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Chapter 5: Vs Infernal Tiger

When the tiger looked at Hares and noticed his intentions he could not help looking at Hares with disdain.

A mere human, and one so weak, dare to challenge it? This could only be a joke!

As a unique species, the tiger's intelligence was only slightly inferior to that of humans. How could he not understand the actions of Hares?

The tiger even found the situation amusing. The prey that was just fleeing desperately was now wanting to face him. Why do not we play around for a bit? The tiger decided.

Hares on the other hand was looking at the tiger with a tense expression.

With his strength, for the tiger kills him would be extremely easy. Against this enemy, Hares would have to give 200% of himself. One wrong step and he would die instantly.

The tiger did not immediately attack Hares. He started to circle it as he growled.

Hares followed the tiger's movements and did not allow his back to be exposed. If the tiger went to attack him from behind it would be extremely difficult to defend himself.

After some time surrounding Hares, the tiger finally advanced.

With his agility of 30, he reached Hares in an instant. Unlike before, he did not jump toward Hares, instead he raised his paw with the intention of attacking Hares.

Hares did not deviate. When he saw the attack of the tiger coming, he attacked!

Holding the small sword in both hands, Hares swung it against the tiger's paw with all its strength.

The sword hit the tiger's paw resulting in blood flying through the air, but despite this, the tiger's attack was not interrupted and hit Hares's chest full.

Hares felt the throb in his chest and a hot stream invaded his throat forcing him to vomit. Red blood came out of his mouth and he was thrown back. Several yards before hitting the back wall of a building across the street.


The tiger on the other hand screamed in pain. Although he managed to hit Hares, Hares's attack also hit him by cutting his paw deep into the bone. The tiger looked at Hares lying on the ground with eyes burning with anger.

Hares on the other hand was trying to get off the ground, but the pain in his chest was extremely agonizing. He coughed even more blood as he tried to stand up. It was obvious that this attack had hurt his internal organs. His ribcage seemed to have cracked and some broken ribs. He even found it difficult to breathe proving that his lung had been injured. But despite this, Hares smiled.

Although he received an extremely serious injury, he successfully managed to injure the tiger. Just as he suspected, with the new sword he could cut off the thick skin of the tiger. In addition, as poison paralyzing the tiger would probably have difficulty moving around giving many opportunities for Hares to attack.

After a fight, Hares stood up with difficulty. But when he looked at the tiger, he saw that the tiger was already running toward him. No, the tiger was already in front of you!


The angry roar of the tiger sounded. He was obviously furious. For his self-lofty creature to receive such a grievous injury from such a weak human was a great humiliation!

Hares had tremendous pain and great difficulty breathing and moving. So when the tiger approached him, he gritted his teeth and used every force of his body to move, ignoring all the pain.

The tiger struck with his paw once more, but Hares rolled to the side and swerved. The tiger's paw slammed into the wall of the building, destroying it completely.

Hares did not know about his past, but his body still possessed memory of his habits. Because of this he knew that he had trained his body which made him stronger than a human being who had never trained. The result of this was a natural force of more than 10, but the tiger was almost triple that. With this force and the fact that the wall of the buildings are practically rotten due to the time it was really easy for him to destroy them.

Due to the destruction of the wall the dust of the destruction flew by the environment lowering the visibility. Hares who had rolled across the floor felt his body scream in mercy, but he endured.

He stepped forward and cut off the curtain of smoke even though he could not see what was inside. Fortunately, he felt the sensation of cutting through the flesh and heard the tiger's unhappy cry.

After cutting the tiger, Hares tried to retreat back. But before he could back away, the tiger leapt out of the smoke with its claws extended forward and its jaw open. With no time to dodge, the tiger hit Hares by taking him to the ground and bit his shoulder.

"AAAAAHHHHH !!!!!" (Hares)

With only a bite, Hares felt the tiger's teeth sink into his flesh and break his bones. With just that bite the bones of his shoulder were practically shredded.

The tiger then started applying pressure and pulling his head back to pluck Hares's flesh. The pain that Hares was suffering was simply unbearable. And panicked, Hares stabbed his sword into the tiger's body.

The sword penetrated the body of the tiger and due to the pain the tiger opened its mouth to scream. This gave Hares an opening to kick off from his body. With only his strength it would not be easy to get the tiger out of him, but what Hares had not noticed yet was that the paralyzing poison had already begun to take effect and the tiger began to feel his body weaker and harder to move, to withstand Hares' shot and allowed Hares to push him away from his body.

Having thrown the tiger out of his body. Hares rolled back and stood up. He looked down at her shoulder and could only see exposed blood stained red blood, his shoulder had been completely destroyed!

The tiger was feeling unhappy. Although his prey was extremely weak, he was still wounded again and again by this "easy prey." In addition, he began to feel his body more and more difficult to move. Numbness was taking over his muscles and he was having to use twice as much force as it would take to move. He was not sure, but he had a hunch that this numbness was the fault of the human being in front of him.

The tiger roared fiercely as he looked at Hares. Hares returned his gaze with his own angry look. How could he not be furious? Suddenly he was thrown into an unfamiliar world, his past was completely erased and he did not even know what underwear he used to wear. He was forced to fight for his life with strange creatures while he had to eat a nutritional bar with a taste of old vomit to fight hunger and now he was having to fight for his life against a monster many times stronger than him, all in only three days. Is there anyone who would not be frustrated after going through these things? Now his shoulder was destroyed, his internal organs injured, and his chest broken. The pain he was feeling was so much that he should be praised for staying conscious so far. He was tired, in pain and hungry, how could he not be angry?

But now was not the time to mourn his bad luck. If he cared he would be killed. Although this world is so cruel and difficult to live that it would be far better to be dead, Hares did not want to die yet.

-How could I die? Although I do not remember my past I'm sure I have not slept with a woman yet! How could I die a virgin !? No, definitely not!

Hares internally shouted an excuse to stay determined.

Exhaling, Hares looked at the tiger and tightened his grip on the sword. At that moment, the tiger advanced. As the tiger advanced, Hares noticed that the tiger's movements were less gentle than before and he seemed to be struggling a bit to move. The poison was working!

Realizing this fact, Hares's eyes could not help shining. A smile spread his lips, but he still did not lower his guard. Although the tiger seemed to have been weakened by the paralyzing poison, this tiger was still an extraordinarily strong monster, Hares definitely would not forget that fact. He would not forget that one wrong step and he would die.

The tiger approached Hares and jumped, but Hares dodged to the side and swerved. When Hares was about to turn to attack. Suddenly something wrapped around his neck, the tiger had actually used his syrup to curl around Hares's neck.

With his syrup, the tiger pulled Hares to the ground in front of him.

Hares fell to the ground and the tiger quickly directed his open jaw toward Hares's neck.

Noting this, Hares quickly turned his body to escape. As he turned, Hares did not forget to swing his sword and cut the tiger's body.

The sword of Hares drew a cut on the tiger's body by spraying blood through the air. This time the tiger did not scream, he endured the pain of the attack and raised his paw to hit Hares, but Hares spun again and pulled away before rising.

The tiger's paw that hit the ground created a crack in the ground, but as soon as it hit its paw on the ground, the tiger used that force to propel his body forward and approach Hares.

Hares watched the tiger approach, then stepped into position and pierced his sword forward. The tiger saw the Hares attack and easily deflected to the side. After deflecting the tiger, he waved his paw forward, striking the abdomen of Hares, creating a deep cut that pulverized blood through the air. The beating of the tiger not only opened a deep wound in the abdomen of Hares but also flung it back.

As he was hurled, Hares again spat blood and fell to the ground.

A large wound opened in his abdomen that began to shed blood without stopping. The tiger's claws were as sharp as knives. Earlier, because Hares cut off the tiger's paw he managed to deflect his claws, so he only received the force of the impact that tossed him back and broke his chest. But now the claws had hit his abdomen full, creating deep wounds.

More blood was vomited out of Hares's mouth, but despite being in a pitiful state, Hares was still smiling.

When he looked at the tiger, he saw that the tiger was standing. The tiger was looking at Hares with an expression of infinite rage. If looks could kill Hares it would be shattered by the tiger's gaze.

Hares knew that the tiger was already reaching the limit of what it could resist against the paralyzing poison. Probably at this point for the tiger, moving was almost impossible.

The tiger looked at Hares and then lifted his paw and took a step forward. As soon as he took that step, the tiger stopped again. The tiger's breathing was harsh, it was obvious that this single step had demanded great strength from the tiger. The tiger then raised his front and rear paw and took another step before stopping again. He looked at Hares who was struggling to get up and then tried to take another step. Unfortunately, as soon as he tried to take that step, his body leaned to the side and he fell to the ground.

"GRRAAAWWWW" (tiger)

The tiger roared depressed. Unfortunately, he could no longer move his body, he was completely paralyzed.

Using the sword as support, Hares slowly made his way up and managed to stand up after much fighting.

Hares then looked at the tiger and smiled. When the tiger saw the smile of Hares he felt his whole body shiver. To the tiger, Hares' smile was the most evil smile a living being could make.

Hares who had stood up looked at the euphoric tiger. In the end he did it!

Although he suffered a lot to beat this tiger, in the end he still won!

Ignoring all the protests of his body, enduring an absurd pain, Hares stepped forward toward the tiger. Looking at the tiger lying helpless, Hares's eyes gleamed with gain and thirst for blood. This tiger was so strong so he obviously would drop good items, would not he?

Blood that covered Hares' entire body fell to the ground leaving a trail of blood as he walked.

The tiger who saw Hares approaching knew his intention. At that moment, all the hatred and anger that the tiger had vanished. Instead, another feeling even more powerful than the previous feelings took hold of his heart.


From the moment the tiger was born he had a great strength. His strength far outweighed any creature he had encountered. As a result he easily killed them and raised their level getting even stronger. Because of his great strength he became proud and fearless, as there was nothing that could threaten him, he never knew the fear.

But now, he has.

For the first time since his birth, the tiger felt fear.

Fear is really a special feeling. No matter how strong you are, how noble you are, how proud you are. In the face of fear, you are powerless!

Faced with fear, all strength, all nobility, all pride, none of this makes sense. None of this matters at all. Faced with fear, everything else flies away from your mind. When fear takes over you, you become just a scared kitten. Even this powerful and proud tiger is no different.

The tiger began to look at Hares in fear. His frightened look begging for mercy did not enter Hares's sight. The only one in Hares's mind now was the EXP and the items he would gain after killing this tiger. Besides, this tiger had made him suffer so much, how could he show mercy?

"GRRAAWWW" (tiger)

When Hares came to the front of the tiger he roared trying to scare Hares, but his roar did not have any spirit, that roar was no different from a crying child screaming to leave.

Hares did not care for his cry. He raised his sword and pointed it at the tiger's throat and lowered it.

The tip of the sword approached the tiger's throat and the tiger saw it as if it were passing in slow motion.

As the tip of the sword was about to penetrate the tiger's neck, a message suddenly appeared in front of Hares.

[The [Infernal Tiger] surrendered, would you like to subordinate him?]

As soon as this message appeared, Hares stopped. The tiger thought it was his end, but suddenly the human stopped. In the end, the sword only penetrated the surface of the tiger's skin and did not sink further.

Hares stared at the stunned message.

-Subordine it?

It was then that Hares remembered.


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