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Chapter 11: Horde of lizards

"Hmph" (Hares)

"GYAAA" (Lizard)

With a movement of the Hares sword, a lizard was cut in half.

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].

"GYAAA" (Lizard)

On the other side, Leina swept her lance toward the lizard and the lizard was severed.

Further back, Tigress attacked with his claw and three lizards were reduced to the meat paste.

At that moment, the three of them were sealed by dozens of Lizards. His number most likely could reach 100. Looking at so many lizards advancing toward them, Hares felt a headache in having to deal with it, but at the same time he was also happy. After all this was perfect for them to level up.

The lizards were not so strong, but their resistance was very high which made it very difficult to cut them. Each time Hares swung the sword he had to put his maximum strength!

In addition, his vitality was also considerably high. If it were not for a decisive blow then it would take too long to kill them.

[Blue-eyed Lizard]

Level 8

Type: Animal

Strength: 16

Resistance: 26

Agility: 14

Intelligence: 5

Vitality: 19

Despite this, Hares was not really worried, he just found it annoying to face this kind of enemy.

What Hares found most impressive was that despite the high resistance of the lizards, Tigresa could still reduce them to briefcase with only a slap!

-A force of almost 40 is not really a joke ...

Hares thought inwardly as he cut another lizard to death.

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 7 and gained 735 of EXP].

[You went up to level 9 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].


Hares celebrated internally.

Since he had fallen here, Hares had killed more than 10 lizards, but had only now risen.

Opening the Hares status screen has put all points in force.


Level 9

Strength: 25

Resistance: 15

Agility: 26

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 16

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Conquest nv.2] [Basic Sword Technique]

As it ended, two lizards advanced toward Hares to attack him. With the sword in his hand, Hares swung it and cut off the first lizard before deftly changing the direction of its stroke and cutting off the other lizard.

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 7 and gained 735 of EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].

After putting 5 points and force Hares felt that now it was much easier to kill the lizards.

With a smile, Hares continued his massacre.




On the other side, Leina skillfully moved her spear and pierced three lizards on her head before deftly rotating the rod and cutting diagonally a fourth lizard on the side.

[you killed [Blue-Eyed Lizard] level 6 and gained 600 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].

[you went up to level 7 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 7 and gained 735 of EXP].

Looking at the messages Leina's eyes flashed and she opened her status and put all the points in agility. After the fight against Hares, Leina realized that her agility was very low and that she needed to lift it a little more.


Level 7

Strength: 17

Resistance: 10

Agility: 22

Intelligence: 8

Vitality: 14

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Spear Sovereign lvl.1]

Finishing to distribute her points, Leina continued to attack the lizards with her spear easily killing them.

Suddenly, a new message appeared in his vision.

[Spear Sovereign] skill increased to level 2].

[capacity [Blood Tornate] of ability [Spear Sovereign] was unlocked].

Leina looked at the surprised message. She quickly opened her status again to see the state of her ability.

[Spear Sovereign]

Level 2

Rank: Saint

Type: Unique

Description: Skill endowed with powerful lancers that can one day reach the height of combat with the spear.

- Improve all your techniques with spear by 15%.

-When using a spear, inflicted damage increases by 7%.

- Movement speed increases by 5% when wielding a spear.


[Blood Tornate]: Covers the spear with thick mana and a twist that cuts everything within a 10-meter radius of the user.

- number of turns: 1

-Only can be used once every 3 minutes.

When she saw the increase in bonuses and the new ability of the skill, Leina's eyes flashed with enthusiasm.

Suddenly, Leina stopped attacking.

With their stop, the lizards began to approach quickly and close to it.

When Hares noticed this he was amazed.

-Holy shit! What the hell is she doing !?

Hares panicked and started to run toward her, but there were several lizards on the way which delayed him greatly.

Suddenly Leina held the spear in both hands and stepped into position before shouting.

"[Blood Tornate]" (Leina)

Suddenly, Leina's spear flashed with a blue light and she turned her body. His turn created a gale that covered a whole 10-meter radius. This windstorm carried a strange blue energy and all the lizards caught in that gale were completely chopped into pieces of meat. In an instant, several lizards were killed instantly.

In Leina's vision, messages kept coming.

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyed Lizard] level 6 and gained 600 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 7 and gained 735 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 7 and gained 735 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyed Lizard] level 6 and gained 600 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 5 and gained 490 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 7 and gained 735 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyed Lizard] level 6 and gained 600 EXP].

[you killed [Blue-Eyes Lizard] level 8 and gained 850 EXP].


[you climbed to level 8 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

When the tornado was over, Leina felt her vision blur and she felt a sharp headache and forced her to place her hand on her head and drop to her knees on the floor.

"But that ..." (Leina)

Leina was completely confused. She had no idea why she had such a sudden headache.

While she was enduring the pain, suddenly several lizards approached.

Leina was panicking. Due to the pain she was caught unprepared and had no way to defend herself.

At that moment, Hares appeared in front of him and began to cut the lizards with his sword protecting it.

As he struggled, Hares glanced at Leina and spoke.

"Is this your skill? She may be strong, but it seems to hold some burden on you. Please do not use it in a situation like this if you can not bear the burden! "(Hares)

Hares spoke rebuking her.

Leina was annoyed.

It is true that this new ability seemed to have some kind of burden, but she had no idea, after all she had just received the ability.

Leina re-opened the skill status and re-read it to find out what was wrong.

Suddenly a word caught his attention.


Looking at this word Leina could not remember her, but for some reason she understood its meaning.


Although people transported to this world have no memories, they still have "common sense."

Mana was nothing more than magical energy. That is, it was what allowed the use of magic. Without mana, it is impossible to use magic.

But according to Leina's common sense, mana and magic were only fictional things that should not exist, but ...

In this world, is there something that follows common sense?

Having accepted the concept of magic, Leina began to think about something else. Where is the mana? How to use? How does it accumulate? How is it increased?

According to what Leina knew, Mana was used by magicians who were known for their wisdom and intelligence. Because of this, they are usually portrayed as old wizards or witches of advanced ages and at the end of their lives to show their life experience which justifies their great wisdom.

Wisdom ... wisdom ...


Leina's eyes flashed.

Until now, she had no idea of the usefulness of the "intelligence" attribute. Looking at the name, you might think it would increase your intelligence, but in the description of the attribute it says "mental strength."

What do magicians use to control mana? Your mind! Why do mages need great wisdom and intelligence? To control the mana! That is, mental strength!

Having reached a realization, Leina quickly opened her status and placed all 5 points on intelligence.

As soon as he did, his headache diminished dramatically and was now only at the level of a migraine.

-So it really was!

Having discovered the problem of her ability, Leina breathed a sigh of relief. It was not the ability that had a burden, it was just that she did not have the mental strength enough to sustain the ability. It's like trying to fill a bladder with more air than it can withstand. If it gets too full it will explode. If she did not possess mental strength enough to wear mana then her brain would not withstand the pressure.

Solving her problem, Leina rose from the ground again and prepared to return to battle.

Hares noticed that Leina seemed to have recovered and asked.

"Are you okay?" (Hares)

"Yes, I'm fine now" (Leina)

Hares nodded and continued to fight the lizards.

Now that he had climbed to level 9, Hares had no idea how much EXP he would need to climb to level 10. But since he had risen to level, Hares estimated that he had killed at least 20 lizards, but he did not feel he would level again so soon.

Messages did not stop appearing in Hares' vision. He was not getting EXP just for his own deaths, but for Tigres's deaths as well, so Hares' EXP was building up at a crazy speed, but it was still not enough.

Having fought for so long, Hares began to feel tired.

Having increased points in his vitality, Hares really had a hard time feeling tired, but now he has been struggling for a long time. No matter how tall his stats are he is still a human being made of flesh, blood and bones, moving his body so much and using such force in his movements he obviously felt tired.

Beside her, Leina was already breathing heavily and her body was covered with sweat, it was more than obvious that she was already exhausted.

On the other hand, Tigress seemed to be completely calm. She was still killing the lizards at a speed that surpassed Hares and Leina together. Really, his strength was just ridiculous!

While fighting, Hares noticed that the lizards seemed to have no end. The floor was already covered with corpses of lizards and items were scattered on all sides, but despite this, the number of lizards seemed not to diminish!

Hares thought it strange. That's because he clearly remembers that when they were crossing the bridge, this highway was completely deserted, there were no monsters in it. So where did all these lizards come from? They just could not have appeared out of nowhere.

[you went up to level 10 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

Hares saw the message and was surprised. This was totally different from what he estimated. He thought it would take some time for him to level up again. It was much faster than he'd expected.

He quickly opened his status and placed 2 vitality points, 2 agility points and 1 strength.

Rising up, Hares' fatigue disappeared as his body was recovered. But despite this, Hares knew that the situation could not continue like this. Although physical exhaustion is recovered, mental exhaustion is not. Although this is a great situation to level up, if they continue like this they may end up suffering an accident due to mental exhaustion.

"Hares, we can not go on like this" (Leina)

Leina who had also noticed the situation spoke up.

"Yes, we need a way to get away" (Hares)

Hares weighed in to mount Tigress with Leina, but Tigresa is very proud. Besides Hares she does not intend to let Leina ride her. Hares tried, but it was a failure. Besides, even if the two were to mount it, even Tigress would find it difficult to cross a field of these infested lizards.

Hares began to look around to find a way to escape as well as look for where these lizards were coming from.

As he looked around, Hares finally saw where the lizards were coming from.

In some places on the road there were holes, and it was exactly these holes they were leaving.

-So it's from there!

Unfortunately, although he had discovered where they came from, Hares had no way of running counter to the situation.

-We have no choice!

Hares grumbled internally and shouted.

"Let's run towards the city! Even though it's hard to get past them is better than standing here "(Hares)

"Okay!" (Leina)

Now, unlike before where they were killing the lizards while protecting their terrain, they were now advancing toward the other side of the city passing over the lizards.

No matter how many they killed, the lizards seemed to have no end. To each dead lizard, another rose from the holes to replace it. As he crossed the highway toward the other side, although Hares had not counted the number, he was sure he had killed at least 50 of them. As for Tigress, his number must have surpassed 100 a long time ago. He could tell how many Leina had killed, but it probably would not be very different from his number.

[you went up to level 11 and gained 5 attribute points to be dealt].

The message appeared again.

Hares quickly put 2 points on agility, 2 points on vitality and 1 point on strength again.

Beside Hares, Leina was tirelessly sweeping the lizards with her spear. Although your energy is restored whenever your level rises and your injuries are healed, it is not as if the body were cleaned. As a result, although Leina had regained her energy, her body was still soaked with sweat that she wet her clothes making them stick to her skin emphasizing their curves.

If Hares had not been in a situation where he could not pay attention to his surroundings, he would have drifted to see the current appearance of Leina.

Unfortunately, a little of her seductive appearance was also overshadowed by the large amount of blood that was staining her body next to the sweat.

On the other side, Tigress was like a killing machine. Where she passed the lizards were reduced to a degrading state and none of them were left with their entire bodies.

Blood splashed on all sides with pieces of flesh and bone fragments. She killed all the lizards cruelly and fiercely like a beast hell demon worthy of the name Hellfire. It was an unbelievable slaughter scene.

Finally they reached the other side of the highway and headed toward the other side of town.

The place in front of them was empty, but behind them the countless lizards were still chasing after them.

Hares did not care for them and continued to run followed by Leina and Tigress.

After running for a while, Leina looked back and spoke.

"I think we got Aahh * Aahh *" (Leina)

"not yet! Let's run some more Aahh * Aahh * "(Hares)

Finally, after 10 minutes of running, the three of them stopped.

Hares fell immediately on his back to the ground while Leina sat down. Only Tigress still had the strength to stand, but she still lay down. It was obvious that even she was tired.

As they breathed heavily to catch their breath, Hares smiled bitterly and said.

"It's a shame Aahh * We lost a lot of Aahh items" (Hares)

"Can you still think of it !? Aahh * "(Leina)

"Grr ..." (Tigress)

Receiving these answers, Hares looked up at the sky, and then he did something totally unexpected.

"Haha ... ahahahahahaha ... ahahahahahahahahahahahaha" (Hares)

Hares laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" (Leina)

"Hahahahahaha" (Hares)

Still laughing, Hares tried to respond with difficulty.

"Well, hahahaha, that's hahah, that's why I found it fun hahaha, ahahahaha, I ahahah, I think we're really crazy hahahahaha" (Hares)

Leina looked at him wide-eyed.


Leina could not understand what Hares meant.

If he meant to say he was crazy, fine, but why drag her too?

Hares saw that Leina was confused, so he pointed toward her mouth.

Leina was still confused, but still lifted her hand and cocked her mouth, but the next moment her body contracted.

She was smiling!

She had not noticed, but she was smiling.

If Hares had not pointed this out, she probably would not have noticed.

She remembered this experience and noticed; she also found it amusing.

She then looked up at the sky as she heard Hares laugh and spoke.

"Yes ... I think we really stay ..." (Leina)

"Grr ..." (Tigress)

In a world where the strong eats the weak. In a world where the strong make the law. In a world where you need to kill to survive. Anyone would go crazy ...

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