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Chapter 8: Misteryous Shadow

Three days passed. In these three days, Hares killed an abundance of other monsters with the help of Tigress.

In these monsters, there were the dogs Hares had seen the first day. They were level 5 monsters, but were easily cared for by Hares and Tigress. There were also some strange beetles that were level 3 monsters, some birds ranging from level 3 up to level 5 and even some level 6 cats that were actually very fast having an agility of 27, even Tigress had a bit of difficulty in fighting them .

The good news is that after killing so many monsters Hares rose to level 8. In addition, Tigresa also rose to level 7. Having raised two level, Hares put 5 points on resistance and 5 points on strength making his strength reach 19 points. What impressed him the most was that Tigresa had also risen and received attribute points! When he discovered this Hares was shocked.

Hares had noticed that in these 7 days that he was in this world the monsters were getting stronger and stronger. For example, on the first day the cockroaches were all level 2, but now, Hares was finding level 3 cockroaches and even found a level 4. It was not only the cockroaches, the rats that were all level 1 were also appearing with levels greater.

At first Hares did not think much about it, but when he saw Tigresa level up Hares finally noticed that the monsters could also level up!

Hares felt his heart grow cold at the sight of it. If he does not strengthen constantly, one hour the monsters will become very strong for him to fight and in the end he can only shrink in a dark corner and wait for death.

In the end, Tigresa put 5 points in strength, 2 points in agility and 3 points in resistance causing his strength to reach an absurd 48 points!

With this force Tigress could destroy a concrete wall in perfect condition with a lid.

During that time, Hares also gained a few more things that were left by the dead monsters.

Nutritional bars, medicinal powders, bandages, cottons, water bottles etc. Hares also found 2 more lucky coins and a medicinal ointment with the same effect as medicinal powder, but used for bruises.

But if there is something that made Hares happy it was an item he got after killing a lion-like animal that was a level 10.

[Protective Leather Waistcoat]

Rank: Common

Type: Armor

Resistance: 30

This leather vest was a great armor! She did not add statistics to you as you would at first glance, but the armor itself has these statistics. The defense of the armor itself is equivalent to 30 points of resistance. When Hares tried to cut him with the knife he had the same feeling as when he tried to cut the Tigress earlier. It was as if he had cut through thick leather and his knife could barely scratch the waistcoat.




As he walked through the deserted streets of the great city beside Tigresa, Hares sighed.

"Tigress, do you think I'm the only human alive now?" (Hares)

"Grrr" (Tigress)

With Hares's question, Tigress only grunted a little.

Since coming to this world, other than the man who was killed on the first day, Hares saw no other human being, not even a corpse.

Hares thought that in this cruel world, very few people would have the courage to fight. And this fear and hesitation would probably have already led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people transported to this world. But after all these days without finding anyone, Hares was beginning to think that everyone else besides him had already died.

He was depressed.

Human beings are social creatures, it is impossible for them to live alone. This loneliness can even lead a human being to madness. Even if Hares were to become the strongest being at that moment, what would be the point if he were alone? What would be the point if he went crazy? Though he would be alive, it would be an empty life.

Tigress noticed the depressing mood of Hares and then patted his head on hers.

Hares looked at Tigress trying to comfort him and rubbed his head.

"Well, at least I got you" (Hares)

Yes, Hares was not really alone, Tigresa was still with him. In these three days, the relationship between him and Tigresa had improved a lot.

After caressing Tigresa for a while, Hares looked up at the purple sky that was starting to darken and spoke.

"It's getting dark, let's take shelter" (Hares)

The night was a chaotic hour. That's because some monsters got extremely agitated at night. One day after he had obtained the Tigresa, Hares tried to walk the streets at night, but was attacked again and again by monsters. Staying on the streets at night is nothing more than suicide. If Tigresa had not been with Hares at that time he would definitely not have survived.

Hares looked sideways and noticed that he was in the middle of a great avenue. On all sides they only have large buildings that seemed to be large corporations or malls.

Without much choice, Hares decided to go to a building that looked like a mall and went inside.

The place was dark. As there was no energy, at night everything became a deep pitch and was extremely difficult to see. Within buildings like the one where the outside light can hardly reach, the place becomes so dark that even with the reinforced vision of Hares due to its high resistance he had difficulty in seeing.

Hares discovered this not so long ago, but the resistance does not only improve his body defense, but also strengthens his overall physique. Although the force does not increase when the resistance increases. Hearing, vision, smell, all this is improved. This was a great help for Hares, after all, having your senses sharpened for sure will help for survival.

Unlike many other houses and buildings that Hares had entered so far this mall could actually be said to be in a good state. There were not many broken parts nor was it completely overrun by vegetation and the most incredible is that there was no unseasonable putrid smell like most places.

"This would be a good place to live temporarily" (Hares)

Hares murmured before he sighed and shook his head.

To live temporarily? What a joke!

If Hares went to live here temporarily he would be easily overtaken by the monsters in strength and the result would be to have to hide for the rest of his life. In addition, he wanted to find other humans, so he could not stand still.

Hares did not want to die, he did not want to be alone either. He wanted to meet some friends and companions and ... If possible, a girlfriend!

While thinking about random things. Hares went up to the third floor of the mall. The reason he was inspecting the place was to check for any monster inside. He did not want to be suddenly attacked while he slept, just like the cockroaches.

Although Tigress has high senses and can easily detect someone approaching, there are some monsters capable of hiding even from her senses.

In the end, even after revamping the entire mall Hares found nothing, which he found odd. Such a big building should have some monsters. It was so uncomfortable for him to be so clean.

"Well be it. I do not think there are many monsters that can fight Tigress anyway "(Hares)

Hares spoke.

Tigress was indeed abnormal. Since coming to this world Tigress has been and still is the strongest monster Hares had ever seen. Although she is only level 7, her strength is above all level 10 monsters that Hares has encountered so far.

After that, Hares found a quiet place inside the mall and decided to spend the night there. Tigress sank to the floor and Hares lay with his head on his body as usual. Since that day both have slept like that. Besides, the nights were really cold and the warmth of each other kept them warm.




In the middle of the night, Hares woke up sleepily.

He yawned and shifted his position to go back to sleep, but unfortunately, he could not sleep.

Tigress was already in deep sleep. Hares did not want to wake her. Since he could not sleep he decided to take a walk.

The dark, empty mall would frighten anyone. Unfortunately, Hares has been fighting all sorts of monsters since coming into this world, something like the dark would not have scared Hares.

"... bathroom ..." (Hares)

Hares murmured a little sleepily as he walked through the darkness.

Normally, Hares would just find some corner and do what he had to do there. But because of his drowsiness, Hares instinctively began to head for the bathroom, though most of the privates were broken and all of them no longer had any more water.

Of course, due to having lived with tense nerves since he came to this world, Hares did not forget to carry his sword with him.

Hares quickly reached the bathroom area and headed for the door still reeling a bit.


At that moment, the bathroom door suddenly opened and a shadow came out. When Hares saw the shadow, his heart skipped and his drowsiness was driven out in an instant. Although Hares's vision had improved greatly able to see much better in the dark, when it was so dark even his enhanced vision could not see.

The shadow also saw Hares and contracted for a moment. In the next instant Hares felt danger.

Using his instincts along with his reflection, Hares quickly drew the sword from his waist and crossed in front of his body.

Clang *

A clanging metal sound rang.

An enemy!

Hares knew immediately after that. He wanted to know what his enemy was like. Knowing if your enemy had the shape of an animal or an insect or maybe even a humanoid shape could help a lot in the battle. Unfortunately, in this darkness all he could see was a shadow.

Having defended the creature's attack, Hares tried to kick forward, but only hit the empty air.

Hares was confused for a moment, since his sword was still defending, so his enemy should be in front of him. But the next moment Hares thought of something and felt his heart clench.

-A long range attack ...

Yes, if his enemy had attacked with an attack with a long range then it was understandable. For Hares, that was terrible.

Hares fought with a sword, a short-range weapon. In this dark against an enemy that can strike at a good distance, the disadvantage of Hares was gigantic.

Luckily, Hares noticed by the blow of now that his enemy's strength was not as high as his own. Due to the experience of these last days, Hares estimated that his enemy would be a creature of maximum level 6.

If it were in normal times, a normal level 6 creature would not be much of a hardship for Hares. But now, the disadvantage he was in was enough for Hares to have to do his best to win.

Suddenly, Hares felt the "object" that was stuck in his sword gain strength and Hares was pushed back. Soon after, the object came back toward him like a thrust.

Hares swung his sword diagonally and defended the blow while at the same time shifted his trajectory to the side. He then moved forward. But then another object flew toward him on the other side like a stick. Using his reflexes, Hares ducked and deflected from the attack while at the same time attacked with his sword forward to cut off the creature.

The creature seemed to have seen the attack then jumped back and managed to deflect a hair, but Hares had still managed to scratch his body. The sensation of scratching him was really light, only the tip scraped on his body, probably nothing more than an insignificant scratch that would not even let blood out had been made, but the sensation Hares had felt from that cut was the of cutting meat. Therefore Haresa believed that his enemy was not an insect type since more than 90% of the insects had hard shells.

The shadow struck again with a top-down strike, but Hares easily dodged again and charged forward. The shadow diverted from the Hares attack, but Hares acted fast and attacked again, but in the end, the shadow still defended with a little difficulty.

In this brief exchange of blows, Hares noticed that the speed of the creature was much lower than yours. According to his analysis, it was around 15 points or something, just slightly above that of a normal human being.

Hares was ecstatic. Hares' greatest weapon was definitely his agility which had already reached 26 points. If he wanted to overcome his disadvantage he would have to rely on his superior agility.

After having his attack defended by the creature, Hares put force on his hands and with his strength of 19 points easily pushed the creature back.

Having pushed the creature, Hares again swung his sword in front only to be defended again, but Hares did not care and rocked her again. After having used the sword for a few days Hares was much more accustomed than at the beginning, but of course, it was still only the level of an amateur.

But as he attacked, suddenly Hares felt a pain in the ribs and his body was pushed aside. He had been hit. Because of the resistance of Hares and the Leather Vest, he suffered no great damage, even though the attack was very powerful, plus a small bruise, his ribs were still whole.

The pain of being struck was as if struck by a wooden staff. Hares was angry and cursing his luck again, why did he have to find this monster in such a dark environment !?

The battle continued for some time. Hares used his agility to cover the disadvantage, but the creature was skilled at attacking, he looked like a human being martial artist wielding a bat!

As the battle dragged on, Hares began to be suppressed because of the shadow's attacking abilities.

Hares did not want to use this, but he believed that if he did not use it he could be killed.

Then, with an angry face, Hares screamed.

"Aura of the King!" (Hares)

With Hares' cry, the white, noble aura exploded from his body as a golden crown and a white overcoat materialized while the word "King" appeared shining in gold on his forehead.

Instantly all abilities of Hares, strength, endurance, agility, intelligence, vitality, all have been increased.

"Kuh!" (???)

As the white aura exploded from Hares's body, the white shadow groaned at the sudden light that struck his eyes.

The whole environment became clear as day. But due to being in the center of that clarity, ironic as it may seem, the clarity still prevented Hares from seeing the creature's appearance.

But Hares did not care. With his sword in hand Hares began to attack the creature.

With a 31% increase in its attributes, Hares began to put pressure on the shadow and quickly gained advantage. In addition, Hares could also feel that the strength, agility, and even the way of fighting on the other side all became slightly weaker.

During the fight, suddenly Hares managed to repel the object that looked like a bat of the creature and saw a great opening.

-My chance!

Hares screamed inwardly.

The next moment, using all his strength, Hares hit the object which then flew away. Seeing this Hares confirmed his suspicion that the creature was using something to fight.

After that, Hares moved his foot forward and hit the bottom of the creature by throwing it to the ground. As soon as the creature fell, Hares wasted no time and advanced forward with his sword and attacked with a thrust toward the creature's head.

The sword advanced at high speed, but as soon as it was about to hit the creature's head, Hares finally saw his appearance and froze, stopping the sword ten inches from his head.

The creature was also staring at Hares in astonishment, she had thought she would be killed, but the next moment Hares stopped. So she can also finally see the appearance of Hares.

Looking at her, Hares can not help murmuring.

"Human ...?" (Hares)

Yes, the creature that Hares was fighting until now was really a human woman!

Besides, she was not an ordinary human woman, she a woman with the appearance of a goddess!

This woman an idea around 18 to 20 years equal to Hares. She had black hair reaching up to her waist. Her face was so beautiful it did not look real. She possessed eyes that were as blue as the sky and she possessed a lean body and carved like a work of art, no matter if it was her breasts, her waist or her hips, they were all perfectly balanced giving her hypnotic curves. In addition, she could see signs of physical training in her body which clearly showed that this woman used to exercise.

The woman was also looking at Hares in shock. During the day she had found this mall that was perfect to spend staying for a few days so spent the whole day killing all the monsters inside and tossing their corpses away, but it was just ending this night. After that she went to sleep, but when she woke up due to the call of nature, after doing what she had to do, she suddenly encountered a mysterious shadow and instinctively attacked and began a confrontation with the shadow. But suddenly, as he had a superior hand in the battle, the shadow seemed to scream something and then a white light exploded from his body and all his fighting power increased.

Besides, after the white light exploded she began to have strange feelings. Feelings of inferiority, of reverence and fear before the creature that was fighting. She began to feel that the creature was a noble being of high status in which she, an inferior, low-status being, should bow down.

These feelings distracted her by diminishing her ability to fight. Though she had encountered every kind of monster since she first came to this world, it was the first time she had ever encountered such a terrible monster!

In the end, the monster managed to repel his weapon and throw it to the ground. As soon as she fell to the ground, she thought it was over that she would be dead, but suddenly the creature stopped and when she looked more closely, she noticed that she was not really a monster, but a human being!

She looked at Hares who was bathed and a white light and can not help but admire his white overcoat, his golden crown or the word "King" on his forehead. She was almost certain that this was her ability.

Just as she had been given the [Spear Sovereign] ability, other humans could also have been given skills.

Suddenly, the white light on Hares's body faded and the golden crown, the white overcoat, or the word "King" on his forehead all disappeared.

When the time of the [Aura of the King] was over, Hares finally came to himself and drew his sword from the woman's face.

After that, Hares looked at the woman and the woman looked at Hares. As the clarity was gone, dark took over the environment again and as a result neither could see the other's expressions, but the strange atmosphere between them really made it difficult for anyone to say anything.

Hares was very happy to find another human being. But unfortunately their meeting was not the best.

Hares wanted to say something, but he did not know where to start. He did not know if he should say "hello" or "hello", or if he should apologize.

Hares did not think it was a good atmosphere to make a compliment and of course, he did not think he should apologize, after all, although he did win the battle it was still her who attacked him first.

In the end, still feeling a little strange, Hares still opened his mouth as he reached forward and spoke.

"H-Hey... A-Are you okay?" (Hares)


The woman seemed to have come to her as soon as Hares spoke. She looked at Hares's hand hesitantly, but still held her for help getting up while she spoke.

"Yes... I'm fine..."(woman)

She stood up and they stood in front of each other, but they still did not know what to say.

"... for now, I think we should introduce ourselves, right? I am Hares "(Hares)

Hares presented himself with a smile, but due to the dark of the environment it was not possible to see.

"... I am Leina" (Leina)

The woman answered a little indifferently.

After that, Leina started to walk to the "object" she was using as a weapon and Hares had repelled earlier and picked it up. After that, Leina took something at her waist and pressed a button, the next moment, the object began to emit light, was a flashlight.

"A flashlight !? Where did you find it? "(Hares)

Hares was shocked, he could not understand where this woman had found a flashlight at this end of the world.

"I won the draw machine" (Leina)

Leina answered.

"A lottery machine! Did you find the draw machine !? Where? "(Hares)

Hares was euphoric.

Since he arrived in this world, Hares had found 4 lucky coins that could be used in the draw machine, but Hares had no idea where the hell he was supposed to find this machine.

The woman looked at Hares strangely and spoke.

"What do you mean, you found it? As long as you have a lucky coin you can use it "(Leina)

"... eh?" (Hares)

"..." (Leina)

With Hares's perplexed face, Leina finally understood what was happening.

"Is it ... You do not know how to use the luck machine?" (Leina)

She asked a little surprised.

"..." (Hares)

Hares did not speak, just nodded in confirmation.

Seeing this, Leina smiled arrogantly toward Hares.

Seeing his smile, Hares felt irritated.

"Do you want to know?" (Leina)

Leina asked in a provocative tone.

"... I want" (Hares)

Hares gave in without resistance.

Leina smiled victoriously.

Since the fight against Hares, Leina had been frustrated.

Hares had great speed and strength, but Leina was a martial practitioner in the past so she managed to overcome that with her techniques. But when Hares activated the [King's Aura] the situation changed completely. Not only did Hares become stronger as she was still suppressed because of the strange feelings she had felt.

Now that she knew Hares was a human being, Leina was happy, because she also wanted to find other human beings equal to Hares. But despite this, she was frustrated at having lost to Hares simply because of her ability. She was obviously superior in terms of combat, but was defeated because of a skill, how could she be satisfied with it?

But now, the fact that she knew something Hares did not know at least gave her a small sense of superiority that made her happy. Besides, the fact that Hares had asked her without blinking made her even more pleased.

After satisfying her a little, she no longer had any hard feelings for Hares.

"You just have to hold a coin of luck, close your eyes and wish to use it, simple" (Leina)

"... just this?" (Hares)

"Just that!" (Leina)

Hares was amazed. If he had known this he would have used them for a long time!

Leina explained better how to do and also explained the process that would happen after that and Hares followed dutifully.

Without thinking, Hares took a lucky coin from the case on his leg and held it in his hand as he closed his eyes.

The next moment, Hares had a strange feeling of dizziness, when he opened his eyes again, he was in a familiar space for him, it was the same dark space as before. In front of Hares, the same familiar machine he used to select his skill. If only to tell a difference. It's that before she was written to pull the lever to sort out her skill, but now, she was asking to insert the coin and pull the lever.

Hares looked around, but as before, there was nothing in that space.

Originally, Hares would have been surprised to appear in this place suddenly, but after being in the world of Azevich for several days, Hares did not think he would be easily surprised.

Hares saw the hole of the coin in the corner of the machine and put the coin before pulling the lever.

Pulling the lever, the words began to flash rapidly across the screen as before. Hares waited for a few seconds before pulling the lever again and a word appeared on the screen.

[Nutrition Bar]

"..." (Hares)

When Hares looked at the screen, he really wanted to get the machine and throw it on the floor.

-Calm down, calm down, Hares. It's not as if you win a top-notch excellent item, every draw has its payouts that are in an overwhelmingly larger number than the jack-point.

Comforting himself, Hares reached into his pocket to get another coin and put it back in the machine.

The words started flashing again and after waiting a few seconds, Hares pulled the lever again.

[Nutrition Bar]

At that moment, Hares punched the machine. But a message appeared soon after.

[Indestructible Item]

Hares wanted to vomit blood, but he took a deep breath to calm himself again.

He again pulled the lever repeating the process and a new word appeared on the screen.

[Skill Book: Technique with Basic Sword]

Hares thought he would get another nutritional bar. He was ready to scream in rage as he read the words on the screen.

-Skill book? Do not tell me…

When Hares thought about the meaning of this, he did not stop shouting.

"How lucky!" (Hares)

If that was what he was thinking then it really was definitely a jack-point for Hares.

Although Hares has a sword, he does not have any sword fighting technique. All he can do is swing his sword randomly just like any amateur.

This proved to be a major disadvantage in the battle against Leina. Because she possessed far more combat skills than he, he was quickly suppressed even though he had superior statistics. But if this book is what Hares is thinking, then this can easily solve your problem.

Hares can not help but laugh with happiness. He has completely forgotten his two previous losses.

In a cheerful mood, Hares took the last coin and put it on the machine and repeated the process.

[Space Ring]

-Space ring?

A ring appeared.

"damn! Why the hell a ring !? What is the use of it !? Even a nutritional bar would be more useful! "(Hares)

Hares can not help but curse.

Why would he wear a ring? He wants guns! Skills! Armor! Potions! Not a useless accessory!

Unfortunately, having used all his coins, Hares' consciousness flashed for a moment and he was back at the mall.

On the floor in front of him were the items he had purchased.

Hares simply put the nutritional bars in his pocket and directed his hand to pick up the book!

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