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Author: pervertgentlemen

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Chapter 1: The World of Azevich

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a completely dark place.

He looked around confused, but there was nothing, nothing but an infinite darkness.

"where I am?"(???)

He asked, but no one answered.

Being in a strange and unfamiliar place, he began to feel fear and anxiety, but when he tried to move, he noticed that besides turning his head, he could not move.

Frightened, he asked.

"what is happening!?"(???)

Suddenly, testicles began to appear in front of him.

[Welcome, Hares, to the world of "Azevich". You were one of the 1 million humans selected to be reborn in this world. Please rotate the wheel to select a special skill.]

As that line of text appeared in front of Hares, a strange game machine with a side lever appeared in front of it as the words "pull the lever" were written on the machine screen.

Hares was completely confused, he had no idea what was happening.

-World Azevich? Reborn? Selected? What the hell!?

Hares had no idea what was happening. He tried to remember how he came here, or at least what he was doing before he ended up here, but when he tried to remember, Hares was frightened.

"Eh? But what ... "(Hares)

Hares could not remember anything!

In addition to his name, age and common sense, Hares could not remember anything!

He did not remember who he was before he got here. He could not remember who his parents were, could not even remember if he had any friends, his mind was practically blank!

Hares's heart began to panic quickly as his breathing grew heavy as his mind began to be overcome with fear.

His eyes began to wander as he tried to remember something, but no matter how hard he tried, there was nothing!

[Please pull the lever.]

As Hares was getting desperate, suddenly the line of text appeared in front of Hares.

Hares looked at the text line as he breathed heavily, then glanced toward the machine.

Hares stopped breathing for a moment then took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Okay, let's not think about it now. For now, let's do what is saying, maybe I can find out something later "(Hares)

Hares murmured to himself to calm himself, but his heart was still beating fast.

As he calmed down a little, Hares looked at the lever of the machine. He tried to reach for the lever and noticed that other than before he could now move his body, but only his right arm. His left arm and legs were still paralyzed.

Holding the lever, Hares pulled it and then with a clicking sound the machine screen began to change.

On the screen, words began to flash at incredible speed. The change of words on the screen was happening so fast that Hares could not even distinguish the letters from the text.

Suddenly another screen of text appeared in front of Hares again.

[Pull the lever again to sort out your ability.]

Doing as the text commanded, Hares pulled the lever again and as he pulled, the texts on the screen stopped blinking and a single word was fixed on the screen.


The word conquest was written on the screen.

"Conquest?" (Hares)

Hares looked confused, and the next moment a new screen appeared in front of him.


Level 1

Rank: God

Type: Unique

Description: One of the four skills in the "Apocalypse" series. With this ability you will possess the ability to become the absolute ruler over everything in the world by making everything and everyone stand on your feet and be unable to oppose you.


[subordination]: Allows you to subordinate a creature that surrendered to you.

-The subordinate creature has become unable to injure or go against user orders and will be completely loyal to the user.

-In case of life-threatening to the user, the subordinate can increase his general capacities by 10% to protect the life of the user.

-number of subordinates allowed: 1

Looking at the screen, Hares came to a sudden understanding.

Then that's it. But…

Hares stared at the screen for a little while before his lips twitched and he thought unsatisfied.

Although the description does seem incredible, in the end, this ability is not so good, in fact, it may even be considered very weak!

The ability to subordinate a creature, in addition, is only able to subordinate a single creature. No matter how you see this is not a skill that would allow you to rule over everything, just about a single creature!

Suddenly, the skill screen disappeared and three new screens appeared in front of Hares.

[Congratulations on selecting your skill. Check your status and distribute your attribute points before being sent to the world of Azevich.]


Strength = Physical Strength

Agility = Speed of movement and reaction.

Resistance = Body defense and resistance to pain.

Intelligence = Mental force

Vitality = Life force and stamina.


Level 1

Strength: 10

Resistance: 5

Agility: 8

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 12

Attribute points: 5

Skills: [conquest nv.1]

When he looked at the screen, Hares found it interesting and began to analyze it.

Strength was his personal physical strength, it was easy to understand that.

Agility was also very simple to understand.

Resistance, Hares estimated that it was his body resistance, such as the hardness of his bones.

Intelligence, according to the description said to be his mental strength, but Hares did not understand what mental strength was.

Vitality, Hares estimated I would be his ability to resist injuries and his energy.

When he thought about it, Hares's heart leaped.

Did not that mean Hares would have to fight in this "Azevich" world in which he was going?

Although Hares had no memory of the past, he was still certain that he had never fought before.

Again, anxiety began to take hold of Hares.

Noticing that he was in despair again, Hares tried to take a deep breath to calm himself again.

Breathing one, two, three times, Hares finally calmed down again.

He looked back at the screen and looked at the five points to be allocated.

After a bit of thought, Hares decided to put two points on strength, two points on agility and a little on endurance. To distribute them, Hares did not need to move and only needed to be.


Level 1

Strength: 12

Resistance: 6

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 7

Vitality: 12

Attribute points: 0

Skills: [conquest nv.1]

Strength to attack, agility to dodge, and endurance to protect yourself.

Although he did not think a point of resistance was to change anything, it was still better than nothing.

He thought of putting a couple of points on vitality, but he did not think that even five whole points would make a difference in that case.

As for intelligence, Hares did not know what mental strength meant. Plus, he did not find it necessary by now.

When he finished allocating the dots, the screens disappeared and then a new screen appeared in front of Hares with a timer.

[Now that you have received your skill and finished distributing your attribute points, prepare to enter the world of Azevich at: 00:03.]

When the counter hit 0, Hares felt his consciousness fade like the fire of an extinct candle.




Not knowing how much time had passed, Hares woke up again.

This time, Hares did not remain in a dark place. He was in a clear place as day. Hares was lying on a concrete floor, but he did not rise from the floor.

That's why as soon as Hares opened his eyes, he was shocked!

As he lay on the floor, his sight upon opening his eyes was obviously toward the sky. But the sky Hares was seeing, the sky that his common sense claimed to be blue was actually purple!

Not only was the sky purple, as though the environment was clear as day, there was no sun! On the contrary, there was a gigantic moon in the purple sky, moreover, it was a red moon!

The purple sky gleamed brightly as if there were several stars, but these stars blinked like Christmas lights instead of stars, Hares thought it looked more like glitter.

Due to the shock, Hares remained lying on the ground for some time before finally coming back to himself.

When he came to himself, Hares sat on the floor and looked at himself.

He was wearing an ordinary clothing set and there did not seem to be anything wrong with his body. If he went to point out something wrong, it was the strange case on his leg.

When he opened the case and pulled out what was inside, Hares felt shocked once more.

It was a knife!

When Hares looked at the military knife in his hand, another screen of text appeared in his vision.

[Military Knife]

Rank: Common

Type: White Weapon

Sharpness: 5

Durability: 3/3

In addition to the knife, there were also two rolls of bandage used to bite wounds and a box with cotton.

Looking at the knife and the bandages and the cotton, Hares confirmed his suspicions.

To be handed this to him by the time he reached this place, it was more than clear that he would have to fight.

Feeling a little nervous, Hares rose from the floor. But as soon as he did, he froze again.

With his mouth wide open, Hares stared at the scene in front of him in complete amazement.

In front of him was a city, a great city. In addition, Hares may note that his current location was at the top of a building, allowing him to have a broad view of that city.

But that was not really the problem. The problem was the city itself!

Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if humanity suddenly disappeared?

What would happen to buildings, cars, machines, and all this without human maintenance?

Hares could now have an idea of that.

In front of him was a large city.

Buildings and houses spilled toward the horizon as far as Hares could see. The problem was that this city looked like a city that had been abandoned by hundreds, if not thousands of years!

Trees grew well in the middle of the street. The vegetation took over the buildings covering much of this jungle of concrete with green. Some buildings were even collapsed due to wear and tear. There were abandoned rusty cars in the street. Glasses of broken shops. Moreover, besides Hares himself, he could see no sign of any living creature!

It was as if he were the only person in the world!


Strangely, looking at this scenario, Hares did not feel fear, did not feel nervous, nor did he feel anxious.

He did not understand, but he was calm.

Hares looked up at the sky.

The purple sky with a gigantic red moon festooned with sparkling stars. Next to the scenery of an abandoned city dominated by nature. Usually, any one would feel panic.

But Hares was calm.

Previously, inside that dark place, Hares felt fear and anxiety, but here, he was calm.

It was so strange ...

Hares even thought it was influence of something. Perhaps they had done something in his mind that led him to accept the situation before coming to this place?

Hares did not believe it ...

As he looked up at the sky. Suddenly, a tear fell on Hares' face. In the next moment, another tear went down the other eye, and another, and another, and another ...

"Ahahahaha ...." (Hares)

Hares laughed weakly as tears streamed down his face.

He had understood ...

Looking at this purple sky, Hares had understood.

No matter what kind of life he has had in the past, it does not matter what kind of person he has been.

It did not matter, because Hares could not come back.

Looking at the purple sky, Hares had understood that he could no longer return to the place from which he had come.

When Hares thought about it, the tears began to flow.

It was so strange ...

Hares could not remember a thing. He had no memory of the past.

He did not know who his parents were, did not know who his friends were, did not know if he had a girlfriend or brothers, nor knew what kind of life he had lived.

He did not know whether his life was good or not. He did not know whether he had suffered or not.

Hares knew nothing.

But when he thought he could not come back, unconsciously, tears began to flow.

He could not tell if they were tears of happiness or sadness.

Perhaps he had a perfect life, and he was distressed that he could not return. Or maybe, his life was extremely hard before, so he felt happy not to have to return.

He did not know…

He did not know, but the tears claimed that his former life had definitely been remarkable in some way.

Hares wiped his tears and sniffled.

"Well ... never mind. Thinking about it will not help now. Now I have to think about what I should do from here "(Hares)

Hares then turned around for the purpose of finding a way out of place, but froze again as soon as he turned.

When he turned, Hares saw something completely unexpected.

A few feet behind him, looking at him cautiously, there was a cockroach!

The problem was ... This cockroach was as big as a dog!

When Hares glared at the cockroach, suddenly a screen appeared in front of Hares.


Level 2

Type: Insect

Strength: 3

Resistance: 10

Agility: 14

Intelligence: 1

Vitality: 15


"..." (Hares)


"..." (Hares)


"@ # $%!" (Hares)

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