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Chapter 6: Ruptured Rupees Vs Giant Beast

in the west of the palace, there was a 2 meter high stage with a shiny white stone floor. almost 10 meters wide. this place is usually made for entertainment stages. very rarely are there battles held here. but today, there will be a fight between the sons and daughters of the most powerful people in Malangka Raya, one representing the Kingdom Absolute Government and one representing the Sect's Power that is no less powerful. The capital of Malangka Raya was in uproar, many voices who deliberately spread this news, it was predictable that the action of the Black Flower Sect wanted this event to be seen by all the people of the capital of Malangka Raya. the point is clear so that if Prince Amuk Tian loses, he cannot return to his own words.

There is a higher stage, right in front of the stage of the duel arena. This stage is for high-class audiences. just one hour before the duel began, all the places around the arena The duel stage was full of spectators. almost all residents of the Kingdom's capital were present to witness this historic event. Rupawan's defect against the Great Giant became an unofficial title of this duel. refers to the handsome handsome appearance of Prince Amuk Tian but is considered deformed because he cannot process Prana and a large Tall Body like the giant Ayu Himpun plus his face which is far from beautiful.

Staged by high-class audiences, all government and military officials present alongside officials from the Black Flower Sect who all have faces full of happy smiles, in contrast to the faces of the Malangka Raya Kingdom Government and Military officials. all are compact with sour faces.

"Wungu, what do you think of Prince Amuk Tian?" a man who seemed to be in his forties, he had a powerful Prana that felt as large as an ocean, a large tall man wearing white bwat kling, clothes that could only be worn by high-ranking officials. his name is Rakryan Apatih Panji Elam, his position is Mahapatih Hamangkubumi or the Prime Minister, heads all Kingdom Soldiers.

"Stupid, ignorant, embarrassing." a young girl, the same age as Prince Amuk Tian, ​​long black hair with eyes sparkling like a star in the sky, a white scarf increasingly highlighting her angelic appearance. the answer is cold and straightforward does not reduce the charm. he is Dyah Kencana Wungu, daughters of Rakryan Apatih Panji Elam. True genius, perfect on all sides. there were rumors that Rajakumara Rajasa Gajah Anom had proposed a proposal for matchmaking Dyah Kencana Wungu and Prince Amuk Tian, ​​but the Rakryan Apatih Panji Elam refuted it gently.

"Don't talk like that my daughter, Prince Amuk Tian is actually not too bad, after she can process Prana, her future will not be limited."

"My goal is to reach the Bhumi stage and become a soldier like father. I don't think about marriage."

"His Excellency Rajakumara Rajasa Gajah Anom and Duke Anom Prince Amuk Tian came ..." shouted the Bhayangkara Guard notifying the arrival of the Kingdom Ruler and his son. all officials, members of the sect and the people bow, pay their respects to their king.

Rajakumara Rajasa Gajah Anom came wearing a wdihan ambay ambay, complete with accessories and crown, beside him Prince Amuk Tian only wore thin silk without accessories just kept wearing a headband with the symbol of the dragon's head in the middle. the two walked along with a big smile on their lips. astonishment struck the faces of royal officials. wasn't yesterday the King was still so worried about the fate of his son, but why is he now smiling happily. did the King also just hit his head, just like Prince Amuk Tian.

"Now it's time for Nyai Ayu. Please start ... Come on, my child shows the power of a Prince Malangka Raya ..." commanded Rajakumara Rajasa Gajah Anom after arriving at his seat, glancing at Nyi Ayu Lembah with a slightly provocative smile.

"Coincidentally, Your Majesty the King ... My daughter is indeed impatient to meet her future husband .."

"BOMM ... !!!" a loud explosion surprised everyone. a large body standing in the middle of the stage, ken or the cloth is red with a black flower symbol in the middle. Menor makeup and large twin bulges on her chest that are a sign that this person is a woman.

"My husband's candidate ... Come on down ... I can't wait to play with you ..." a flirty hoarse voice made everyone's fur stand up. all eyes looked at Prince Amuk Tian, ​​waiting for the prince's reaction.

For a moment Prince Amuk Tian's face was pale, blood had risen in his throat, facing the gaze of tens of thousands of eyes, would be an eternal joke if he suddenly fell.

I certainly can, this is my first test ... after taking a deep breath. Prince Amuk Tian stomped his feet and his body flew to the stage. in contrast to the landing of Ayu Himpun who made a sound like a falling elephant. Prince Amuk Tian's landing without sounding at all, so elegant, so classy.

"The movement to lighten his body is truly extraordinary. Apparently we have been fooled by this child. Really an interesting child ..." said Rakryan Apatih Panji Elam increasingly interested.

"This father hasn't started yet. We see what will happen next ..." the Princess objected, even though there was a curious ray of light in her eyes.

"Right ... really. It's still too early ..."

"My husband's candidate, what game will we play?" Ayu Himpun asked while slowly walking towards Prince Amuk Tian.

Resisting the urge to vomit, Prince Amuk Tian reflexively retreated slowly backwards.

"Uhuk..sis ... Sister Ayu ... if Sister Ayu can arrest me, then I am considered defeated." great body weakness is lacking speed. after studying Godong's body, even though he had not achieved a small success, to avoid Ayu Himbun was not a difficult job.

"Hu ... hu ... hu ... apparently we want to play catch - catch. OK, my future husband." ending his words, Ayu himpun immediately jumped forward by stretching her hands out. this movement is more appropriately called a hug than a catch.

realized his fate if he got caught by Ayu Himpun. Godong's body movements were immediately executed. in the laws of physics known as negative ions and positive ions, if it is brought close it will cause repulsion from both sides. this was what happened, when Ayu Himpun's arms were almost there, Prince Amuk Tian's body miraculously refused. Ayu Himpun was shocked for a moment. Ayu Himpun's movement looks simple but actually has been flowed by Prana Bunga Hitam. why the Black Flower Sect can be so strong and rampant, one of the reasons is because it is the Black Flower Prana. Black Flower Prana can affect the opponent's consciousness so that it can reduce the level of reflection when facing an opponent's attack. even with the power of one level above it.

"My husband's candidate is amazing. I want to have you more dear ..." as if seeing an outside toy can be interesting. Ayu Himpun immediately added Prana and her speed returned to pounce, but with beauty, Prince Amuk Tian could once again avoid it. the more Ayu Himpun added Prana and Speed, Prince Amuk Tian was also getting stronger and quickly avoiding it. again and again.

"Is he Prince Amuk Tian who can't process Prana?" everyone was amazed by the performance of lightening the body of Godong Prince Amuk Tian. a person who was considered to be disabled, now showed skills that were not inferior to the upper level geniuses.

"Ha ... ha ... ha ... Now you see it? I have been fooled by the little fox all this time, actually a few years ago he met an old receipt who healed his illness and taught Prana and some other abilities. " Casual laughter but issued by a Bhumi Realm. Rajakumara Rajasa Gajah Anom. so clear in the ears of tens of thousands of people around the duel stage.

heard the explanation of Rajakumara Rajasa Gajah Anom. The view of all people turned to Prince Amuk Tian, ​​Avoiding rightness, left-handed sometimes crossing forward without sweating at all. while Ayu Himpun began to get angry, attacking blindly with heavy sweating.

"Enough ... !!!. Just play around. Don't you should use a direct punch to end this sooner. Ayu Himpun, use Ajian Gelap Ngampar..." Nyi Ayu Lembah shouted in shame and anger, her daughter was like a mad dog and Prince Amuk Tian is like a handler. when the Black Flower Sect Leader Princess had been played like this.

"My Husband Candidate, sorry I'm unable to continue playing with you. Let's end quickly. Get out all your pranas because I will also release all my abilities ..."

a dark Prana explosion tore through the sky, frightening people with weak Prana power around the stage. one could see that the stone floor was full of holes by frightening darkness. Dark columns that emanated like countless sharp swords.

Prince Amuk Tian felt as if he was attacked by a mountain. a thin layer of gold shaped scales began to glow faintly throughout his skin. the first form of 9 forms of nogosostro.

"Ajian Brajamusti ...." Ajian Brajamusti is one of the high level students because of its terrible level of ferocity and awesomeness. The true nature of this ajian is hard, cruel and arrogant. then it is not strange that the ineffable Prana Aura is accompanied by a loud sound when it blasts in the sky. Thunder thundered and it felt as if the ground was shaking.

"Is this the power of WatekRealm? What is the praising of Prince Amuk Tian ...?" Rakryan Apatih Panji Elam felt increasingly curious. while Dyah Kencana Wungu looked at the change in the aura of Prince Amuk Tian from the handsome Youth packing into a ferocious and cruel Aura.

Bomm ... !!!

The air exploded and simultaneously, Prince Amuk Tian and Ayu Himbun flew closer to each other and swung each other ...

Ayu Himbun's black palms enlarged

"Ajian Gelap Ngampar !!!"

Golden Light suddenly blossomed on Prince Amuk Tian's body with the roar of a dragon echoing inside

"Ajian Brajamusti !!!"

Bomm ... !!!

The two blows exploded in the sky, and the earth's trembling sound immediately erupted. Shock waves that can be seen with the naked eye sweep out like a storm, rippling across the duel stage throwing people with weak abilities.

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