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Chapter 3: Attack of Cockroaches

The next day, Hares timidly walked toward the scraps of flesh on the road's ground.

After seeing yesterday's scene, even after regaining his strength, Hares did not dare leave the building and stayed there for the rest of the day and night and only had the courage to come down today.

The "man" who had been caught by the dogs yesterday had become a heap of flesh in the middle of the road. Hares wanted to vomit from the putrid smell, but he endured the macabre sight and the unbearable scent and approached to see if there was anything he could use.

"To-calm yourself, calm yourself Hares. If you want to survive you have to do it "(Hares)

Hares muttered encouragement.

He approached the leftover flesh and began to turn it over with a piece of wood he had found a moment ago.

After turning for a while, Hares found the same case he possessed and picked it up.

Inside, as Hares had hoped, there was a military knife, two rolls of bandage, and a box of cotton. Hares put the knife, the bandages, and the cotton to use for himself, and continued to roll the remains of meat. But after finding nothing else, he quickly pulled away.

As he pulled away, Hares' stomach acted, but he held on. Although there is nothing but gastric juices in his stomach now, he was starving and if he threw away those gastric juices outside he would be even hungrier, or so he thought.

Breathing a little to calm down, Hares began to walk forward without a destination. He just hoped to find something along this great city. Her greatest desire was to find someone else. According to the messages previously a total of 1 million people were transferred to this world, in addition to him and the dead man, there must be 999,998 more people scattered around.

As he was walking down the street, suddenly from the alley in front of him, a tick* tick* sound was heard which put Hares on his guard.

He quickly took out both knives and prepared himself for whatever appeared.

A few seconds later. A cockroach came out of the alley. When Hares saw the cockroach, he acted quickly and without thinking immediately jumped toward the cockroach.

The cockroach that had just come out of the alley did not expect an attack, so she was completely taken aback by the sudden appearance of Hares and could not do anything but watch as Hares sank the two knives in his head.

[you killed [Cockroach] level 2 and gained 20 EXP].

[you went up to level 2 and gained 5 attribute points to be distributed].

Looking at the two messages that appeared in the corner of his eye, Hares was confused.

"Attribute points ...?" (Hares)

Hares then remembered the "status" he had seen in that dark place before coming to this world.

As soon as he thought about it, suddenly a familiar screen appeared in Hares' vision.


Level 2

Strength: 12

Resistance: 6

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 12

Attribute points: 5

Skills: [Conquest lvl.1]

When Hares saw the screen, his eyes shone with joy.

Looking at the screen he understood another part of this world.

In this world, you do not have to kill just to protect yourself and to get supplies, you also need to kill to get stronger!

Truly, the law of the jungle!

Breathing to calm his emotion, Hares looked at the status and began to think about what attributes to distribute his points.

After a little consideration, Hares decided to put 3 points on agility, 1 point on strength and 1 point on resistance.


Level 2

Strength: 13

Resistance: 7

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 12

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Conquest lvl.1]

After distributing the points, Hares had a very peculiar sensation. He felt as if his body became lighter, as if he had lost weight. When he tried to move, he noticed that his movements were faster. When he tried to run around, he noticed that his speed had increased.

In fact, although the difference was not great, it had still increased.

Hares smiled contentedly and then went to the corpse of the cockroach to see if anything was left behind as before.

Unfortunately this time, in addition to a nutritional bar, there was no medicinal powder.

Hares looked at the nutritional bar with a scowl, but then he heard the sound of his stomach and his expression darkened.

"Kuh! all for survival, all for survival! "(Hares)

Hares screamed as he opened the nutritional bar and stuck it in his mouth.




After a fight, Hares finally finished the nutritional bar and continued his way still with disgusting taste on his tongue.

Hares walked blindly at noon. During this time he found another cockroach in which he fought and killed, but received a cut in the arm.

Besides the cheap Hares also found another creature, it was a mouse that was the size of a cat.

The ironic thing is that the mouse was weaker than the cockroach and Hares managed to kill it easily.

Unfortunately, even after killing the rat and the cockroach, Hares did not level up.

In compensation, Hares got two nutritional bars, a roll of bandage and a pot of medicinal powder.

Other than Hares knew, the night in this world was not determined by the sun.

As night comes, the sky begins to darken without influence of anything and goes from a light purple color to a deep purple color making the whole room pitch black.

Noticing the darkening of the surroundings due to the arrival of the night, Hares determined that it was better to leave the street and look for a place to shelter. So he walked into a store that was in the middle of the street.

Hares did not know what store this was since it was completely empty. But going to the back of the shop, Hares found an old house with a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Unfortunately, everything in this house was very old. The fabric of the living room couch was so old it would rip when he put anything on it. The cushion of the bedroom bed was in an unbelievable state and Hares was sure that if there was anyone who had the guts to sleep on it this guy deserved the respect of the whole world.

The electronics were also all destroyed by time. In the refrigerator, the food had rotted to the point that it had already become powder. Although the house was in a sorry state, it was still a sleeping ceiling over.

At least he had found a backpack in the house that could still be used.

Hares just laid on the floor of the room that seemed to be the cleanest place in the house and began to think.

Tomorrow will be his third day since he came to this world. From the moment he arrived, he went up one level, slightly increasing his strength. Although he gained two nutritional bars earlier, he did not eat them. He does not know if these bars will fall whenever he kills one of these creatures, so he wanted to save money for now. The result of this was the incessant complaint of his stomach.

Hares was also thinking about his ability. He possessed the ability [Conquest], a skill that allowed him to subordinate a creature that surrendered to him. The problem is that neither the cockroaches he killed nor the early rat can surrender, that's why Hares immediately killed them when he had the chance. After all, if he went to lower his guard to try to make them surrender he could lose his life. Hares had no desire to lose his life just to test his ability.

Hares sighed.

"What are the others doing?" (Hares)

Hares thought about the others summoned just like him.

Were they alive? Are they becoming strong? What skills did they achieve? Hares began to think.

"Speaking frankly, I think I really started out with a big handicap due to this crap skill!" (Hares)

Hares cursed.

He was extremely dissatisfied with his ability. Although the description of the ability was incredible, and her rank also seemed incredible, she was practically useless.

"Well be it, I will not think about it now" (Hares)

Hares turned to the side and put his arm under his head before closing his eyes to sleep.

Due to the fatigue of the fights and the walk throughout the day, Hares quickly fell asleep.




Tick * tick * ...

Tick * tick * tick * tick *

Tick * tick * tick * tick * tick * tick *

While Hares was asleep, suddenly strange sounds began to echo through the house.

Being troubled by sounds, Hares woke up.

"Hgn ..." (Hares)

Still drowsy, Hares rubbed his eyes and tried to look to see what was happening.

Suddenly, in the dark, Hares saw a black object flying toward his face. Frightening, Hares reflexively jumped to the side to divert, but the object still ended up scraping his face leaving a cut.

"What is it now?" (Hares)

Hares screamed as he drove all the drowsiness away and looked forward.

In the dark, Hares can see the silhouette of several cockroaches on the ground in front of him.

There were at least 10!

Looking at it, Hares paled.

Although he was not too bothered to face a cockroach from the front now and had a bit of confidence in facing two at the same time, he considered facing 3 at the same time impossible, let alone 10!

"Fuck!" (Hares)

Hares cursed loudly. He wanted to get away, but the only way out of the room was being blocked by cockroaches. He had no choice but to fight, but ... Fight 10 Cockroaches at the Same Time? No matter how Hares thought about it, it was impossible!

Paying no attention to their difficulties, the cockroaches began to move toward Hares.

The first cockroach that had the attacker approached and shook his scythe toward him. Due to fighting two cockroaches (note: there were three, but one he caught unawares and did not fight face-to-face), Hares was already accustomed to this attack so easily deflected. But at the same time as he turned away, another cockroach shook his own scythe claws making a cut on Hares's leg.

Hares gritted his teeth and with his two knives in his hand he swung them down to hit the cockroaches head, but while he managed to hit one, the other fled the attack.

[you killed [Cockroach] level 2 and gained 20 EXP].

At the same time, three cockroaches surrounded Hares and attacked together. Hares could not divert, so he decided to take the blows to kill a cockroach.

The blows cut through his body, but he managed to get close to one of them and punch his head with his knife.

[you killed [Cockroach] level 2 and gained 20 EXP].

Hares suddenly heard a sound above him, and when he looked up he saw one of the cockroaches walking up and down the roof.

This cockroach then dropped and fell on Hares.

Hares scared raised his hand by reflex and when the cockroach fell on him had his body pierced over the knife in his hand, but the cockroach, despite having his body pierced, was not dead!

A cockroach had a vitality of 15 points. This kind of injury was not fatal to her. The reason Hares managed to kill so many cockroaches with just one blow was that he punched them in the head, resulting in instant death.

The cockroach on Hares that had been pierced by the knife, irritated, brandished its claws scythe forward and cut the ear of Hares.

"Damn!" (Hares)

Losing his ear Hares was extremely annoyed and shook his other knife in the direction of the cockroach punching his head.

[you killed [Cockroach] level 2 and gained 20 EXP].

[you went up to level 3 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

As soon as Hares killed the cockroach, his level went up.

As soon as the Hares level went up he felt his body refreshed. The cuts on his body and his lost ear were all healed miraculously and in an instant, Hares was in perfect condition.

Noting that Hares was astonished.

Previously, when he had risen to level 2 he had not noticed it!

Suddenly, Hares felt a pain in the region of his leg. A cockroach had sliced him back.

Gritting his teeth.

Hares threw the cockroach in his hand toward a cockroach that was approaching catching her by surprise.

Taking advantage of that, Hares advanced to this cockroach and punched his head by gaining another 20 EXP.

With this, four cockroaches were killed, but there were still six more to kill.

If Hares had not risen and healed his wounds, Hares thought he could not win, but now that his wounds were recovered he saw a thread of hope.

Another cockroach approached Hares behind his back taking advantage that he was striking the previous cockroach to attack him.

Hares noticed his approach, but his knife was still buried in the cockroach. So if he pulled the knife out, Hares got up with the cockroach stuck in the knife with him and attacked with the other knife toward the cockroach, but she ducked.

At that moment, another cockroach fell on Hares, but this time that cockroach fell on his back and swung his scythe claws creating two deep cuts on his back.

Gritting his teeth, Hares jumped back and fell backwards on the floor crushing the cockroach back on his back, but the cockroach was not dead yet.

Hares turned quickly and dug his knife into the head of this cockroach earning another 20 EXP.

While he was dealing with this cockroach, the remaining five cockroaches surrounded Hares leaving him with no escape route.

Hares saw that the situation was bad so he decided to take the same tactic earlier, he would let himself be injured to eliminate a cockroach.

The five cockroaches attacked Hares' body in several places, but Hares swung his knife and punched a cockroach to kill.

Taking the same tactic, Hares was wounded again and took another cockroach down. Killing two cockroaches, an escape route opened and Hares left the siege, but at that point of time his body already had numerous cuts and holes.

Blood trickled down his body, staining him with crimson red, and the pain of the wounds at the loss of blood began to make Hares weak, but Hares persisted.

If there is something Hares should thank, the cockroaches were all stupid. No matter how many cockroaches Hares killed, the other cockroaches were not afraid and simply kept recklessly advancing. Also, because of their stupid intelligence it was really easy to kill them.

Although their shell was thick making them extremely difficult to cut, it was not so difficult to pierce them. If Hares were to cite an uncomfortable was definitely his agility.

The cockroaches approached and Hares then jumped at them, with the two knives not hand, Hares pierced two cockroaches at the same time, but against counterpart he received a deep blow from the last cockroach.

This cut in question was really deep and it would not be wrong to call it a critical blow.

Blood began to leak excessively from this cut making Hares extremely weak.

Hares felt as if his consciousness was fading. He knew he would lose consciousness soon, but he could not stop now!

If he were to lose consciousness now he would definitely be dead!

"AAAHHHH !!!!" (Hares)

Releasing a scream to force his body's ultimate strength requirement, Hares threw his body over the last cockroach by piercing it successfully.

As soon as Hares pierced the last cockroach, he felt the full force of his body disappear into his consciousness.

But in the last second before his consciousness completely cleared, he saw the message in the corner of his eye.

[you killed [Cockroach] level 2 and gained 20 EXP].

[you went up to level 4 and gained 5 attribute points to be distributed].

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