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Chapter 19: Chapter 19

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Time is a funny thing when excited, it seemed just yesterday Aang had arrived, and that was two months ago, and surprisingly enough things had gone in the canon path, Aang was accepted by Pakku right away, and on the other hand, Katara got rejected, also right away. But after a little fight between the two, Katara also got to learn with Pakku.

Though there was one part that was… out of the canon line, Yue didn't like Sokka, she said and I quote, the guy is cute but too immature. And I suppose she's right, I couldn't really tell.

Things were going rather well, for everybody… for now, if my memory served me right the fire nation would attack any time soon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Though this invasion would go… rather different, I wasn't going to allow him to kill the spirit and Yue… he was going to die by my hands, a very painful death… though I couldn't help but wonder, was I truly capable of taking a human life? I knew I had made my peace with that fact, the fact I would inevitably would have to kill at one point. But would that matter in the end

I suppose I will find out soon enough.

"To think the Avatar was alive," Yue said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"It is," I nodded, deciding it was time to tell her I was leaving soon, "Yue… I wanted to tell you that-"

"You are leaving soon," Yue said, stopping me mid sentence, "I know… I have known for a while, I don't care… as long as you promise you will come back one day…" she added with hope in her eyes.

I winked at her playfully, "I will… one day,"

"So when?" Yue asked.

"Soon, just waiting for something to happen," God, since when I'm this cryptic.

"I see—" I put my hand on her mouth, I had felt something moving towards us, my water sense felt something.

At a prodigious speed, a man leapt from the roof of a house in the market we were waking, his arms and legs spread wide as if skydiving. I kept my eyes on the man, seeing how he easily landed on one of the guards in the market in a frog crouch. His armor, his body temperature and how he burned a house in the market as soon as he landed. There was no doubt, Zhao was here.

As he stood up, blood dripping from his razor-shard blade he stared at me… no it was at Yue.

"Get back to the castle," I ordered Yue with a tone that left her no option but to comply, "I will deal with this," I turned to see two guards behind me, "Stay with her at all times,"

Almost immediately after Yue left with the guards, panicked cries broke out and the guards in the market got into action, as more and more fire nation soldiers jumped down from nearby roofs. The assailants all wore identical armors.

As the battle started in the marketplace, the first soldier I had laid my eyes on started the combat with a powerful stream of fire, that was about as useful as an ass flavored lollipop, for it all it took me to counter his attack was to rise a wall of ice thick enough to block his attack.

"Well," With a sigh my hand moved in a blur and immediately after the fast movement several ice spikes pierced the man in front of me killing him, "It seems I'm not that troubled at the whole killing thing," oh well, too bad for the invasors.

One by one I continued to mutilate the fire nation soldiers as I made my way to the gates, where the real fight had just begun.

The city was on fire, it was truly terrifying how fast things could go from peachy to fucking hell like.

I continued moving forward, and as I was to kill another fire nation soldier, I decided to try a new approach, "Where is Zhao?" I asked the man as I freeze his legs and arms in an icy prison.

"I will never—" The man didn't got to finish his sentence, and how could he… the poor thing had his head rolling in the icy floor, leaving a sticky trail of blood behind its bloody path.

"Well, let's keep going," I sighed, as I continued to do what I was paid for… killing this bastards.

Though I had to be honest, so far this had been quite disappointing, they were very… very weak, was everyone that weak overall… then again I was fighting your run of the mill soldier, nothing special. Just disposable pawns in this war.

"If I were Zhao… where would I…." And then it hit me… if I were Zhao, I would still be on my ship… planning, well… let's say hi.


[Zhao POV]

We had four hours before the night started to approach, four hours to deal as much damage as possible.

"We should wait for the morning to come, the darker it gets the more powerful the water tribe will be," Iroh stated, and the old decrepit fart was right.

"I will… but for now... we will weaken them," My plan was perfect, the only way to stop the water tribe was by killing the spirits that gave them the power in the first place. But that would have to wait for now… I didn't want the sentimental of Iroh trying to stop me.

"Sir… we are having a problem!" A soldier said pointing to my fleet… and from afar I could see a massive wave was coming our way, so far the wave had knocked two of my ships, which shouldn't be possible. The fire nations ships were designed to break waves with ease.

"How many benders do they have doing this?!" I wanted an answer, I demanded an answer.

"It seems it's just one," Iroh commented as he saw through a spyglass, "This will be hard… I haven't seen a water bender with such skill since the battle of the mists,"

Who the fuck was that bender behind all this?! It didn't matter when I got my hands on the bastard he would be dead! "Retreat and regroup for now! That tricky bastard will keep throwing waves at us until there is nothing left but bodies in the frozen sea,"

"Anger will not win this siege," Iroh commented with a smile.

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