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Chapter 6: [Aura of the King]

Hares was surprised. He had completely forgotten his ability.

Because his ability to have such an annoying restraint as the need for surrender and due to the fact that he could only subordinate a single creature he labeled his ability to be useless which led him not to worry about her resulting in forgetting the ability.

But now Hares was dumbfounded.

The condition for using the skill has been opened. He could make this fucking tiger his subordinate!

When he thought of it, Hares' heart could not stop beating a beat.

This tiger was unjustly strong. Although it was only a level 5 monster, its strength was even up from the mantis who was a level 10 monster. Could this terrible monster actually become his subordinate? Hares was a bit skeptical. But in the end, if it were really possible was not that great news? Having a monster as terrible as your subordinate would really be a great help.

Hares looked at the tiger who was staring at him with fearful and confused eyes. He was hesitant. Hares was extremely wounded to the point of death. If he killed the tiger he would most likely level up and his wounds would be solved, but if he does not kill him ...

At that moment Hares remembered one of the items he had obtained by killing the mantis.

[Restoration Potion]

Rank: Super-Rare

Type: Medicine

Description: Once consumed all the injuries in the user's body will be cured and the user will return to its perfect state.

Remembering that, Hares's eyes flashed.

He looked once more at the tiger and made his decision.

[The [Infernal Tiger] surrendered, would you like to subordinate him?]

Hares looked once more at the message and spoke.

"Yes!" (Hares)

[you accepted [Infernal Tiger] as your subordinate. From now on he will be unable to hurt you or go against any of your orders. The life of the [Infernal Tiger] was also linked to his life, in case you die he died with you]

[Skill [Conquest] increased to level 2].

[[Aura of the King] ability of [Conquest] was unlocked].


Level 2

Rank: God

Type: Unique

Description: One of the four skills in the "Apocalypse" series. With this ability you will possess the ability to become the absolute ruler over everything in the world by making everything and everyone stand on your feet and be unable to oppose you.


[Subordination]: Allows you to subordinate a creature that surrendered to you.

-The subordinate creature had become incapable of injuring or going against the user's orders.

-In case of life threat to the user, subordinates can increase their overall capabilities by 25% to protect the user's life.

-number of subordinates allowed: 2

[Aura of the King]: Allows the user to utilize the aura of the King who rules over the world.

-While used, overall user capabilities will increase by 31%.

-Used, the overall capabilities of your allies will increase by 6%.

-As used, the King's aura intimidates your enemies by filling their hearts with fear and reverence by lowering their overall abilities by 2%.

-Can be used for 1 minute.

- Can only be used once every 1 hour.

Hares was surprised. He did not expect [Conquest] to level up. When she looked at it her eyes flashed. In the end, it was not the ability that was useless, it was only at a very low level.

[Aura of the King], this ability was an incredible support skill. It could strengthen you and your allies and weaken your enemies. In addition, [Subordination] has also become stronger and he can now get one more subordinate.

While Hares was his ability that had risen, the tiger on the ground had undergone a change.

When Hares said "yes," a white light flew out of Hares's body and entered the body of the tiger. As soon as the light came in, the tiger felt as if he had awakened from a long dream. He felt as if his whole life until now was nothing more than a dream and he had finally awakened at that moment.

When the tiger looked at Hares, there was no more anger, hatred or fear in his gaze. Now the tiger's gaze to Hares was full of love. When he looked at Hares, he felt that he was the most important person in his life. Someone he would not hesitate to throw his life away for. He had the desire to be able to make all the desires of Hares come true no matter how difficult it was. If Hares wanted to kill him now the tiger would gladly give him his life.

That was the ability [Conquest], she changed the tiger's own soul so that he would serve Hares with all his heart. She was not a mediocre brainwashing ability, she changed her own person!

Hares who was feeling exalted because of [Conquest], suddenly felt weak. The force in his body disappeared a dizziness attacked his body. In an instant, Hares fell to the floor.

"GRAAWW" (tiger)

The tiger roared, but this time his roar was not anger but concern. Unfortunately, although the tiger had already become subordinate to Hares, the paralyzing poison effect was still taking effect.

Hares felt his body begin to cool. He knew what was happening. He had many serious injuries to his body and had already lost a lot of blood. Her body was on the edge!

"M-shit ..." (Hares)

Hares was so happy that he had forgotten his own perilous situation. What a failure!

Hares looked down the corner of the street where his backpack was. When he decided to fight the tiger he had left his backpack aside so as not to disturb him. The recovery potion was inside his backpack. If he wanted to survive he would have to retrieve the backpack. Otherwise he would die in a few minutes.

Gathering all the strength his body still had, Hares began to crawl across the floor toward the backpack.

As he crawled, blood leaking from the wound in his abdomen left a red trail on the ground. The harder he did, the more Hares felt his consciousness weaken. As it was, Hares did not believe he could reach the backpack before he lost consciousness, but he could not give up. Giving up meant his death, Hares fought to such an extent against the tiger exactly why he did not want to die, how could he die now that he defeated the tiger and made him a subordinate? Hares refused to accept this result!

Unfortunately, his mind and body seemed to be different entities from each other. Though her mind was not willing to give up, her body could no longer stand it. After dragging for 5 meters, Hares could no longer move.

"Shit ... you can only be joking ..." (Hares)

Hares murmured in a weak voice.

"After all this, I'm going to die here?" (Hares)

Hares felt the tears stream from his eyes.

It was frustrating. He fought so hard just to perish like that in the end?

"I do not accept ... I do not accept!" (Hares)

Hares shouted.

Hares was not about to give up. Hares did not want to give up. Unfortunately, the reality was cruel. No matter how much Hares was not willing, how much he screamed he did not accept. Her body did not move.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Hares's mind. Thinking about it, Hares's eyes flashed and he screamed.

"Aura of the King!" (Hares)


As soon as Hares screamed, his body exploded with a dazzling and noble white aura. The white aura around Hares's body wrapped him in the light and then a splendid, noble white over-all materialized covering his body. After that, a golden light exploded and a golden crown that shone with a golden light materialized in his head. His forehead also began to glow with a golden light and suddenly the word "King" appeared on his forehead and his dark eyes became golden like gold.

This was the [Aura of the King], the ability of support that increased his and his allies' abilities and weakened their enemies.

Activating the [Aura of the King], Hares felt a little force returning to his body.

-It worked!

Hares rejoiced inwardly. Immediately, he put his hand forward again to crawl toward the backpack.

[Aura of the King] lasted for 1 minute, which meant Hares had a minute to reach the backpack or game over.

Although he regained some of his strength, the fact that his body was on the edge did not change. So despite having activated [Aura of the King], Hares still had extreme difficulty crawling across the floor toward the backpack.

"Shit!" (Hares)

Hares shouted. Even after activating [Aura of the King] he still had to go through this difficulty. His luck really was terrible!

At that moment, Hares heard a crawling noise beside him and looked back only to see the tiger struggling to get up. Around the tiger's body, a white aura was radiating feebly.

Hares's eyes flashed.

-Yes! How could I have forgotten that!

[Aura of the King] not only increased his own abilities as that of his allies as well. Now that the tiger had become his subordinate he was obviously his ally, which means that the [Aura of the King] would also strengthen him.

Thinking about it, Hares screamed.

"Hey, tiger, get that backpack and swallow me, quick!" (Hares)

When he heard Hares' cry, the tiger looked at Hares for a moment and then looked at the pack. With extremely slow and forced steps, the tiger began to walk toward the backpack. Fortunately, his speed was faster than the speed at which Hares was crawling on the ground.

Seeing the tiger walk me toward the backpack, Hares was happy but did not stand still either and continued to crawl.

Both Hares and the tiger were using too much force to move. Hares had serious injuries and had lost a lot of blood leaving his body on the edge between life and death. On the other hand, the tiger, although it was injured, his wounds were not serious compared to the wounds of Hares, but due to the poison paralyzing his body did not move as he wanted.

After about 30 seconds, the tiger finally reached the backpack. He took the backpack with his mouth and then started walking toward Hares.

Hares was anxious. [Aura of the King] only had less than 30 seconds remaining. He was sure that the only reason he was still alive was because of the strengthening of the [Aura of the King]. By the time the [Aura of the King] effect was over, he would surely die. That is why, despite the extreme exhaustion he was feeling, Hares still continued to crawl forward.

At that point of time Hares's body was already completely pale. The amount of blood lost long ago had already surpassed the range of danger, so he was still moving despite it clearly showed the size of his determination.

Hares and the tiger quickly approached one another. It was only 10 seconds before the ability finished. The tiger reached the front of Hares and dropped the backpack in front of him.

Hares took the backpack and quickly opened it. He located the bottle of the recovery potion in the back of the bag and picked it up.

When he opened the bottle, there were only 3 seconds remaining. Without worrying about anything else, Hares put the bottle in his mouth and swallowed the liquid all at once.

The liquid from the bottle passed Hares' throat with a strange sensation. When he touched her stomach, Hares felt his belly warm.

At that moment, the time of the [Aura of the King] was over. The white overcoat, the golden crown, or the word "King" on his forehead, all dissipated along with the white aura of Hares. Along with the dissipation of the aura, the aura around the tiger also dissipated and he fell to the ground without being able to move again.

Lying on the floor, Hares felt his body warm. His consciousness, which was about to fade, seemed to strengthen a little. From his wounds, Hares felt a tingle, but he did not have the strength to check.

After ten seconds, the tingling stopped and Hares felt a little of his strength returning. When he decided to check his body, he noticed that there was no more injury. He was in perfect shape. A similar full recovery happens when he climbs level.

Noticing this, Hares let out a sigh of relief and his face broke into a smile. He tried to move, but noticed that his strength had not yet returned. Although the recovery potion recovers you from your wounds, it does not regain your fatigue.

Feeling his heavy eyelids, Hares felt like sleeping.

"Graaw" (tiger)

At that moment, the tiger gave a little growl. Hares looked at him and the tiger nodded as if to approach.

Hares did not understand the tiger's intentions. Noting this, the tiger, after regaining some strength, moved its head forward and bit the collar of Hares's torn clothing,

"Hey, what are you doing!?" (Hares)

Hares was scared. He thought the tiger was trying to attack him again, but the tiger did not. He pulled Hares toward him and with all his might, he threw Hares over his body.

Being played, Hares ended his head on the tiger's body. When the Hares noticed he realized the tiger's intentions he looked at him incredulously and spoke.

"You ... you want me to lie down on you?" (Hares)

"Graaww" (tiger)

The tiger growled and waved.

Hares's eyes widened. The next moment, Hares began to laugh.

Hahahahaha ahahahahahahahaha ... this ... this is so weird hahahaha ... a few minutes ago we were one trying to kill the other, and now you are offering to be my pillow? Hahahahahahaha ... "(Hares)

Hares can not help laughing. The situation was simply too ridiculous and unbelievable. What kind of world could your enemy offer to become your pillow?

-This world is really crazy!

Hares can not stop thinking while laughing non-stop.

The tiger seemed not to care about Hares' laughter. He just laid his head on the floor and closed his eyes. He was also really tired.

"Aahh * but that's good too" (Hares)

Hares laughed as he stared up at the purple sky and the gigantic red moon.

Feeling the soft coat and warmth of the tiger on the back of his head, Hares felt comfort for the first time since he came to this world.

With a relaxed mood, Hares closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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