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Chapter 14: Elite

Seeing the Tigress and the lion fighting suddenly, Hares came to himself.

He immediately took Beretta out of his space ring and aimed toward the lion.

Originally they wanted to save bullets for critical situations, but was not this one?

A single level 20 crossbow that is even slightly stronger than the Tigress. Was not it for situations so they wanted guns? To face such enemies in which they could not or were not sure of winning?

Both beasts were fighting at a great speed, moreover, their movements were very confusing and they traded places many times, thanks to that Hares was having great difficulty in aiming at the lion for fear of hitting the Tigress.

Suddenly, the lion jumped back to deflect a Tigress blow. No matter how fast someone is, there's no way he can move in the air!

Seeing this, Hares quickly calculated where the lion would fall and looked there. As soon as the lion was about to hit the ground, Hares pulled the trigger.

Bang! * Bang! * Bang! *

He gave three shots in succession.

The bullets traveled ripping through the air and as soon as the lion hit the ground, the three bullets hit his body creating three holes that smeared blood.


The lion cried out in pain and looked at Hares enraged.

As the lion was about to race towards Hares, the Tigress appeared once more to stop him.

"GRRAAAWW" (lion)

The lion roared with rage.

Originally this was their territory, no monster dared to enter the military base because of its presence. The fools who went in became their food. But today, not only three entered, among them was a beast who was not weaker than himself. Besides, not to mention this beast there was still the human being who was ridiculously weak, but still dared to hurt him.

He was so angry that he wanted to tear them all to pieces. Unfortunately, things do not always go the way you want them to. The tiger beast was indeed as strong as he was, so he could not afford to worry about other humans while he fought against her, otherwise, he will definitely die. But despite this, the other human being, despite being so weak, has the ability to hurt him. In addition, injuries were not injuries that could be ignored.

The lion felt trapped. He could fight the tiger, but with the human beside him aiming, he was impotent.


The lion again roared with rage, but this time there was something different from the previous times.

As it roared, the heat of the environment began to rise suddenly. If the on-site temperature was previously about 25 to 27 degrees, the temperature was now increased to 30 to 33 degrees.

Hares did not pay attention to this, he was too intent on looking at the lion. On the other hand, Leina noticed and noted that something was wrong.

Golden flames began to ignite from the lion's body and were growing stronger every moment. Hares who was trying to aim at him saw the flames and felt a bad feeling.

Tigress who was fighting the lion was the most sensitive to danger, as soon as the golden flames began to ignite in the lion's body, she felt danger, but it was no danger to herself was a danger to her master!

Instantly, the special ability of [Conquer] activated. White light exploded from the Tigress's body and his strength jumped and increased by 20%. This was the ability that allowed his subordinates to increase their abilities whenever the master was in danger!

Despite increasing his strength, Tigress did not face the lion. On the contrary, she ran towards Hares at full speed!

Hares saw the Tigress running toward him and a sense of crisis took over his body.

"This is bad!" (Hares)

Hares immediately realized that he was in grave danger!

"Leina!" (Hares)

Hares grabbed Leina's arm, at the same time, the Tigress had arrived and just as before she bit into Hares's clothes and began dragging him away from the lion as fast as he could.

The lion did not pursue them. The golden flames were growing even stronger. The temperature of the place had already exceeded 35 degrees and was approaching 40 degrees very quickly.

By this time, Tigresa was already about 30 meters away from the lion, but he was still running.


This time the lion gave the loudest roar he had ever given. In the next instant, the whole environment brightened.


A powerful explosion that covered a radius of several meters swept. Flames of golden color exploded violently and part of the warehouse was completely pulverized. The golden flames ripped through the air, devouring everything it touched.

Tigress who was already a good distance could avoid the flames of the explosion, but the impact of the wind and the hot air still hit them.

Hares felt his body burn from the warm air and had to grind his teeth to support. Leina in which he was holding was also feeling unbearable pain from the heat.

After a few seconds, everything was over, only flames burned the place.

Tigresa stopped running and dropped Hares and Leina on the ground. Both had several burns on their bodies and found it difficult to move, so they remained on the ground without moving.

"What the fuck! Damn! "(Hares)

Hares cursed angrily.

The lion, on the other hand, walks out of the flames staggering. When he saw that all were unharmed he looked at them with anger and dissatisfaction.

What the lion had just sweated was his last skill. It was a powerful skill, but the wearing of it was equally powerful.

Tigress saw the state of Hares and roared angrily. She looked at the weakened lion and ran toward him.

The lion saw the Tigress running towards him, but due to the weariness of the ability he was extremely weak and he no longer had the strength to fight with his full capacity.

The Tigress approached and again the two beasts began to fight, but this time the Tigress was at an obvious advantage.

Although the lion barely managed to fight right, in the end, he was still a single level 20 crossbow. Despite the weakness, it would still take a lot of Tigress effort to kill him.

Hares saw the battle and forced himself to rise to ignore the wounds he had. He picked up the Beretta again and began to stare.

Calculating the lion's movements, Hares fired again.

Bang! * Bang! *

This time he only shot twice. Both bullets successfully hit the lion's body that screamed in pain but continued to fight Tigress.

Again, Hares fired.

Bang! * Bang! * Bang! *

This time it was three shots. Unfortunately, only one shot hit, the other two missed the mark.

The injured lion began to grow weaker, now he could barely move and could only try to defend himself against Tigress who attacked him ruthlessly.

"Grraaawww" (lion)

The lion roared indignantly, but he was already very weak and could do nothing else. A minute later, the lion was finally killed by a bite of the Tigress in his throat.

[[Tigress] killed [Golden Sun Lion] level 20 and you gained 5.824 from EXP].

[you went up to level 16 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

At the same time, Hares and Tigress went up one level healing all their wounds. Hares put 3 points and strength, 1 point on endurance and 1 point on vitality.

With the injuries recovered, Hares went to Leina and helped her to her feet.

"Are you okay?" (Hares)

He asked worriedly.

"Yes, just a few burns. A little medicinal powder and a day of rest and tomorrow I'll be in perfect condition again "(Leina)

Leina spoke.

Hares nodded and leaned Leina on her shoulders and they both went where the lion had died.

It was a single level 20 crossbow, after all, the items he would drop would definitely not be common!

No matter if it was Hares or Leina, they both had their eyes sparkling with excitement waiting to see what they had gained.

When they arrived they saw the items scattered on the ground beside the lion's corpse.

Hares let Leina go and approached to check the items as soon as he saw he could not help but start laughing.

Among the items there were.

5 nutritional bars.

4 bottles of water.

4 pots of medicinal powder.

4 rolls of bandages.

7 pieces of clothing for men and women.

2 lucky coins.

2 candy bullets.

1 leather vest.

1 knife.

1 book of skill

Hares ignored the items he already knew and inspected the other items.

[Pure Iron Knife]

Rank: Common

Type: White Weapon

Sharpness: 8

Durability: 5

[Protective Leather Waistcoat]

Rank: Common

Type: Armor

Resistance: 30

[Low Attribute Jam]

Rank: Rare

Type: Consumable

Description: When consuming, you will gain 5 points on a random attribute.

[Low Lightning]

Rank: Low

Type: Magic

Description: When learning, the user can use attacks with low-level lightning.

Leaving his knife and waistcoat aside, Hares was completely astonished to see the candy.

-A candy that can boost the attributes !?

Leina also looked at the candy with her mouth wide open. It is worth remembering that you could only increase your attributes when your level increases. A candy of this equals one more level!

"We did not win any diamond, but we still won gold!" (Hares)

Hares spoke excitedly.

It may be only 5 attribute points, but those 5 points were still a tremendous help to your strength.

Hares handed Leina a candy and spoke.

"I'll have one and you take the other" (Hares)

"No!" (Leina)

But surprisingly, Leina refused what made Hares surprised.

"No?" (Hares)

"not! Those who killed the lion were you and the Tigress, I did not move a finger during the whole battle. I do not want something I'm not worthy of "(Leina)

Leina said inflexibly.

Hares rolled his eyes. He'd known Leina for some time and had forgotten she was that kind of person.

Hares laughed and spoke.

"If you do not want to then throw it away. If not then let's leave the situation as if you owed me a favor, okay? "(Hares)

"You ..." (Leina)

Hares ignored Leina and left.

He took the candy and opened it before immediately throwing it in his mouth.

As soon as the candy reached the tongue, it began to melt in a sweet liquid that quickly trickled down his throat. Hares was surprised by this.

Soon after, two messages appeared in front of him.

[You consumed [Lower Attribute Jam] and gained 5 Intelligence Points].

[You have met the requirements to become an [Elite]. All attributes increased by 5. Effect of all abilities increased by 3% and you gained 10 attribute points to be dealt].

Hares froze on the spot.

He'd expected the first message because of the candy, but he had no idea where the hell came to the second message.

-Have I become an Elite? What the hell!? Also, did I really gain 10 attribute points !?

He quickly opened his status to see what had happened and saw that the word [Elite] was marked below his level.


Level 16


Strength: 38

Resistance: 30

Agility: 40

Intelligence: 17

Vitality: 29

Attribute points: 10

Skills: [Conquest lvl.2] [Basic Sword Technique]

It looked like a title, but it was not among the titles.

"But that ..." (Leina)

At the same time, Hares heard Leina's surprised voice and turned. He then saw her staring into nothingness in a completely shocked trance, it was obvious she was checking his status.

"Leina, it might be you ..." (Hares)

Leina out of her trance when Hares called her. She looked at him still stunned and spoke.

"I ... I became an" Elite "or something and got 10 attribute points and my abilities increased by 3% ..." (Leina)

Hares was surprised.

-Her too!? Just what is happening?

Hares tried to see the status of Tigress, but she was normal, had not gained something like "Elite" or something.

Hares looked back at his status screen but gave up thinking about it. It was not something he could find out yet. Instead of worrying about it, Hares began to distribute his points.

He put 3 points on strength, 4 points on agility, 1 point on vitality and 2 points on endurance.

After dealing with the candy, Hares turned to the 2nd best item.

A skill book! Also, a magic skill book!

When he looked at the book, Hares's eyes gleamed. He looked at Leina and when she opened her mouth to speak she interrupted him speaking earlier.

"do not even think about it. I already took the candy that was originally not to take, do not even think about giving me this book, in case otherwise I'm really going to throw it away! "(Leina)

Leina spoke sternly, this time Hares was sure that if he insisted on giving her the book she would actually throw it away, it would be very wasteful.

The reason he thought of giving it to her is why her intelligence is greater than his, so she would be a better magician because her mental strength is superior to his.

In addition, Hares is very accustomed to close combat, although he found the idea of being able to use magic very exciting, he could not see himself as a wizard.

Hares smiled wryly at Leina and gave up.

-Well, whatever. Skill is better than none.

Having said that, Hares opened the book and a white light shone before the book disappeared and a message appeared in front of him.

[you learned the skill [Low Lightning]]

As soon as he learned the skill Hares felt as if an electric current flowed through his body before disappearing as quickly as it appeared. But even though he could no longer feel this electric current, he knew instinctively that there was some kind of "power" inside his body.

He reached out and concentrated on that power when he did, he felt as if something moved inside his body toward his hand. The next moment, small blue rays began to appear around Hares' hand.

He looked at the phenomenon with bright eyes and spoke.

"Interesting" (Hares)

Hares then punched forward. The spurs on his fist made sizzling sounds and as his fist stopped a small electric blast exploded from his fist.

Hares raised an eyebrow. He then headed for the wall of the warehouse and gave the same punch. As his fist hit the wall, the lightning bolts exploded together and a large hole was created in the wall.

Hares smiled.

He then took the sword and began to swing it. The rays covered the blade, and whenever he swung his sword he left a trail of lightning, and these rays still moved with the wind scattered by the swaying of the blade, arriving a few yards away.

The more Hares tested, the more he liked it.

"It seems like you liked it" (Leina)

Leina who was watching looked at him enviously, but she could not do anything. She had already turned down the skill and had no intention of regretting it.

Hares laughed loudly and spoke.

"very! This ability is really incredible "(Hares)

Although Hares still had to test the real power of the skill, he still loved the skill. It was not a skill he imagined, a long-range skill, but an ability to strengthen his close combat. For Hares this ability was perfect.

Seeing how happy Hares was, Leina felt irritated.

"Right, right. Let's leave it there and let's go inside the warehouse "(Leina)

Hares knew that Leina was annoyed, so he did not say anything else, just followed her inside.

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