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Chapter 2: I will survive...

Looking at the giant cockroach, Hares can not help but swear aloud.

Although Hares had no memories, he was absolutely sure that a cockroach should not be that big!

Human beings are fearful by nature. Anything unfamiliar or grotesque will make you feel a shiver down your spine. Looking at this cockroach, Hares was no different.

So Hares cursed, he stepped back in fear. At the same time, the cockroach was startled by Hares' cry and treated it with a sign of hostility. As a result, the cockroach advanced toward Hares.

Looking at the cockroach approaching, Hares instinctively ran to get away, but the cockroach was simply too fast. In a matter of moments she had come to Hares.

As he approached, suddenly two scythe-like claws rose from beneath his body and were swung toward Hares.

Hares, instinctively feeling the danger to his life jumped to the side, but the cockroach's scythe still went from scraping down his body leaving a cut on the left side of his abdomen.

Hares felt pain from the cut, but the danger of his life led him to ignore the pain and move quickly in order to continue to flee.

The cockroach, wandering his blow, returned to pursue Hares.

"damn! Damn disgusting thing, leave me! "(Hares)

Hares shouted dissatisfied.

"It does not. With my speed I will not be able to escape! "(Hares)

For his life, determination shone in Hares's eyes.

As he ran, he lightly turned his neck back and saw the cockroach running after him about to catch him.

As soon as the cockroach was about 5 meters from him, Hares suddenly turned around. With the military knife in hand, Hares jumped toward the cockroach who was surprised by the sudden change in the situation.

The cockroach swung the sickle in the direction of Hares piercing his abdomen, but Hares knew he had not reached a vital point so he clenched his teeth to withstand the pain and swung the military knife toward the cockroach's head piercing it instantly.

[you killed [cockroach] level 2 and gained 20 EXP].

This message appeared in the corner of Hares's eyes almost imperceptibly.

The cockroach's body then became soft and it fell abruptly to the ground. His claw-scythe was taken in the abdomen of Hares who fell back into pain as he held his pierced abdomen.

"Aaahhh !!!!" (Hares)

Hares screamed in pain.

Although it did not reach a vital point, the pain was still there. He lay on the floor holding the pain as he breathed heavily.

Frankly, Hares was lucky.

The cockroach was not as weak as it looked. She had 15 vitality and if it were to cut her or punch her it would take some time to kill her, but Hares hit her head directly giving an instant death.

"damn! That hurts! "(Hares)

Hares complained.

As he rolled with pain on the ground, Hares then turned to look at the cockroach and noticed something fallen beside him that had not been there before.

Creeping on the ground to get closer, Hares took the two things that were beside the body of the cockroach and took a look.

As soon as he did, the familiar window appeared in front of Hares.

[Medicinal Powder]

Rank: Common

Type: Medicine

Description: A powder that accelerates the healing process. Spread the powder over open wounds to speed up the regeneration process.

[Nutrition Bar]

Rank: Common

Type: Food

Description: A nutritional bar that can replace meals.

Glancing at the small plastic pot and the cereal bar, Hares's eyes flashed.

He quickly opened the pot and looked inside only to see a handful and white powder. Looking at the powder, Hares did not think twice before spreading some of the dust over the hole in his abdomen.

As soon as he did, the pain from the hole in his abdomen disappeared and a numbness sensation took over the wound site.

Feeling this, Hares sighed in relief. He then took the rest of the remaining powder and poured over the cut on the left side of his abdomen that had been made by the cockroach earlier.

After that Hares looked at the nutrient bar in his hand and smiled.

His biggest concern was food. In a world like this where it looked like a post-apocalyptic world, Hares was sure that food would be extremely difficult to obtain. But after killing the cockroach he got not only medicine but also food. If Hares was not wrong, he figured that as long as he killed other ... Creatures, he might get more food.

At that moment, Hares grinned. Just from that he already understood what kind of world this was.

This was a wild world where you need to fight to survive. Kill your enemies before they kill you. Kill your enemies to get items and supplies. Kill your enemies for your own good.

The law of the jungle ...

Thinking about it, Hares bit his lip and made his determination.

He will definitely survive!

Although he did not believe that he could go back to his past life and had already accepted it, he still could not help but hope he could return to his former life.

Making his determination, Hares tried to get up, but when he did so he went dizzy and lay back down on the floor.

He felt his body extremely weak and he felt a little dizziness and a difficulty to move.

What is happening? (Hares)

Hares wondered.

He tried to get his hands on the ground to get up again, but noticed that as soon as he put his hand on the ground his hand got wet. When he brought his hand close to his face to see what it was he saw that his hand was stained with red blood.

Looking down, he saw the wound in his abdomen shedding blood on the floor.

-Damn, how did I forget that!

Hares cursed internally.

Although you have reached no vital point, and although you are no longer in pain from the medicinal powder, an open wound will still shed blood!

Fortunately, the amount of blood he had lost was few, just enough to weaken it slightly. If he had not noticed and continued to lie there, Hares might well have died from the loss of blood!

Remembering the bandage before, Hares forced himself to sit down and picked up the bandage and cotton before beginning to take care of the wound.

Finishing to wound the wound, Hares picked up the nutritional bar and looked at her with a hesitant look.

"After losing so much blood I will need to eat to replenish it. But that's the only thing I have to eat. If I eat it now I'll have to look for more food later "(Hares)

After some thought, Hares decided to eat. One way or another he would still have to look for food later anyway.

Hares then opened the medical bar package and a dark-colored tablet was taken from inside.

Looking at the tablet, Hares was hesitant.

-This does not look tasty ...

After some hesitation, Hares took a bite, but the next moment, Hares felt that he was going to vomit, but before he could vomit he put his hand on his mouth not to vomit.

-Damn! How something can taste so horrible!

The taste of the nutritional bar was simply unbearable. Hares did not know if he was eating a nutritional tablet or a clay tablet!

With a frowning face, Hares forced himself to chew the "thing" in his mouth and swallowed with great difficulty.

When the "thing" reached his stomach, Hares felt as if his stomach would erupt, but he forced himself to bear it and swallowed it all back.

This thing was just too terrible! Hares was even beginning to wonder if this really was food and not poison!

Looking at the rest of the tablet, Hares frowned, but still, determinedly, he continued to eat while he desperately supported the urge to vomit.

Hares took 10 minutes to finish the revolting nutritional bar, but fortunately he managed to eat everything without vomiting.

With a sigh of relief, Hares lay on the floor again to hope he regained some strength.

He was angry. He barely got into this world and was already in such a pathetic situation.

-I really can survive?

Hares asked himself bitterly.

It was left in such a state by a single cockroach. He wanted to laugh at himself, but he could not find the humor to laugh at.

At that moment Hares began to hear a faint sound, a faint, shrill sound like a desperate cry.

When he looked sideways toward the city streets. He saw a middle-aged man running desperately as he screamed. Behind the man, three tigers-sized dogs were chasing him.

Suddenly, one of the dogs sped up and jumped toward the man biting his arm.

The bitten man fell to the ground and tried to fight to escape, but was immediately caught by the other two dogs and began to devour him alive. The man's screams were terrifying and seeing this scene Hares felt a shiver run through his body. Immediately, fear filled his mind, and his body began to tremble as his molars beat in terror.

He looked away from the scene and toward the sky and then closed his eyes.

"And-I-I ... I-I'm going to survive ... I'm going to ... I'm going to survive ... I'm going to survive ... I'm definitely ..." (Hares)

Hares began to murmur tremulously.

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