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Chapter 4: Damn luck

The next day arrived.

Opening his eyes, the first thing that entered the sight of Hares was the body of a cockroach.

Surprised, Hares screamed and walked away quickly.

"AH!" (Hares)

After pulling away, Hares picked up his knife at his side and prepared to attack, but then stopped short when he noticed that the cockroach was already dead.

"... dead ...?" (Hares)

Hares then looked around the room and noticed several bodies of dead cockroaches on all sides.

Looking at it, Hares laughed.

"Ha ... hahaha ... ahahahahahahahahaha" (Hares)

Hares can not contain his laughter.

When he saw the 10 cockroaches during the night he was almost certain he was going to die. When he lost consciousness, he was even more sure of that. But perhaps by luck or by fate, Hares did not die.

After laughing for a while and calming down, Hares looked around the room again. Beside the bodies of each cockroach were dropped items.

Hares's eyes flashed.

He quickly ran and began to gather the items.

The items that Hares got were.

6 nutritional bars.

3 rolls of bandages.

4 pots of medicinal powder.

1 gold coin.

And 1 bottle of water

Looking at the gold coin, Hares was confused.

When he tried to investigate, the familiar window appeared in front of Hares.

[Luck Coin]

Rank: Rare

Type: Consumable

Description: A coin needed to use the draw machine.

Looking at the description, Hares was still confused.

No, Hares had understood its usefulness, but he did not know where he would find this "sorting machine" in which the coin could be used.

-Well, thinking about it now is pointless.

Hares set the coin aside while he picked up the medicinal powder. He had intended to use it for his wounds, but he then remembered that he had risen to level and looked at his body.

Just as he expected, there was no injury. Level up really did recover your body to its ideal state.

Discovering this, Hares decided to remove the bandage that was wrapped around his abdomen. In fact, just as he thought, the hole the first cockroach made the first day on his abdomen was far from visible, there was not even a scar.

Now Hares did not know whether this was the effect of medicinal powder or of the level rise.

Hares decided not to think about it now. He then grinned as his eyes flashed and then the familiar window appeared in front of him.


Level 4

Strength: 13

Resistance: 7

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 12

Attribute points: 10

Skills: [Conquest lvl.1]

During the fight against cockroaches Hares went up 2 levels thus earning 10 attribute points.

In ecstasy, Hares began to think about which attributes to increase.

In the end, Hares put 1 point in strength, 3 points in agility, 3 points in resistance and 3 points in vitality.


Level 4

Strength: 14

Resistance: 10

Agility: 16

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 15

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Conquest nv.1]

Doing some bodily movement, Hares soon felt the power difference. He could easily say that his speed has increased. Plus, he could feel his muscles firmer and stronger, as if he'd just done a bodybuilding session.

He tried to pinch his skin and in fact looked a little tougher than before but was still soft and elastic as human skin should be.

As for vitality, Hares had no way of testing the difference. He could try to run to exhaustion, but he did not know his limit before, so he could not distinguish now.

After testing his body, Hares packed up all the items he'd gotten in his backpack and left.

Leaving the street, Hares looked at the purple sky again.

It was the third day.

Sighing, Hares started walking down the street again.

While walking, Hares also took the opportunity to eat a nutritional bar. Although with difficulty, Hares still ate. Food was needed to survive. Energy was needed to fight. If he went to fight with his empty stomach he would not be able to put all his strength into use.

Groo * groo * groo **

As he walked, Hares suddenly heard the birdcall and looked up.

In the sky, a group of crows were flying as they screamed without stopping. They were the first birds Hares had seen since coming to this world. And considering his earlier encounters, Hares believed that these crows were definitely not docile!

Frowning, Hares ran into a nearby shop to hide for fear of drawing the crows' attention to themselves. There were at least 20 crows in the sky. Hares had just come out of a tough fight with 10 cockroaches and almost died, he did not want to have another fight so hard again so fast. In addition, Hares believed that these crows were even more foreshadowed than the cockroaches.

Hares sighed.

"this is bad. While they are surrounding the place I can not continue "(Hares)

Hares wanted to continue on his way. Although he was just walking blindly, he hoped that if he continued to walk so he would eventually get somewhere or at least find something.


"!!!" (Hares)

Suddenly Hares heard a noise behind him and quickly picked up his knife as he turned.

When he turned, he saw an aluminum can that seemed to have fallen from the shelf rolling down the floor.

When Hares turned around he finally had a vision of the shop he was in. Looking at the place seemed to be a mini-market, but of course, there was not any food.

Hares swept his gaze over the whole place warily. He did not believe that the aluminum can would just fall like this out of nowhere.

Although he did not see anything, he still did not lower his guard. He even stared at the ceiling. He remembered very well that the cockroaches could walk the walls and was not careless to leave the walls and ceiling unchecked.

Cautiously, Hares began to walk forward to check out the better place.

Walking through the aisles of the shelves, looking under the counters, Hares checked everything. In the end, he found nothing, then sighed with relief.

"Maybe it was the wind?" (Hares)

Hares speculated.

Hares went back to the front of the market and looked out at the sky.

Looking at the sky Hares noticed that the crows had already left. Sighing again, Hares headed out of the market.

Vosh *

"!!!" (Hares)

Unfortunately, before Hares could leave, he heard a sound of wind cutting behind him and he lowered himself with pure reflection. As he did, he felt the wind move over their heads and saw some of their strands falling to the ground.

Hares sweated coldly and with a movement he kicked whatever he was after him.

After kicking him, he glanced back, only to see the air twist revealing a grotesque figure.

This figure had the appearance of a praying mantis with a blood red body. Its size was about 1.40 in height and its two scythes glowed dangerously.

[Praying Mantis Killer]

Level 10

Type: Insect

Strength: 18

Resistance: 20

Agility: 25

Intelligence: 2

Vitality: 16

Skill: [camouflage]

"!!!" (Hares)

Hares's heart leaped. He did not even think about fighting, in an instant, he turned and fled with all his strength.

"damn! Why the hell am I so unlucky!? "(Hares)

Hares can not help but curse his luck. By the time he arrived in this world he met a damn mutant cockroach. While sleeping, he was attacked by ten of them at the same time and almost died. And now, he found a creature far stronger than he, so strong that he would have no chance of resistance against him. If he went to fight, he doubted he would survive for 10 seconds.

With an agility of 16, Hares' racing speed was fast, so fast that he could well play the Olympic games.

Unfortunately, the mantis possessed an agility of 25! His agility was far greater than that of Hares.

The mantis gave persecution to Hares. His speed was much greater than that of Hares. So, no matter how far Hares ran, the distance between him and the praying mantis did not increase, only declined.

Sweat began to trickle down Hares' face. If he got caught he would definitely die!

As he ran, Hares continued to hear the steps of the mantis nearest and nearer. He knew the praying mantis was fast approaching.

Hares began to twist his expression.

-Why? Why did I have to find this monster !?


Suddenly a roar was heard behind Hares and he heard the painful cry of the praying mantis.

Confused, Hares looked back. But when he looked he was so stunned that he stopped running.

Behind Hares was a great crimson red tiger. This tiger had the praying mantis in his mouth and was chewing the praying mantis's neck.

The size of the tiger on all four legs was about 1.50 or 1.60 in height. As for the length of his body, it seemed to reach 2 meters or more.

Hares assessed him and was even more shocked.

[Infernal Tiger]

Level 5

Type: Unique

Strength: 33

Resistance: 28

Agility: 30

Intelligence: 10

Vitality: 35

Looking at it, Hares's heart almost stopped.


This was the strongest creature Hares had seen since coming to this world.

Although he was 5 levels lower than the mantis and just one level above Hares, his stats were greater than that of the mantis, not to mention himself!

While biting the praying mantis, the tiger suddenly turned its head to the side and found Hares. As soon as he saw it, the tiger's eyes flashed and with joy mixed with a thirst for blood.

Hares felt a shiver run through his body. He knew that this time he was lost!

The tiger threw the praying mantis into his mouth to the side and looked at Hares as he began to growl. Slowly, the tiger began to walk towards Hares with eyes shining.

For the tiger, Hares was a delicious free meal. After all, Hares was a human being made of flesh and blood, to the tiger this was thousands of times tastier than insect meat. Besides, Hares was extremely weak, so weak that it was unfortunate. Finding this kind of easy and tasty prey, how could the tiger not be happy?

Hares on the other hand felt extremely sad.

-How can my luck be so miserable?

He thought he was unlucky after finding the praying mantis, and thinking that he would find an even worse monster while fleeing!

-If it were to be so I would have preferred to fight the praying mantis inside the market and avoid meeting with this tiger!

Suddenly the tiger sped up and started running toward Hares.

His speed was extremely rapid, in a matter of a second he had already reached Hares.

"Fuck!" (Hares)

Hares cursed. He knew he could not run away. So Hares made a decision.


If you can not escape, then fight!

Only then would he have a way of surviving.

Hares took the two knives in with his hand and braced himself.

The tiger leapt to Hares with his claws extended forward and his mouth open. Hares's eyes twitched at the tiger, who was half a meter away from him about to hit him.

Fortunately or by destiny, Hares always had great reflexes. This allowed him to survive during the battle against cockroaches and the surprise surprise of the mantis to a moment ago.

Thanks to this reflex, Hares quickly lowered his body to a height where the tiger's body would pass over him. With his non-hand knife, Hares reached out toward the tiger and cut off scraping the tiger's abdomen.

The knife hit the tiger, but it was so sturdy that Hares felt like he was trying to cut thick leather.

In the end, although it was a good blow, only an insignificant surface cut was left.

-Damn, his skin is too hard!

The tiger who missed the target and still suffered a wound roared angry. With lightning speed, the tiger lifted its claw and hit Hares.

Hares tried to defend himself by placing his arms at the front of his body. The tiger's claw struck his arms creating a deep cut and breaking one of his arms. In addition, he was still thrown a few feet backward falling on his back on the ground.

"COF! *" (Hares)

Due to the impact of his back to the ground, Hares coughed.

He also felt the agonizing pain in his broken arm and the burning pain of the cut caused by the claws.

-Damn! That hurts!!!

Hares gritted his teeth in pain.

Although he is in agonizing pain, Hares still gets up as fast as he can to put himself on guard.

The enemy is an incredibly powerful monster, Hares does not have the luxury of being relaxed even for a second.

That aside, Hares really was in trouble. The tiger's resistance was simply too high. With his knife, Hares can barely cut his skin. Even if he were to fight, what good is it if he can not even hurt the enemy? Was it not just a vain fight?

"Shit!" (Hares)

Hares cursed.

The tiger looked at Hares irritably. Although he had struck a heavy blow at Hares, his rage at being attacked had not yet subsided. Slowly the tiger approached Hares while growling.

Hares on the other hand began to slowly retreat back. With every step the tiger took, Hares stepped back.

Due to his broken arm, Hares could only use one arm to fight now. Its already gigantic disadvantage had grown even greater.

As he retreated, Hares felt his heel slam into something behind him and looked back to see what he had beaten.

It was the corpse of the mantis.

No, looking closer, Hares could see that the praying mantis was still moving. Although his movements were so slow and weak, almost imperceptible, he was in fact still moving. Although he was bitten in the neck by the tiger, he was still alive.

As expected of a vitality of 16, he will not die so easy!

Glancing at the praying mantis, Hares's eyes flashed with an idea.

Clutching his knife with his hand, Hares turned to the praying mantis and struck him down. He intended to end up in person with the praying mantis.

As the knife penetrated the praying mantis head, the praying mantis contracted for a moment before finally stopping to move.

[you killed [Praying Mantis Killer] level 10 and gained 1.000 of EXP]

[you went up to level 5 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

[you went up to level 6 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

In an instant, Hares gained two levels and his wounds were healed instantly.

Hares quickly opened his status screen and put all the points in agility.

He also saw that there were items lying beside the body of the mantis. Hares did not glance at the items and simply picked up everything on his arm and started running into a nearby store.

With its 10-point increase in agility, its speed has exploded to a whole new level. Now, if Hares were to run in the Olympics gold would definitely be his!

It all happened really fast. As tiger was approaching Hares, Hares suddenly attacked the mantis and then grabbed the items on the ground before starting to run.

When Tiger finally reacted to this, Hares was already a few feet away.

"GRAAAWWW !!!" (tiger)

The tiger roared angrily and ran after Hares. Although the speed of Hares increased loudly, in the end he was still slower than the tiger!

Hares quickly entered the store and began to run to the back. Meanwhile, an explosion exploded the wall of the shop and the crimson tiger entered.

Hares heard the explosion but did not stop.

While running, Hares also took this chance to check the items he had obtained.

[Medicinal Powder] x2 (note: amount he purchased)

Rank: Common

Type: Medicine

Description: A powder that accelerates the healing process. Spread the powder over open wounds to speed up the healing process.

[Nutritional Bar] x5

Rank: Common

Type: Food

Description: A nutritional bar that can replace meals.

[Cotton Box] x3

Rank: Common

Type: Consumable

Description: a box containing a little cotton.

[Sap of Amuarua]

Rank: Unusual

Type: Poison

Description: The sap of a peculiar tree. When it enters the bloodstream causes paralysis that lasts up to 1 hour.

[Small Sword]

Rank: Common

Type: White Weapon

Sharpness: 10

Durability: 5/5

[Luck Coin]

Rank: Rare

Type: Consumable

Description: A coin required to use the draw machine.

[Restoration Potion]

Rank: Super-Rare

Type: Medicine

Description: Once consumed all the injuries in the user's body will be cured and the user will return to its perfect state.

[Water Bottle 1L] x2

Rank: Common

Type: Consumable

Description: One liter bottle with drinking water.

Looking at all the items he had received, Hares's eyes flashed with infinite happiness and he could not help but begin to laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, God has not forsaken me!" (Hares)

Although most of the items were just minor items, the small sword was really something Hares needed right now.

His knife was simply impotent against the tiger's skin, but with this new sword it is likely he can now cut through his skin. In addition, combined with the sap that has paralysis effect it may well have a chance against the tiger!

Although of course it will still be extremely dangerous and a situation where you will have to bet your life on a chance less than 50% of victory.

As he thought about it, Hares reached the last room of the shop. He looked at the room, but there was no door anymore, only an empty room and a window at the end. Looking back he estimated that the tiger would still take a little while to arrive so he pulled the backpack off his back and stuffed all the other items besides the sword and sap into it.

As it ended, he heard the sound of wall breaking behind him and knew that the tiger was coming. Without hesitation, Hares ran toward the window and jumped through it. As he jumped, the wall of the room broke and the tiger came in just to see Hares jumping out the window.

"GRAAAAWWW" (tiger)

The tiger roared and also jumped out the window behind Hares.

After jumping out the window, the tiger was about to chase after Hares, but after taking only one step, he stopped.

Hares was no longer running. He stood in the middle of the street looking at the tiger with a tense, determined expression.

In his right hand was a small sword dripping with a clear liquid.

Hares knew he could not escape. Even if she had improved her agility, she was still lower than the tiger's. In addition, the tiger most likely had a good sense of smell and hearing. Even if he could make the tiger lose sight of him, the tiger would most likely track him through sound or smell.

There was only one way to survive.

It was to fight!

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