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Chapter 10: The highway

Hares did not know what time it was, but if he had to kick it he would say it would be between 3 and 4pm.

As they walked, Leina walked beside Hares a distance of about 3 meters while slightly behind Hares walked Tigresa.

As he looked up at the sky, Hares spoke.

"Why do you think the sky is purple?" (Hares)

"who knows? Who can explain how this world works? "(Leina)

Leina answered nonchalantly.

"... do you think we can go back?" (Hares)

Hares suddenly asked.

Leina's eyes narrowed as her expression darkened.

"... I think ... maybe ..." (Leina)

"... me too ..." (Hares)

Hares smiled bitterly.

Although Hares always knew that it was practically impossible to return, there was always a spark of hope in his heart, a hope that told him that one day he might return.

"..." (Hares)

"..." (Leina)

They both fell silent.

Everything was quiet now. There was no sound in this ghost town. There was no monster on the road. It was a rare moment of peace in this chaotic world.

"... have you ... encountered other human beings since you arrived?" (Leina)

Leina asked suddenly.

"Besides you I only saw one more, but I did not meet him. It was on the first day. I only saw him from afar, while he was devoured alive by dogs ... "(Hares)

Hares spoke in remembrance of the traumatic scene of the first day.

To this day Hares could not erase that scene from his memory. He could still remember perfectly the screams of agony and despair of the man, as if he could hear them inside his mind.

It was that scene that really cemented Hares' determination to survive. On that day Hares swore he would survive no matter what. It may be cruel, but Hares was happy to have witnessed that scene, because that's what helped him survive until now.

"... I met other human beings before ... on the third day" (Leina)

Leina spoke as she looked up at the sky.

"Ho, then why did not you stay with them?" (Hares)

Hares asked, but Leina's response made him completely astonished.

Leina turned to Hares, and then her gaze became cruel as she said with a faint thirst for blood.

"... because I killed them" (Leina)

Hares's eyes widened and froze in place.

-The ... Killed ...?

Regardless of the stunned state of Hares, Leina walked again as she continued to speak.

"Were four people, three men and one woman. The scene I saw when I met them was terrible "(Leina)

Leina spoke as she clenched her fists and her expression darkened.

"Those three men were ... they were abusing that woman" (Leina)

Leina spoke as her teeth cracked with rage. Hares was amazed.

"When I saw that, I was so angry, so angry. In the end, I killed them before they could even notice what was happening "(Leina)

After Leina said that, she stopped once more and looked at Hares.

"As for the woman. She did not want to live any more, so she asked me to stop her suffering ... I fulfilled her wish ... "(Leina)

She looked at Hares and Hares stared at her.

"... monsters are not our only enemies. Sometimes humans can be worse than monsters ... "(Leina)

At the end of that sentence, Leina continued walking.

Hares was stunned, but as soon as Leina began to walk away, Hares came to him and ran to accompany her.

After picking her up, neither of them said anything else.

Hares looked down at the floor and began to think about what Leina had said.

-Monsters are not our only enemies ...

What she actually said was true.

In this world, the only law that exists and the law of the jungle. The strong eats the weak. As long as you have the strength to do what you want to do, who will be able to do it?

If you want to kill someone, then kill, if you want a woman, take her, if you want an item, steal it, if you want a house, invade it. If you have the strength to accomplish these things, then what will stop you?

There are no laws to maintain order in this world, only force.

Thinking about it, Hares understood more of this world.

Unconsciously, her heart became colder.

He then turned to Leina and looked at her strangely before asking.

"... so ... how could you trust me?" (Hares)

At Hares's question, Leina smiled.

She turned to Hares and spoke.

"When I was defeated, the first thing you did was lend me by hand to raise. Was not it? "(Leina)

Hares's eyes widened for a moment, but then his eyes brightened with understanding and he smiled.

A world where the strong eats the weak. If Hares were such a hateful person then he could have done so by the time he overcame Leina, after all this battle proved that he was stronger than she. Besides, Hares had Tigress, that abnormal monster on his side. If he were to do something to her, how could she stop him?

Just because of this Leina noticed that Hares was not like those men.

Although Leina witnessed that scene, she did not harbor hatred for all human beings, or more precisely, all men. She was a more rational woman than sentimental.

"By the way, if you were going to try to do something for me then I would have killed you with the knife hidden in my clothes" (Leina)

Leina spoke with a smile, but Hares only felt a shiver.


Hares really felt danger now!

In fact, when he came to this world he had won a knife. In the middle of the "things" of the dead man there was also a knife. So the likelihood that Leina had also won a knife as soon as she arrived was almost certain.

If Hares was told that he had not felt anything when he saw Leina's Goddess-level beauty at that moment he would be lying, but now he was really thanking him that he was not a person easily influenced by his desires.

If he had succumbed to his desires and tried to do something immoral at that time he would definitely have died!

With Hares sweating coldly and Leina with a bright smile, the three continued to walk in the ghost town.




After walking for some time, they reached a large bridge that crossed a large highway.

The highway was extremely long and stretched to the horizon.

Hares was not interested in the highway, he was interested in the city on the other side of the highway. The highway was so extensive that it is as if the city were separated into two halves. The half they were in and the other half on the other side of the highway.

-Should we cross the bridge to the other side or continue looking for humans on this side?

Hares was in doubt.

As he was thinking, Leina started walking toward the bridge.

Seeing this, Hares called it.

"Hey, wait" (Hares)

"What is it?" (Leina)

Leina asked confused.

"I do not know if we should go. Maybe we should look on this side for a few more days "(Hares)

"what is the difference? It does not matter if it's this side or that side, both are huge. No matter how hard we look, we will not be able to cover everything anyway "(Leina)

"... it's true ..." (Hares)

"saw? Now let's go "(Leina)

Leina spoke as she continued walking.

Hares sighed and followed.

The bridge was not so long. After walking for about 5 minutes they had already come in half.

As the day was approaching the end. Both had the intention of sheltering after crossing the bridge.

Looking down the highway, Hares saw hundreds of rusty, unusable abandoned cars. It was a very strange scenario indeed. It was not as if the cars had stopped in a row, as if the owners were stuck in traffic and decided to abandon the vehicles. The cars were all randomly on the road. In addition, their number was not massive enough to form a closed transit.

There were a few cars that came off the road, some that had hit each other. Some were turned upside down or diagonally. It was a real mess as if the drivers had disappeared into the air as they drove.

Hares did not know what happened in this world. Maybe nothing has really happened and only God or whatever created this world set the scene that way to coincide with a post-apocalyptic scenario before dragging them here.

The bridge itself was also in a terrible state. There were cracks on all sides and several parts of the bridge had collapsed. Vegetation filled these cracks and even a small tree was scavenging over the bridge. If it were not so tragic it would definitely be a beautiful setting.

"What do you think happened in this world before we arrived?" (Hares)

Hares suddenly asked.

Leina glanced toward the highway below and spoke.

"Does not appear to have been a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane. Also there does not seem to be any kind of zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion. Maybe it was the sudden appearance of monsters, but if it was really that the city would be in a much worse state, after all I do not think humans would simply die without fighting and the fight would definitely have left many marks in the city, but beyond the marks of the time, there is no mark of great battle. If I were to make a guess, it would be a situation where all humanity died at the same time, but that is also unlikely, otherwise human bones would be everywhere, but there is not any. It's as if all humans suddenly disappeared at the same time ... "(Leina)

Hares nodded at her answer. He had come to almost the same conclusions as she did.

"May have -!" (Hares)

Crack! *

Suddenly, as the three of them were walking on the bridge, a crackling sound ran through the room.

The next moment, Hare felt the floor at his feet collapse.

"AAAHHH !!!" (Hares)

"KYAAA !!" (Leina)

"GRAAWWW" (Tigress)

The three of them screamed as they fell toward the highway below.


The wreckage of the bridge fell, creating the sound of explosions and raising a dense curtain of dust.

Hares hit his back on the floor and felt the pain of the impact making him close his teeth.

Luckily his body was already greatly strengthened by the increase in his resistance status, so even falling from that height he was well. Besides, no wreckage fell on him, which was another stroke of luck, otherwise it would have been terrible.

"Cof * cof *" (Hares)

Hares began to cough from the smoke and rose from the floor.

"Leina! Tigress! Where are they? "(Hares)

Hares started to scream trying to find them both.

"Cof * I'm here cof *" (Leina)

"Graaww" (Tigress)

Leina's voice reached his ears as Tigresa appeared at his side.

He followed Leina's voice and found her not far away. On Leina's forehead was a cut that shed blood on her handsome face. Unlike Hares who left unharmed, Leina suffered a wound even though it was a minor injury.

"Are you okay?" (Hares)

"Yes, it's just a little cut" (Leina)

Leina answered as she rubbed the blood on her face.

Seeing that Leina was well, Hares breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked up toward the bridge and felt depressed.

"Why she collapsed right now!" (Hares)

He complained.

Although the bridge was already in a terrible state, Hares did not think it would collapse because of the weight of the three.

"Well, whatever. Let's continue "(Hares)

Hares was about to turn to continue walking toward the other side when suddenly, out of the smoke, a figure jumped in his direction and Hares had no way of reacting.

"GRAWWW!" (Tigress)

Tigress screamed furiously and hit the back with claws.

The volte knocked to the ground with the claws of Tigress exploded in blood.

[[Tigress] killed [Blue-Eye Lizard] level 8 and you gained 425 of EXP].

"But that ..." (Hares)

When Hares noticed, the smoke created by the collapse of the bridge dispersed and they were already surrounded.

Around him, dozens of dog-sized lizards were encircling them on all sides. His number was simply too high, Hares believed there were at least 100!

He immediately pulled out his sword and spoke.

"I do not know if I consider this luck or chance" (Hares)

"Lucky?" (Leina)

Leina asked as she took the spear from her back.

"clear. After all, is not that a great opportunity to level up? "(Hares)

Hares asked, smiling.

Hearing what Hares said, Leina smiled.

"Maybe you're right" (Leina)

After that, the three of them began to fight the lizards.

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