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4% Awakened: Evolving to Godhood / Chapter 6: Breath of God

Breath of God - Awakened: Evolving to Godhood - Chapter 6 by Crimson_ink full book limited free

Chapter 6: Breath of God

In the middle of a dimly lit room, a teenage boy with a naked upper body and a clothed lower body was lying on the ground like a fresh dead fish. He has fallen unconscious for an obvious reason as he couldn't endure the pain that came with the choice of becoming a champion.

<Evolution process has started. The divinity of the Northern Duke of Dark Starlight have entered your blood>

Over the next few hours, his hair changed color from white to dark brown as his body twitched slightly from time to time as the golden and black divinity took root in his bloodstream, mixing with his blood

<Current Evolution Progress: 50%>

<The Evolution Process has entered the Advance Phase. Your body will now enter the strengthening process>

Elliot was asleep and didn't notice the changes being taken place in his body. Otherwise, he would have been shocked to know that the conditions of his body were getting better at a rate visible to the eye.

The golden and dark divinity didn't only merge with his blood, but they also strengthened different aspects of his body.

His strength, speed, and stamina increased somewhat in the next few minutes.

<Current Evolution Progress: 100%>

<Champion has received the AUTHORITY OF RECOVERY. You've fully recovered from the injuries you sustained over the past years>

<Champion is blessed with the Authority of IMMUNITY to POISON. No poison in the world can harm you>

<Champion is blessed with the Authority of LIFE EXTRACTION. You're the ruler of life albeit a newborn one without much control over your supernatural powers>

A few hours later, once the cloud in the sky has shifted place to reveal the Sun and the newly graduated students have packed their stuff to go to the magician academy, Elliot's eyes jerked open, and the notifications of the artifact were the first thing that popped up in his line of sight.

"What? Blessing of Recovery? What is this?!"

In the very next second, after reading the first of the few notifications, Elliot lifted himself off the ground and touched his back, only to feel the smoothness comparable to that of a pillow.

"Is this my skin? How come it has become so soft and supple?"

He couldn't believe that this was his skin. His skin was dry and had many cracks as he had trained like a beast for the past two years to increase his physical strength since he was a failure as a magician.

He couldn't use magic or supernatural abilities so he decided to take the only path left for him, become physically fit and powerful enough to slay the monsters.

It was normal for him to carry a heavy object on his back and run, sustaining injuries here and there on his skin from falling on the ground.

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That's why his body was bruised from head to toe.

Of course, training in such a chaotic way has left injuries in various parts of his body but it also improved his strength by a lot.

The amazing part of the present situation was that the injuries from training like a maniac were no longer hurting.

Naturally, this came as a surprise to Elliot.

A line popped up in his mind.

Seeing is believing.

"Let's take a look for ourselves."

He then immediately rushed to the bathroom to look at the wound on his back.

Elliot's sight tilted to see the reflection of his back on the mirror—the skin that was torn apart to a bloodied mess by the wind whipping attack of Alexander was now all fine and dandy.

It wasn't just his fresh wound that has recovered, but all the scars on his body have also disappeared as the artifact has used some kind of supernatural healing technique on his body.

"The artifact my parents salvaged from the ruins of the mysterious civilization isn't a joke. First, it managed to transform into golden and black particles and merge with me. Then it even managed to heal my past and new injuries. I wonder what other benefits it holds."

He has realized that the reason why he recovered to peak conditions was that he has chosen to become a Champion of the Northern Duke of Dark Starlight.

His choice caused the artifact to merge with his body.

He recalled back to the notification he has seen right after waking up and remembered that there were two more messages behind it.

Elliot then looked at the rest of the notifications of the artifact floating in front of his sight.

A few moments later, once he was done reading the notifications, his eyes brightened in joy and he said, "Huh? So, I have evolved. I guess evolution isn't only possible for magicians that awaken by using evolution material obtained from monsters or after undergoing extreme emotions, but artifacts can also help a magician evolve. Since I have evolved, I have also gained two abilities. I have a general idea of what immunity to poison is supposed to do, but what about life extraction? The name sounds pretty cool but what does it do?"

As soon as those words left Elliot's mouth, an inky, black screen with words highlighted in gold appeared right in front of his eyes.

<Authority of Life>

<Level: 1>

<Power of Authority: Allow the Champion to extract the essence of life from the beings you defeat or kill. The authority is triggered through the permanent keywords: Life extraction. And it can only be used to abuse the one's you defeated and killed>

"What is the essence of life?"

As soon as he said those words, the words on the black screen disappeared and a new set of golden words appeared.

<It's the breath of the Creator of All that gives birth to all manner of life and help it grows>


When he finished reading the words on the black screen, Elliot was shocked out of his wits, but he was not too surprised and managed to keep calm.

"Can it help me grow stronger?"

<The essence of life can help you evolve without limits>

A smile crept on his face as he found the greatest use of the essence of life.

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