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Easy!!! - Balance and Chaos: Changing my damned fate - Chapter 33 by Sir_WendoS full book limited free

Chapter 33: Easy!!!

The Inner Divine Retribution sect was a sect built upon a ravine. The sect wasn't as large as the two others, but they were still in second place when it came to strength. Within the ravine there were buildings and bridges that connected the pathways in front of those buildings. The buildings were where the elders stayed in, while their disciple stayed with them or close to the sect. Behind the waterfall of the ravine was some type of temple. That's where the seven Great elders stayed in, and deep below it was where the three Supreme elders stayed for closed cultivation.

Currently, the group with Xin Feng and the group of Great elders were communicating with each other a bit further from the waterfall. "This boy… He has great power. To be able to hide your cultivation level like that…" The second Great elder said in astonishment when Xin Feng and Hua Mei introduced themselves.

"I see… The scent of a celestial being. This boy is something that can defy fate itself. A being that is of a higher caliber than us semi-mmortals." The first Great elder muttered as he stared at Xin Feng like he was a god.

"Hey, hey. Don't cry Xin Fan. You're too old for that." The patriarch joked while patting the back of Xin Fan who had a few tears of joy on his face.

The first Great elder asked Xin Feng for the crystal to inspect it. As he held the crystal, he began muttering some scriptures that had a lot of heavens in it.

About five minutes had passed, when the Great elder told them that he was able to locate every crystal near a mile radius since they had a similar aura. The patriarch didn't understand the elder very well, and asked how he knew that other crystals have a similar aura. But the Great elder didn't reply and simply closed his eyes for a second, before stating that there were six of them within a mile radius from him.

The patriarch was surprised that there were that many already within one mile from them. Together they decided to eliminate all six first before heading to the Seven Soaring Swords sect while killing the parasites on their way. Out of the seven Great elders, four that had less strength stayed to protect the sect.

With the guide of the first Great elder, they were able to come in contact with the monsters after having the sect masters with earth roots make a stairway to the ground. The monsters were quite easy to deal with, since the strongest ones were only around the peak of the profound realm. One strike was all it took for a top cultivator to destroy a core.

The dynasty of the Soaring Swords sect was very large, so they had to travel for more than a day to reach the headquarters. The same details were informed to the overseers of that sect. The overseers reacted in a tinge of anger to the information, but they were quite neutral to the situation and would help in anyway the could. They discussed on their roles, and decided to have the Great elder put his scripture in talismans for everyone to be able to track the monsters.

The fight against the attacks of the Crimson Lunar sect was done by the big bosses of the sect. None of them wanted to risk take the risk of using inexperienced or frail disciples.

Three weeks had passed, and it was a massacre to every monster. Because the gap in power between the monsters and sect bosses were high, the parasites were destined to be crushed without resistance.

An event that would've put immortal beings in a position of extinction, was easily countered by one small factor: The existence of Xin Feng. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!!!_55044582555050720">!!!_55044582555050720</a> for visiting.

Members of the Crimson Lunar cult had become hated to its core by everyone including mortals. The wise words that Xin Feng once told, spread from different mouths, which made everyone realize how that cult was a big evil organization who wanted nothing but power. They were a taboo that would get killed the moment they were spotted.

The reason why the sects knew plenty about the Crimson Lunar cult was because they had received enough information about them a few centuries ago. The crimson Lunar cult has been every sect's enemy for ages. The problem was that none of the sects knew where they were or appeared from. They would only find a few bases with few members after searching through thoroughly.

That's when a group called "Ninjas" persisted to repay the Divine sect for retrieving one of their member's body that was eaten by a Sea-demon. The ninjas infiltrated a cult's base and learned their secrets. They discovered the place the members actually stayed in. It was a small habitable crimson planet that they could only enter once when the moon was red. The process was done by drinking a cup of mixed blood which was drained from more than four hundred men and five hundred women.

What made the crimson planet useful to them was the strange recourse that didn't need cultivation to use. It was the blood ink that came in rivers. The rivers had whispered to them how to use it, and that's how they were able to write inscriptions that could only be activated by the ones that have entered the crimson planet. With inscriptions they were able to create armors and weapons with buffs. Their most praiseworthy invention were the needles. Due to the blood that would vaporize after a certain time of use, the needles were the best because it was an instant use of the inscription. As time passed, they were able to grow stronger as their technology advanced, which led to them making arrays of inscriptions possible. The only way to leave the planet was to kill themselves or get killed. They would return back, but in a random area where blood was once shed. A group of five had tried the instructions of the river, and was only able to rejoin the planet when the moon was red again.

The only way to get rid of the evil cult was for the sect to eliminate every member that wasn't on that planet, and to secure the mortals with great importance. It was a good strategy made by the bosses of the sects, which includes Xin Feng as well.

They devised that if their plan to eliminate every member wasn't successful, the plan to have a high security would back it up. The members of the cult wouldn't be able to go back and slowly run out of resources to survive. The members on the planet would try to scout to know what happened, and they would in turn not be able to go back. Their weakness was their dependence to a red moon that appears once a year alone.

The cult took it too far, which was why the sects made the decision to stop treating them as an annoying bug. They wanted to become significant and they've gotten it.

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