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14.91% Avatar The Last Airbender: Cold Paths / Chapter 16: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Avatar The Last Airbender: Cold Paths - Chapter 16 by CORNBRINGER full book limited free

Chapter 16: Chapter 16

Alright time to answer some questions.

—-Why is he becoming so cold?

That is already answered in chap 22 that is on Patreön already so... wait or join UwU?

—-Why does he want to fight Aang?

He wants to test his mights against strongest person in the world, but he will wait. Aang is not ripe enough.

—-Will he be a hero or a villain.

Neither, his moral compass will be chaotic neutral.

— Pairings?

Muahahahahahahaah muhahahahahahahahahahahaha you will never know. Until you see him on the altar!

Any-who....If you want to read ahead go and check https://www.patreó

Love ya guys!


As I was about to take my leave from the training ground, an angry yell bursted out from the entrance, getting my undivided attention. "There you are!," Hahn barked, pointing with the spear in his hand. This time he wasn't alone, his friends were with him, all of them with their weapons ready.

"Didn't I bitch slap you like… yesterday?" I inquired, with clear amusement, "Or perhaps, you really want to die?" I chuckled, "I would be happy to oblige,"

The crowd he had brought in with him to back him up, has now gone silent as they observed the sudden development with fear.

"You are a coward," Hahn grinned, "Hiding behind your bending, without it, you are nothing," oh, so he was trying to get me to duel him without bending, cute, "Fight me like a man, no bending!" and there it was! Haha, I love being right.

"Hmmm, no bending." I said as I pretended to think about his offer. "Hmm… how about, no?"

"So it's true," Hahn laughed, "Without your bending, you are just a weakling bitch," Bitch? Well, that was new.

I have to be honest, I wasn't angry at Hahn, no… it's like getting angry with a cockroach, for being a cockroach but in this very moment I did wonder… did he really have a death wish, because if he does, I'm not gonna say no… but I shouldn't say yes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"So… you really want to… fight me without bending?" I chuckled.

"If you think you can handle the beast," Oh god he refers to himself as the beast, the battle hasn't begun and he has already damaged me.

"Alright… if this will get you out of my back, fine," I sighed, I was confident I could deal with him, after all, I had trained in hand to hand combat, I wasn't an expert, but I was certainly better than him.

"Then take this!" Hahn shouted… running in a straight line… awesome strategy.

Taking a deep breath I took a step to the side dodging his… sad attempt to attack, while I broke the spear in half, and with a quick jab knocked him out, our duel lasted literally five seconds, maybe six. Though being fair with him… he lasted five seconds more that he usually does.

"So, you guys want a turn?" I smiled at them, lowering the temperature around, "Oh and tell your friend that if he ever bothers me again, I will personally put him in a wheelchair," I was not… well, maybe.

They all nodded, and as soon as I kicked their friend towards them… well, they ran, "Wise,"

"Wow, that was sad," Sakura laughed as she entered the training ground, "Am I right to assume you kicked Hanzo's ass?"

"Yep," I nodded, not bothering to correct the name she had used.

"Boy, that never gets old," Sakura sighed.

"It does," I sighed, "It does," while this sad repetitive event of my life had been fun the first… forty times, it got like everything at one point, old. It was more of a chore than a practical joke now. And that made me sad. What's the point of crushing his ego if I can't truly enjoy it.

"Well, it doesn't matter," Sakura said rolling her eyes at me, "I wanted to invite you and Yue to eat at my Inn, the chef has a new dish and I want you two to be the testers,"

I chuckled, "Is it safe to have the princess trying something that might or might not kill her? I mean… the chef is awesome, but sometimes new things can kill," I teased.

"If push comes to shove, I'll just run away," Sakura shrugged.


In the end, the new dish was actually pretty good, it was like soup but… different, I'm just bad at describing food but it was awesome.

Yue seemed to enjoy it, and so did Crowley, and well, I loved it.

I couldn't help but sigh in anticipation at days like this, I knew Aang was coming, he would be here in a couple months, two to three months.

For now though, I will just enjoy this… before I set out to explore the world, with my new mission at hand, messing with the fire nation as much as possible. Did I want to kill Ozai? Mmm maybe, but that was Aang's job, all I wanted for now was to learn from other bending styles like Iroh did… and become the number one enemy of the First Nation for fun.

It would be fun to see little Azula trying to kill me. Or Sasu—- I mean, Zuko trying to kill me. Make the both of them at the same time.

You know what… scratch that, I do want to fight Ozai, but not to stop him, just to prove Water is the best element!

"Sir! We have intruders!" A guard shouted and for a brief moment I wondered why was he addressing me, and then I remembered I was the royal guard… it's not my fault I don't actually have to do anything. I get paid to exist.

"I'll be back," I said as I left the Inn, not before asking, "Why are you two so calm? Don't you guys care," I teased.

"Maybe for the guys fighting you," Yue offered with a smirk.

"Yes, I'm with little Y on that one," Sakura winked at me.

"Jesus, I can feel the love," I said leaving the Inn, their laughs chasing me out.


[Yue POV]

I was sad, angry and frustrated.

My best friend, the brother the spirits had given me… was going to leave anytime soon, I knew that. I could see it in his eyes, that he was waiting for something, before leaving. And I didn't want him to leave.

"You know that even if he leaves he will come back," Sakura said, she was the one person I could trust with this matters.

"I know, but is it so bad for me to want him here? On the tribe forever?" I sighed.

"No, but you know he isn't exactly happy here," Sakura said, "Your father sees him as a weapon, Pakku hates him… I think, and everyone else fears him or well, wants something from him," she took a pause, "He beats people on a daily basis because they think his demise will bring them glory… it's hard, besides us three, he has no one, no reason to stay,"

I knew she was right, "I know,"


"Yes Crowley, I love you as well," I petted the needy raven, that Akira had… spoiled a lot.

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