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Chapter 12: Monster meat

A week had passed after the grueling battle against the lizards.

Although it was a tough battle, it was also a great way to level up as Hares hoped.

Together for that battle, plus the battles they had this week, Hares reached level 15 while Leina and Tigress reached level 14.

In addition, when Tigress reached level 10 she awakened an ability called [Fire Breath] which, as the name implies, allowed Tigress to spit fire through the mouth equal to a Dragon.

Hares also finally discovered the utility of the "intelligence" attribute after Leina explained her discovery. With the awakening of the Tigress's ability, Hares finally discovered the existence of magic in this world.

Nowadays, their status was like this.


Level 15

Strength: 30

Resistance: 24

Agility: 35

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 23

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Conquest lvl.2] [Basic Sword Technique]


Level 14

Strength: 25

Resistance: 19

Agility: 28

Intelligence: 18

Vitality: 16

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Spear Sovereign nv.2]


Level 14

Type: Nominated

Race: Infernal Tiger

Gender: Female

Age: 0

Owner: Hares

Loyalty: 120% (will not go down)

Strength: 60

Resistance: 50

Agility: 56

Intelligence: 25

Vitality: 51

Skills: [Fire Breath lvl.1]

As this week went on, Hares' faith in Leina and Leina in Hares increased greatly. As a result both spoke their skills to each other.

Hares was a little jealous of Leina's ability. It was practically a skill level master skill with special abilities. But he looked at his ability and saw that his potential was greater.

On the other hand, when Leina heard about Hares' ability, she was amazed. She remembered the feeling she felt when Hares used the ability to fight her at the mall. That feeling of inferiority, reverence and fear. This ability was very frightening and could influence even the feelings of others.

In addition, the ability of [Subordination] and [Aura of the King] are both very strong abilities.

[Subordination] as long as the creature surrenders it can turn it into a subordinate. It does not take much thinking to see how powerful this ability is, just look at Tigress, this abnormal monster. Besides, Leina did not think this ability would be limited to monsters. She also had suspicions that it could affect even humans.

In addition, the ability to increase the overall abilities of subordinates if they are in danger is a great life-saver.

As for [Aura of the King], this ability is also absurd.

A skill that strengthens you and your allies while weakening your enemies. Looking just like that does not seem like much, but the bonuses it offers to you and the allies is too big.

[Conquest] is only a level 2 skill, but it already strengthens the user by 30%. It seems a little but if Hares level up to have their statuses at 100 points this ability will increase everything by 30 points which is already a quantity beyond the human realm.

As for the strengthening of its allies. Although 5% may be small, think about it a little.

Before long, Hares auditioned for that ability. He felt that only his "subordinates" would have their status increased by [Aura of the King], but that was not the case. The people affected by the [Aura of the King] are all Hares recognizes as allies. That is, if Hares recognizes someone as an ally, they will all receive increased status even if Hares does not know them personally, he just needs to recognize them as allies. Of course, the same goes for enemies when they are affected by the debuff.

Think about it, if Hares were to lead a massive group of survivors to defeat a very strong monster and use [Aura of the King] to strengthen all of them, how scary would it be?

As for the debuff that the enemies receive, Leina experimented in person and she did not think that the capabilities would only be reduced by 1%.

Of course, his abilities at that time actually diminished, but that was not all. Those feelings disrupted her concentration in combat and due to the feeling of inferiority she also felt hesitant to attack Hares which made the situation even worse.

Among the three capabilities of buffs and debuffs, debuffing capability is certainly the most powerful!

The more she thought about it, the more frightened Leina would become. This is not a skill that is classified as "God"!




This side of town was in much better shape than the other side. Although it was still a desolate post-apocalyptic setting, the vegetation was not as dominant as the other side and there were many more buildings intact.

If there was a significant difference, is that while on the other side there were many insects, from side there were many animals!

Dogs, tigers, cats, rats, foxes, raccoons, there were all kinds of animals from the side. In addition, Hares did not know if it was due to the fact that the monsters were getting stronger and stronger or if it was a feature on this side, but the weaker monsters were all level 5!

Hares did not know if he should be happy or worried about the strength of these monsters.

Another thing Hares discovered was that if a monster is 6 levels lower than yours, when you kill them they will not drop anything. That was really weird. After all, before, even if Hares killed monsters 6 levels below they still dropped at least one nutritional bar, but now they do not let anything fall.

If Hares wanted items now he could only kill monsters of at least level 10.

But this is not the real problem. The real problem is that it looks like the monsters are starting to form groups.

The first group Hares found were the cockroaches that attacked Haresm in the middle of the night, but that day Hares thought it was just a coincidence.

The second time was the massive group of lizards that they had to face before reaching this side of the city.

But now, on this side of town there are many groups of monsters.

Many groups are made up of monsters of their own kind, such as a group of wolves. But to many groups that are formed by mixed species.

The more days go by, the more complicated things are becoming.

And although the situation is so, at that moment, Hares, Leina and Tigress were on top of a building in the middle of this city. In this place they created a bonfire using the ability of Tigress and now they are roasting the meat of a monster that had the appearance of a rabbit to eat.

"It's our first time trying to eat monster meat, is it really that good?" (Leina)

Leina asked hesitantly and suspiciously.

"I do not know! I just know I can not eat that nasty thing anymore! "(Hares)

Hares spoke as he remembered the disgusting taste of the nutritional bar.

"... that is not food of human beings ..." (Hares)

"... it's true" (Leina)

Leina nodded.

The taste of the nutritional bar was really unique in the world.

"Besides, Tigress eats all the time, right? I do not think there would be a problem "(Hares)

"... she is also a monster ..." (Leina)

Tigress who was lying next to Hares was also looking at the very interested flesh. So far she had only eaten raw meat, so the smell of roast beef was really a fascinating novelty to her.

"Anyway, let's at least try. Or do you want to keep eating that thing? "(Hares)

Hares asked and Leina scowled. She also hated the nutritional bars, but she had no choice but to eat them.

"What if it's poisonous?" (Leina)

Leina asked.

Although she wanted to eat the meat and say goodbye forever to the nutritional bars, she was still wary.

"In that case I have this" (Hares)

Hares spoke as he took three glass bottles from his space ring.

[Detoxifying Potion]

Rank: Rare

Type: Medicine

Description: A potion made with a variety of rare and unusual ingredients capable of dealing with almost all types of poison in the world.

These were detox potions that Hares had gotten by luck. They only dropped monsters level 10 or above and were very rare. Although Hares already killed an abundance of monsters level 10 and up and until now he had only gotten these three potions.

Leina looked at the potions and her expression improved a bit, but she still spoke.

"Although this potion is a great item, it still says only" almost all ", how can you say that it can treat the venom of monster meat?" (Leina)

Leina asked.

"It's no use living hesitantly. If we do not take some risks we can not get anywhere "(Hares)

Hares replied.

Leina sighed. Hares was right, if you do not take risks, how can you achieve something?

"If you are so afraid, it's okay. I can eat first and then, if I'm still fine, you eat "(Hares)

Hares offered.

"I look like this kind of person?" (Leina)

Leina answered annoyed and Hares laughed bitterly.

"Well, you know" (Hares)

Hares shrugged.

After a while, the flesh seemed finally to be ready.

Hares took his roasted thigh and looked at her with a look of greed. Feeling the juicy scent of the flesh, Hares swallowed saliva, but still, his saliva still flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Although he said it was all right, in the end Hares was also a bit afraid the flesh would be poisonous. But in the end, the temptation won and Hares took a bite.

As soon as he bit down, the juicy taste of the meat and the tasty juice invaded his mouth. The soft flesh broke on his tongue creating an unrivaled flavor.

Tears streamed from Hares's face. Yes, Hares can not help crying.

-Finally finally!

It was delicious!

After eating that scum for two weeks, Hares finally tasted like real food. Hares had closed his eyes to savor the flesh even more, but when he opened his eyes again, he only saw bone in his hand. Without him even noticing, he had eaten everything!

He glanced forward at Leina and saw her ferociously devouring her other thigh with tears on her face. She was also extremely excited.

Tigress on the other hand was eating the other rabbit that they roasted quietly, totally different from Hares and Leina. For her, although roast beef was new and also much better than raw meat, it was not enough for her to get excited.

Hares and Leina ate the whole rabbit and then baked another before they ate too.

In the end, Hares and Leina divided three rabbits together while the Tigress ate two alone.

Hares had gotten 7 of these rabbits, now there were only two.

"Tomorrow we need to get more!" (Hares)

"I completely agree" (Leina)

"Graww!" (Tigress)

At that moment, all the rabbit monsters felt a cold in the spine and an instinctive fear that had them to hide for five days, saving their lives ...

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