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Chapter 13: Military base

Two days later Hares and co had arrived in a very interesting place.

The place was surrounded by a barbed wire fence at the top. Inside it was possible to see several buildings and facilities. There were also vehicles and airplanes scattered across the open space of the site. A few meters to the side, there was a checkpoint built to check the entrance of vehicles.

When he saw the place, both Hares and Leina thought the same thing.

"A military base!" (Hares)

Hares's eyes flashed when he said it.

Leina also seemed a bit exalted.

Maybe in other parts of town there was nothing for them. All they could do was walk randomly, but a military base was different. Maybe at the base they can get a vehicle in good condition, firearms and maybe even find clues about what this world was!

Most importantly, a military base was a very attractive site, the possibility that there were survivors hidden inside was very high!

"Let's go" (Hares)

Hares, Leina and Tigress then headed to the checkpoint entered the base from there.

Inside the base they passed several vehicles standing in the way. Like all vehicles in this world, these vehicles were all destroyed and could not walk a centimeter.

They did not check the planes or helicopters, but Hares was sure they were not in a better condition.

Before long, the three of them came to one of the base buildings. When Hares tried to open it, the door did not move.

"Is locked ..." (Hares)

Hares frowned.

Leina beside him shrugged and lifted her leg.

Bang! *

With a kick, the door flew back.

"Now it's not over" (Leina)

"..." (Hares)

Leina smiled innocently at Hares who was staring at her strangely.

Hares shook his head and went in followed by Leina and Tigress.

The place was dark, there was no light source other than the light coming through the door.

The three of them did not lower their guard. Although the place seems empty, they can not say that no monster will jump out of nowhere on top of them.

There were a few tables scattered around the place along with broken plates and rusty cutlery. It was obvious the place was a mess.

In the dining room there were a few windows Arck had not noticed outside. They were all covered with some sort of curtain that prevented the entrance of light. He went to each of these windows and removed this curtain allowing the light to enter the room illuminating everything.

After lighting the whole place, everyone sighed with relief. Luckily there was no creature in the place, it was all completely empty.

Leina went to the kitchen and opened the dispensary as well as the fridge, but all there was was food so rotten that it did not even smell any more. The fridge was also off, and the meat that was supposed to be stored was gone, all there was of dried bones scattered on the floor.

Tigress did not bother to investigate anything, she just climbed on one of the tables and lay down to watch Hares and Leina checking the place.

As he looked through the dining room, Hares found a backpack under one of the tables and picked it up.

When he opened it he saw that in addition to some documents in the backpack there was also a military knife just as he had it, but it was completely rusty and an iron box seemed to be in good condition.

[Rusty Military Knife]

Rank: Poor

Type: White Weapon

Sharpness: 1

Durability: 0/3

Hares checked the knife, then tossed it to the side. He then took the box and began to inspect it. Beside the box was a latch on which Hares opened.

Opening the box, Hares's eyes flashed and a slight arousal appeared on his face.

Inside the box was a Beretta 92FS in perfect condition. In addition, there were also four ammunition cartridges complete with 15 bullets each.

[Beretta 92FS]

Rank: Common

Type: Firearm

Penetration: 7

Ammunition: 15

Durability: 3/3

Hares took the gun and checked it carefully. The more she found the happier Hares felt.

"Hahahahaha" (Hares)

Hares can not help laughing. His laughter caught Leina's attention in the kitchen.

"What happened?"(Leina)

Leina left the kitchen and asked.

Hares did not respond, he just held the gun in a position where Leina could see and showed it.

When he saw the gun in Hares's hand, Leina's eyes widened, the next moment her eyes began to glow.

"I-this is ..." (Leina)

"A firearm!" (Hares)

Hares replied without hiding his satisfaction.

The reason both of you were so happy and surprised is why, no matter how strong a person is, when they get shot it's the end.

The sword and spear of Hares and Leina were good items, but they still could not be compared to firearms. When fighting with these weapons, both had to approach the targets which left them extremely exposed to danger, but with a firearm they would only need to aim and shoot. The risk they would face was almost none.

If Hares had a gun on the day he encountered Tigresa, he would only have to pull the trigger to kill her! After all, in front of a bullet even Tigress was helpless!

The two always have an intense desire for firearms, but they have never been able to find one yet!

Of course, they both knew that firearms were powerful, but it was only in the beginning. Both have realized that with each passing day the creatures in this world grow stronger, one day the time has come when guns will become useless, but when will that day be?

Even steel could be pierced by a shot, the day when these creatures would have hides harder than steel was still far away.

Leina ran toward Hares excitedly and asked.

"Where did you find it?" (Leina)

Seeing Leina's smile of happiness, Hares was stunned. It was the first time he'd ever seen her smile like this!

Usually Leina was cold and expressionless. Sometimes she would give smiles or wry smiles, but he never saw her smile of happiness.

Leina was a goddess-level beauty, even when she had an expressionless face her beauty was still enough to stun any human looking at her now, with a smile of happiness her beauty jumped to a new level which left Hares totally stunned .

It took about five seconds before he recovered and spoke.

"Ah, I found that bag. In addition to these documents there was also a rusty military knife and that box with the weapon inside "(Hares)

Leina did not notice Hares's strange expression, she took the purse and looked inside, but beyond the worn and illegible documents there was nothing left.

After that she took the gun from Hares' hand and began to inspect it. She held the gun in her hand and pointed it at the wall before she frowned and asked.

"Does it really work? Most of the metal items that we found so far are either rusty or unusable, is that gun not unusable either? "(Leina)

Leina asked. She could take a shot to test, but they only had four cartridges with 15 bullets each giving a total of 60 bullets, each bullet was very precious and Leina did not want to spend, even if it was only one.

Hares took Leina's weapon and spoke.

"I think it improbable, otherwise the evaluation would have shown that it was unusable" (Hares)

Leina looked at the gun before assessing it and nodding.

"it is true. It seems usable "(Leina)

Leina spoke as she smiled, but the next moment her expression dropped as she spoke.

"But ... it's good to have a gun, but there's too little ammunition, there are only 4 cartridges. We have to use it with care "(Leina)

Hares smiled at her and spoke.

"maybe not. We are on a military base after all, maybe we can find more ammunition and who knows other weapons besides that "(Hares)

Leina nodded and spoke.

"It's better not to have much hope. As I said before, almost every metal item we found was rusted or unusable. Finding this weapon can be said to have been fortunate, it is capable of being the only weapon in good condition throughout the base "(Leina)

"Do not be so pessimistic" (Hares)

Hares spoke as he rolled his eyes.

After that, the two decided to move on. There was a grille door in the dining room that led into a dark hallway. Turning on a flashlight, the three of them headed down the corridor.

Along the hallway were several other doors that each had a place. There were dormitories, warehouses, restrooms, command rooms, and so on.

When they entered the dorms they actually hit jackpoint. There were several useful things in the dormitory. There were batteries that still worked, there were readable books, and best of all, there were some usable weapons!

They found 4 weapons that could be used. A Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt with 24 bullets, a G19 with 3 cartridges, a HK USP with 3 cartridges and a Beretta with 2 cartridges.

These were not the only weapons they found, there were other weapons as well as a HK MP5, nighthawk 1911, Colt 1911, desert eagle, sig sauer p220, taurus PT and there were even heavy weapons like an M16, AK-47, shotgun border patrol , M4a1, AR15 and benelli m4.

Hares even wondered where the fuck these soldiers had taken those weapons, which were bound to be restricted.

Unfortunately, they were all unusable. There was only the border patrol shotgun that seemed to be usable, but there was no ammunition to use it so it was useless.

Of course, useless or not Hares still kept all the guns in the ring. He believed that sooner or later he might find a utility for them, who knows, he might even arrange them?

Hares and Leina checked the whole place and managed to find a map of the base.

The base was divided into four buildings. The central building where they were, the garage and workshop, the airport and the general store.

"Should we go to the warehouse?" (Leina)

"for sure. The garage and the airport probably will not have anything for us, but it is possible that there are weapons in the warehouse "(Hares)

With that, the three of them immediately started heading toward the warehouse.

The warehouse was on the deeper side of the camp in the safest area, after all it was in the warehouse that the most important things at the base were kept. Weapons, vehicles, supplies and several other important items were stored there. There was even a checkpoint before the warehouse area.

When they reached the part of the warehouse, Hares began to feel uneasy. It was not just him, Tigress who was walking beside him was especially cautious and often looked around.

Leina was calmer than the two of them, but even she could feel a tension in the atmosphere that she did not know what it was.

"There is something wrong ..." (Hares)

Hares remarked, and Leina nodded.

"Yes, it's a feeling as if we were entering a place we should not" (Leina)

"Well, technically, we should not go in here" (Hares)

Hares commented with a wry smile.

Liena ignored his comment and continued walking in silence.

The closer they were to the warehouse, the more discomfort Hares felt. As they approached the front door, Hares raised his hand to the door handle and the uncomfortable feeling intensified even more.

Suddenly, a flash of light swept the place and a comprehensive heat burned the skin of Hares. Immediately, Hares' senses screamed "danger" desperately.

"Mer -!" (Hares)

The Tigress was the first to act, with a ghostly speed she grabbed Hares's clothes with her mouth and immediately fled back.

Hares who had been caught by Tigress also acted by reflex and took Leina's arm before the Tigress could take him, as a result all three quickly moved away.


The next moment, an explosion of flames exploded where they were.

Hares fell on the floor beside Leina as Tigress paused and looked up.

Hares and Leina quickly got up and began to look around, but found nothing.

"Ggrrr" (Tigress)

Tigress began to growl toward the roof of the warehouse, causing both Leina and Hares to look over.

On top of the warehouse roof, they both saw an animal figure.

It was a lion!

But he was not a common lion, the lion had a golden coat of gold and some of his fur was on fire. He was looking arrogantly toward the three of them as if he were looking at inferior creatures.

As soon as he saw the lion, Hares immediately assessed it and went pale.

[Golden Sun Lion]

Level 20

Type: Unique

Strength: 59

Resistance: 55

Agility: 60

Intelligence: 30

Vitality: 55

Skills: [Fireball lvl.1] [Fire Breath lvl.1] [Flame Explosion lvl.1]

A unique beast level 20!

And as if that was not enough, she still had 3 abilities! Even Tigress had only one, and yet this beast also possessed the same ability. His power was also slightly above the Tigress.

Hares felt his body chill when he saw the golden lion. He did not expect to find an enemy of this level here.


Beside Tigress roared hostile toward the lion.

The lion who was looking at Hares heard the roar and moved his vision to Tigress. As soon as he saw her, the arrogance of his gaze disappeared and was replaced with caution. He could feel that the red tiger beside the two humans was not weaker than him!

Although the lion was a single level 20 beast, the Tigress was a beast named level 14. A named beast is superior to a single beast if both were on the same level, no, if Tigress was at level 16 she could handle the lion with a little effort. If they were of the same level then Tigress could even play with the lion before killing him. But unfortunately, the tigress was 6 levels below the lion.

"GRRAAAAWWW" (Tigress)

The Tigress roared again as if shouting something to the lion.

The lion looked at Tigress, and a fiery flame burned in his eyes.


He roared back angrily.

His roar was so loud and tyrannical that Hares and Leina had to cover their ears.

The lion then jumped from the warehouse roof toward them. Tigress also looked annoyed then roared again and ran toward him.


The bodies of the two felines collided with each other making a loud noise. In an instant, the lion and the Tigress were involved in a fierce battle.

In the middle of the battle, Tigresa opened his mouth and spat a flurry of flames toward the lion. The lion jumped to the side and then opened his mouth and spat the same flurry of flames toward Tigress.

Although the Tigress had missed the blaze of fire, the lion did not miss it and the flames covered the body of the Tigress.

"TIGRESS !!" (Hares)

Hares screamed in terror, but was utterly amazed the next moment.

The Tigers jumped out of the lion's flames completely unharmed and swung its paw toward the lion hitting its head full. A cut was made on the lion's face that made him furious.

Tigress was not a common beast. Besides being a named beast she was also an infernal tiger!

For a creature with the word "hell" commonly associated with fire, how could it be afraid of flames?

The lion opened his mouth furiously and spat again, but this time it was not a blaze of flames but a ball of fire the size of a basketball.

The fireball hit Tigress full blasting on her body, but the Tigress's way from inside the blast completely unharmed.

The lion was stunned. He felt humiliated with this situation, as a result he roared even louder than before and strode violently toward Tigress.

Tigress was not intimidated and advanced back, as a result both beasts began to fight fiercely biting with their strong teeth and clawing with their sharp claws at each other.

A lion and a tiger.

The lion as the king of the savannah and the tiger as the king of the forest, both beasts were creatures worthy of the title of "King," the pride of both beasts was as high as heaven, none of them would yield to the other.

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