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75% Avalon Asylum / Chapter 9: Chapter 08 - Trivial Promises

Chapter 08 - Trivial Promises - Avalon Asylum - Chapter 9 by Sym full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 08 - Trivial Promises

Robbie laid under that mattress that reeked of sweat and destroyed dreams. He laid there, resting his arms under his head. Evan whispered over to him, seeing the guards walk past. He brought a finger up to his lips, making a "shh" signal to Robbie. The guards approached Evan's cell as Evan sat on the bed and pretended to look lost in a novel. When the guards stood in the doorway he perked up, catching their stern glare. A bit nervous, at that. He could not meet their eyes, which gave them the impression that he was hiding something. "Mr. Winters, have you seen Robbie Dupont anywhere? He appears to be missing and we just want to carry him off safely back to his cell." They spoke in the most gentle, misleading tone. Evan acted clueless, "Who?" They knew immediately he was lying and they pulled him off the bed. When they went to reach for him, Robbie reached for their legs and dragged the guards onto the floor. "Gotcha!" He'd smugly exclaim, sliding out from under the bed. The guards changed their demeanor and seized Evan by the elbow, "You're also coming with us." His eyes widened, "W-What why?" They deemed Evan as an accomplice for helping Robbie hide. "Hang on- get your hands off of him. This was all my idea, I hid here before he came back to his cell." Robbie attested, throwing his hands up in aspiration, fabricating this concept before Evan's very own eyes. They let go of Evan's arm, scanning his face. "Is this true?" Evan rapidly nodded his head in response, tears in his eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Mr. Dupont.." Marie read through the clipboard she held in her hands. "It appears you've made this asylum your home, faster than we anticipated." She raised an eyebrow over at the man who stood like an outcast in the glimmer of her glasses. The guards leaned over to whisper in Marie's ear to which she gave a silent nod of approval. It was unknown what was said to her, but whatever was didn't seem to be a positive notion. She reworked her focus back onto Robbie, "So. We'll discuss the bigger matter at hand. Do you know why you're here?" Robbie rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah, cause' I'm crazy right?" She chuckled at this, "Mr. Dupont. We're a very welcoming facility for those who are just.. gifted." She put her fingertip to his head, closing her eyes. "Mr. Dupont, you have threatened to harm our beloved Vincent and the rest of us. What have you to say about this?" He folded his arms smugly against his chest, "Wish it would occur sooner than later." She angrily observed him from across her desk, "Mr. Dupont, if you won't cooperate with me I won't be able to spare you from such.. matters." She looked back over at her clipboard but Robbie was seemingly restless and bored of the conversation. "Whatever it is, can we get it over with? Slap on the wrist, maybe even those traditional ruler punishments?" Marie eyed the guards that were still to the side of her, "Send him to Ambrose." They nodded, and that was that.

Evan was sitting in his cell room, appearing miserable. He could not fathom what had just occurred, or ease the fact that he felt that it was his fault. Why would Robbie cover for such a fool? He thought, banging his head against the wall. When the guards had passed by and saw him doing this, they warned him to quiet down. That girl as before was staring at him from across the room, being consumed by some of the shadows that she nearly blended in. "Evan?" She would speak, but it was nearly inaudible with the chaos of the asylum. She had crept over to him, placing a hand on his head. He immediately moved back, "You're not real- none of it is-" He'd rock back and forth, hugging his knees once again. "Make it stop-" He would throw a fit and start to break down wallowing. She had brought her hand to his face, more precisely his chin, to put her hand underneath it to turn him to face her. "C-Can you really see me?" She looked surprised and Evan peered up with one eye open, hoping she was gone above all. He spoke shakily, "Y-Yeah.. why? Are you running from them too? If so... don't rely on me I'm bad at helping with that." She shook her head, sitting beside him on the cell bed. From an onlooker looking in, it seemed as if Evan was talking to himself. He'd surely get more time with the hospital therapist. She tapped her chin, resting her other hand at her side now. "I don't know why I'm here. I can only remember pieces here and there." She shrugged, "Do you remember anything?" He chose to shove his own memories aside, lying to her face. "No. Not since I was brought here." Truth was, he remembered it all. From his little facade in the bar to the things he was seeing around his house before it all crashed down. "I saw your friend. He looked like he was in trouble. Do you think he'll be okay?" Evan raised an eyebrow at the woman, "How do you know?" He hadn't seen her hanging around the room while that was occurring, so now he was highly skeptical as to who she was. Was she working with the hospital staff? "I.. I figured. I heard it on the intercom, they were hollering for his name and all." Evan shrugged it off, "Yeah. Who knows, I had tried to help him but I fucked it up as always." He twiddled with his thumbs uneasily, "How long do you anticipate you're going to keep on stalking me? I tried telling the Monsieur about you and what you'd done but they just don't listen to me. They think I'm crazy." When he stared back up at the woman, it appeared she was gone again. Turns out, he was telling his life story to the empty cell that just echoed back nothingness.

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