Lingxi: Wait really

Xia Qingyue: It would seem only you didn't know....Unlike you since I'm FIRST WIFE I know all this

Xiao Lie: Anyways when are you getting married?

Yun Che: It could be right now if you want I already have a dress and stuff really and we don't need anyone else.

Xiao Lie:hmm true it's settled we'll do it now

Xiao Lingxi: Wait really just like that? I'm not sure if I am really.

Xia Qingyue:....Hurry up already I want to go travel with MY Yun Che

Xiao Lingxi: What travel?


Finally after a while of all that marriage nonsense

Xiao Lie: Husband and wife, exchange bows!

And like that Xiao Lingxi and Yun Che were man and woman none of that wait for me bullshit.As for Xiao Lie he couldn't be anymore happy.

(I believe after this Xia Qingyue should become Yun Qingyue and Xiao Lingxi will be Yun Lingxi right?)

As for Yun Qingyue she was happy Yun Che never once let her hand go..Even now just was still smiling. like she won something


Xiao Lie began to take his seat opposite them. He had only touched his his seat when the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside, accompanied by a coarse voice:

"Fifth Elder! Is the Fifth Elder here?"

"What is it?" Xiao Lie stood up and slightly wrinkled his brow.

"Clan… Clan master's order. All elders are to immediately go to the main hall to discuss news concerning the future of the Xiao Clan. You must immediately go!"

"…" Xiao Lie stood up, grabbed the jacket offered to him by Xiao Hong and then spoke to Yun Che, Yun Lingxi and Yun Qingyue: "Looks like it's an emergency. You Three eat first. There's no need to wait for me."

There wasn't a single time in Xiao Lie's memory where an such urgent summon came so early in the morning. He draped his jacket over his body, then quickly left.

Yun Qingyue: Hmm you aren't letting go of my hand?

Yun Che: What do you mean?

Yun Qingyue: Nothing in that other life you let go of my hand during this.

Yun Che: Well he was a retard for letting you go.

Just Yun Qingyue just smiled when he said that...She really liked being with him. He was so warm and...stuff she couldn't say out loud for being too embarrassed.

As for Yun Lingxi she was too confused to know what they were talking about and felt left out but smiled when she remember she just got married to the men she loved.....However Ash on the other hand just looked at Yun Che with dirty eyes as if saying when are you going to marry me?


As for Xiao Lie he only came back later as the two girls were fighting to feed Yun Che while Ash in the background was getting fed by Yun Che acting like a empress. Xiao Lie said something about some Xiao Sect or whatever but none of them cared enough to listen so Xiao Lie just left it at that while saying he wants lots of grandkids, and great-grandkids. The girls just blushed giving Yun Che looks as if telling him to visit them at night.

And with none of them caring they never went out and saw Xiao Yang which was lucky for him. For if Yun Che saw him right now he would kill him. For he was already beyond sick of them ready to kill everyone from the Xiao Clan besides his grandfather/father in law. He really wanted to go to his harem Sect I mean his little Fairy and Blue something Princess.

AFatelessTale AFatelessTale

Think I'll do a time skip from here while adding how Xiao Lingxi died. Cause everything else that happened during this time was boring and is needless with how strong Yun Che is. What do you all think?

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