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Chapter 6: six

Jeongguk was still reeling.

His mind was fuzzy, body numb and airy, and he swore he passed out a little because suddenly his vision was coming back in focus and there was his eldest hyung, still straddling his thighs, but now palming himself through his jeans. Jin tossed his head back, hissing at the friction.

Jeongguk's mouth went dry at the sight. His doe eyes watched as Jin unzipped his jeans, pushing them and his boxers down just enough to settle under his balls and the cleft of his ass so his length could breathe freely.

His hyung sighed as he wrapped a hand around himself, completely unbothered by the fact he had two of his band members watching from beneath him.

Jin's cock was longer than it was thick. It suited him — tall and thin like the rest of him, but pretty and dazzling all the same.

Jeongguk's fingers twitched. "H-hyung," he whined.

Jin's heavy—lidded eyes fluttered open to meet the youngest's. His hand still pumped his own length even as he spoke, "Yes, Ggukie? Ah…Fuck—"

"C-can I?" His reached an arm out, making grabby hands. "Wan' help."

"Shit—yeah, lemme help you."

It took considerable effort to stop his movements and his cock throbbed at the lack of attention, but Jin reached out and guided Jeongguk's hand to replace his own.

They both gasped as the maknae's fingers wrapped around his length. Jin was hot—heavy under Jeongguk's palm. The weight was unfamiliar and he flailed around in panic before Jin's hand covered his, tightening the grip.

"N-now, just…slide your hand up-" Jin instructed, guiding Jeongguk's hand. "Tighten your fist — yeah, shit…Like that."

With Jin's guidance, Jeongguk pumped his cock, tugging and pulling. His length twitched under his hand, a glob of precome drizzling out and coating his fingers, making the slide wetter, messier. His pace quickened, watching in amazement as his hyung keened, arms giving out and collapsing on top of Jeongguk, head falling into the crook of his shoulder. Jin's head was just right above his temple, mouth dropping open and releasing sweet, nasally moans into the air, high in pitch and lovely in color, and lips accidentally brushing against the lobe of Namjoon's ear.

Jeongguk felt his hyung underneath him shiver, arms tightening their grip around his tiny waist.

Jin thrusted into the tight grip around his cock, hips rocking into the maknae's. Jeongguk's fist bumped into his own half chub at the action and his ass pressed back into Namjoon's crotch. Jin's nasally keen mixed with Jeongguk's squeak and Namjoon's startled groan into an unexpectedly beautiful harmony.

"S-sorry, Joon…" Jin panted, upper body lax but hips refusing to still despite his effort.

A pressure built up in the lower part of Jeongguk's back and it wasn't until he wiggled to relieve it that he realized what it was.

"Hyungie…." he whined. "I t-think Joonie-hyung likes it…"

Jin's head perked up, chin digging into Jeongguk's shoulder as he locked eyes with Namjoon. The rapper's pupils were blown wide, eyelids fluttering with every press of Jeongguk's ass against his growing erection. His mouth popped open, lips glistening with saliva as groans were steadily pulled from his throat.

"Joonie," Jin whined.

"I-I'm sorry, I…I didn't mean—" He was cut off with a choked moan as Jin dug his hips in harder.

"God, no, I love it. Don't — don't apologize." Jin let out a wet laugh. He pulled Jeongguk's hand off his cock, bracing both arms beside the bodies beneath him. "Colors?"


"Fucking hell, hyung — green!"

A lazy smile flashed upon Jin's plump lips before it was replaced with a loud moan as he thrusted against Jeongguk, their bare cocks rubbing deliciously together and pushing the maknae's ass right into Namjoon's clothed erection. A plethora of sounds were released from the three of them —staccato moans, unsteady squeaks, and reverberating groans filling the hot, sticky air.

Jeongguk could hardly think, could hardly breathe. His hyungs were bracketing him in their arms, holding him close, skin against skin, skin against denim. Hands reaching and fingers intertwining. Hips rocking. Breathe mingling.

Jeongguk felt the tingling in his belly from earlier, the flame licking at his gut.


"I know, baby." Jin's breath tickled the tip of his ear. "'M close too…"

"F-fuck…you both are doing so well. Feel so good," Namjoon rambled, his brain going fuzzy at the pleasure. "So well for your hyung. So good for your dongsaengs."

Jeongguk's body seized at the praise, dick twitching against Jin's, thighs tensing as he spilled, adding to the mess on his tummy.

"Such a good baby, cumming so well. Gonna make your hyungs cum too like a good boy?" The oldest muttered praises and encouragements to the both of them, trying to find his own release as well as Namjoon's.

Jeongguk's body was numb, mind light and empty from his second orgasm. But he rocked his hips. Forwards into Jin. Backwards into Namjoon. Forwards. Backwards. Forwards. Backwards. Like a good boy. A good baby. His hyung's baby.

Baby, baby, baby, baby—

Jin's hips faltered, driving into Jeongguk hard one final time before he choked on a sob, body tensing as he came, cum shooting up between their two bodies, mixing with Jeongguk's release.

Jeongguk cried out, body shivering intensely. His vision darkened momentarily — a premature orgasm wracking through him from seeing his hyung cumming.

Namjoon cursed as he came in his boxers, soiling the material and twitching under the two bodies on top of him.

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