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Chapter 9: Space Ring

Hares took the book in his hand and with a cheerful humor he appraised it.

[Basic Sword Technique]

Rank: Low

Type: Skill

Description: When learning, the user will learn the basics of sword management at the level of a master.

-It really is!

Hares can not help shaking with emotion. It was really as he expected! It was really a way to learn skills. Also, it was a skill that would allow him to learn techniques with sword that is what he most wanted at that moment!

But after Hares calmed down from the excitement, he encountered a problem.

-Uh ... How do I use it?

Hares had no idea how to use the book to learn the skill. He looked at the book and opened it as he thought.

-For now, let's see the content, maybe the way to use it is inside.

Unexpectedly, as Hares opened the book, a white light illuminated the book blinding Hares. When Hares opened his eyes again, the book was gone, but a message appeared in his vision.

[You learned the skill [Basic Sword Technique]].

Hares stared at the message for some time and felt his body fill with emotion. He quickly opened his status screen to take a look and in fact the skill was there!


Level 8

Strength: 19

Resistance: 15

Agility: 26

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 16

Attribute Points: 0

Skills: [Conquest lvl.2] [Basic Sword Technique]

"Hahahah .... ahahahahahahahahahaha "(Hares)

Hares can not help laughing. Anyone could understand their happiness. In this world, strength is everything. If you are not strong you will be dead. Achieving a skill obviously made Hares stronger, so how could he not be happy?

Hares then took his sword and began to swing it.

Unlike the amateur and hard movements of before, the Hares movements became fluid and flexible. It looked like he'd been practicing with a sword for years.

The more he moved the sword, the more Hares felt the changes and the happier he became.

Leina beside him had seen everything that had happened.

Inside the dark space where the machine is, time does not run. That is why even if Hares were to spend years in that space, not even a single second would have passed in reality.

After Hares raffled their items, they all appeared in front of Hares suddenly.

When Hares took the book, his body began to tremble and Leina could obviously see that it was a thrill of emotion.

After that he opened the book and the book flashed before disappearing, and the next moment Hares began to laugh madly.

He then took the sword and began to swing it, but Leina saw that, unlike when he was struggling with her, his moves were now hundreds of times better. It was as if he were a real swordsman who left Leila completely stunned.

She did not know what had happened, but when she remembered the book and thought about a possibility, Leina could not help but open her mouth in shock and look at Hares enviously.

After Hares finished testing his sword skills, he smiled with satisfaction. Only this skill book has made up for all three losses before.

"Ah, that's right" (Hares)

Remembering his last loss, Hares looked toward the ground and saw the ring with a simple red gem lying on the ground.

He sighed.

-Well, whatever. Maybe I can use it to trade for something with some survivor in the future.

Hares thought as he decided to save the ring if it could be useful in the future.

He bent over and picked up the ring to look at it better, but the next moment the evaluation showed a screen in front of him and that screen completely paralyzed Hares.

[Space Ring]

Rank: Lost

Type: Accessory

Description: An almost indestructible ring that contains a large space inside your jewelry capable of containing up to 10 tons.

-This is real…?

Hares was completely frozen.

He just could not believe that this ring he thought was a useless accessory was really such an extraordinary item.

Suddenly, her body began to tremble and her lips could not help but smile. He was so happy that he wanted to explode and scream as loudly as he could, but he restrained himself.

Forcibly suppressing his excitement, Hares took a deep breath and sighed before putting the ring on his finger.

Unfortunately, he still could not suppress his smile.

Leina looked at Hares who had the most brilliant smile she could imagine and spoke.

"You seem to have gained good things" (Hares)

Hares turned around with a big smile on his face and said.

"But of course!" (Hares)

He did not even bother hiding his happiness.

Leina, who was jealous of Hares because of the skill book, wanted to pound her face when she saw his smile. Again, dissatisfaction took over Leina. But unfortunately this time, Hares was not to blame for anything.

Hares then began to walk toward the place where he was sleeping earlier with high-spirits.

Suddenly, he stopped when Leina was not following him.

Thinking about it a little Hares saw the problem then spoke.

"Er ... Miss Leina. Seeing that we are both human beings in this chaotic and cruel world, why do not we work together to survive? After all, having a partner is better than being alone "(Hares)

Leina looked at Hares a little and then sighed.

"OK. I was also looking for other humans anyway. Now that we find ourselves, it's okay to get together "(Leina)

Seeing that Leian agreed, Hares smiled once more.

Tonight was the best night of Hares in this world!

After returning. Leina was completely taken aback and frightened by the appearance of Tigress, but Hares quickly soothed her by explaining that Tigress was his mate. Although Leina was still suspicious, she still accepted the situation.

After that, Hares lay down again on the body of the Tigress ready for bed, but at that moment he remembered something.

I ... I have not been to the bathroom yet ...




"Leave?" (Leina)

Leina asked with a frown.

"of course. Do not tell me you want to stay in this place "(Hares)

Hares asked as if it were obvious.

"Well, that was my plan" (Leina)

Hares looked at Leina with a hard expression.

It was morning. After waking up and having a meal with the disgusting nutritional bar, Hares wanted to continue the journey, but it seemed that Leina had no plans for it.

"I've been walking for a long time already. I want some time to calm down. Also, this place is very quiet and in a much better state than any other building or houses out there. So I wanted to stay here for a few days to rest "(Leina)

Leina with a slightly tired face.

In fact, since coming to this world eight days ago Hares has done nothing but walk and fight. He never had time to stop and calm down a bit. Honestly, Hares himself was also tired and really wanted some time to relax a bit. Unfortunately, Hares could not.

"This is not good!" (Hares)

Hares spoke seriously.

Looking at how serious Hares was, Leina found it odd and asked.

"Why?" (Leina)

"Miss Leina, at this time that you are here resting, do you intend to raise your level?" (Hares)

Hares asked.

"of course not! I said I want to rest, did not I? Why would I fight then? Unless it's a situation where a monster came in here I have no intention of fighting "(Leina)

Leina explained.

Hares's expression darkened and spoke.

"you should not! If you do this you will regret it "(Hares)

This time, Hares not only spoke earnestly, but his expression was terrible too. Leina did not know why Hares was so insistent about it, but she still decided to ask.

"Why?" (Leina)

Hares looked at Leina and spoke.

"Miss Leina, is it possible that you have not noticed yet?" (Hares)

"Did you notice what?" (Leina)

Leina frowned.

"The monsters are getting stronger too!" (Hares)

"!" (Leina)

At that moment, Leina's body contracted.

In fact, as Hares said, the monsters are getting stronger and stronger.

On the first day, only level 1 or 2 monsters like cockroaches or rats showed up with rarely a few higher level monsters. On the second day, level 3 monsters became more common.

On the fourth day, monsters of level 4 and higher began to appear. Not only that, on day 5 onwards monsters who were originally low level began to appear with higher levels.

Each day new monsters appear and more monsters change and become stronger. Currently level 10 monsters are still rare, but level 8 monsters are not.

Leina had not noticed this until now, but after Hares remarked she realized it was indeed true.

"V-you mean that ..." (Leina)

Hares did not speak, just nodded.

Leina bit her lip. She was a smart woman, how could she not understand what Hares meant? In a matter of a few seconds she took the whole essence of the situation.

Hares saw his situation and spoke.

"Well, while it's true that they're getting stronger, I do not think it's going to go on forever. Sooner or later I'm sure the situation will calm down, but unfortunately this is not now. If we let these monsters overtake us in a wide margin it will be very bad "(Hares)

As Hares spoke, although he knew that the monsters were getting stronger, he did not think this situation would last for long. After all, the higher your level, the harder it is to raise it. Now, everyone is weak, level 10 monsters are at their peak. But as time goes on, levels will become increasingly difficult to raise. In the end, all this will take the form of a food chain with monsters and low-level humans at the lowest place in this chain and monsters and humans with the highest levels at the top.

Only after this food chain is formed will the situation stabilize. But not to stay at the lower levels of this chain, Hares had to keep strengthening until everything stabilized. At least, that was what Hares believed.

Leina was silent for a while, then sighed.

"I really wanted to get some rest ..." (Leina)

She spoke with a bitter smile.

Hares also sighed and spoke with an equally bitter smile.

"Yes, I wanted to ..." (Hares)

After that, both of them packed their things.

Hares put all of his luggage in the space ring and offered to put Leina's luggage too, but she refused.

By the way, when Leina saw Hares put her things into the ring she was so envious that Hares thought she was going to eat him alive.

After they finished packing, they left the mall and started walking through the deserted streets of the desolate city.

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