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45.88% Balance and Chaos: Changing my damned fate / Chapter 39: Live after destruction

Live after destruction - Balance and Chaos: Changing my damned fate - Chapter 39 by Sir_WendoS full book limited free

Chapter 39: Live after destruction

Many days had passed. Craftsmen and black-smiths were working hard on the production of parts that were needed for array devices or formations, while array and formation masters did the engineering.

After seven days of hard work, a powerful device was placed in the core of the sect to form a barrier that could hold against forces that were on par to a Soul Awakening peak stage cultivator. The powerful array device was made out of some sort of gray metal in the form of a lotus. The lotus was open and a white beam with a few shades of yellow shot towards the sky.

Around the sect stood nine colossal pillars with inscriptions that were vertically written. They acted as the flags of a giant formation, and did their job by attracting the beam of light towards them to form a dome on the surface. The beam's energy would then flow to the bottom of the pillars and form a flat barrier within the ground after the energy brings itself back to the array device. It was a barrier that once powered with enough Qi, would never collapse unless hit with enough force.

To pass through the barrier, the overseers and Great elders collaborated to create an inscription in the form of a scripture technique that could be by learned by nascent stage cultivators and above. When they had learned the technique, they would be able to form the aura of the inscription that neglects the barrier. Cultivators of lower realms would need to get covered with the aura of stronger cultivators to get in or out of the sect. This would make it easier as well for the elders and others in position, to check on the disciples whenever they go out of the sect.

At the time of creating the technique, Xin Feng was confused because he would have to ask for permission as well whenever he wanted to go out. The powerhouses were confused as well when Xin Feng tried to change their methods, because they found the method the best.

"You do know that I am below the nascent realm, right?" was the question Xin Feng had asked amidst their confusion.

The powerhouses were surprised when he told them that he wasn't a nascent cultivator. After all, he defeated a creature that was in the middle stages of the nascent realm, unscratched even when he was hit as much as Hua Mei who was a nascent lower cultivator. They had heard his story in detail, and from it they could only conclude that he was at least at the nascent middle stage. It was impossible for an advanced cultivator to defeat a creature with the power in the nascent realm.

"And you are at the profound peak right now?!" They laughed out loud when Xin Feng told them the realm he was in when he was fighting the monster and the realm he was currently at, to make them clear about the situation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the end, they realized that he was being serious, so they asked for a confirmation before they began formulating a new plan. They decided to make a ring with the said inscriptions. A ring that's specifically made for Xin Feng, which symbolizes that he's equal to the overseers and the Great elders. The ring had the carving of a sword stabbed to the ground with a bright sun above it. It was an upgrade from his previous ring, since it had its storage room expended to a hundred cubic meter and had many inscriptions inscribed to it. There were inscriptions that gave him the ability to have access to the sect, amplify his raw power, and to resist mind control and possession by anomalies. It was an all-in-one tool that made his life a bit easier

The area near the barrier was peaceful, and within the seven days, nothing had come to attack them. Four days ago, the fourth overseer went to check up on the Astral Projection sect after the second Great elder had told them about the occurrence of ExE and Duso Wen. The fourth overseer whose name was San Lan, saw the state of the sect and what was happening to everything around it.

When he had returned, he made his report to the other powerhouses. The one who was in most shock was the Icy sect master Liu Xue; the daughter of the patriarch and the aunt of Liu Lue. For the first time in a while tears fell off of her eyes again. Hua Mei walked up to her and sympathized with her. She told her that they would be okay with their strength and that they would soon be saved. They were both sitting for hours on the floor that day, one in tears and one showing support. Xin Feng as well, after Hua Mei had signaled him to. He stayed for a few minutes at most.

After the barrier had been placed, cultivation techniques against the mind became a must. The Seven Soaring Swords sect made it a necessity for every member to choose and learn a mental attack from the library.

Missions were also created when more than a hundred disciples had mastered their chosen techniques. An elder would go with two or three disciples to check the surroundings and find turned ones of similar stages. If there was a strong one within that the elder could handle, he or she would fight it while the disciples would take care of the weaker ones. Depending on their performance, they would get a good amount of spirit stones and random pills.

The sect was almost similar to the Astral Projection sect. There were outer disciples who were still half mortals or immortals at the beginner realm. Inner disciples between the advanced and profound realm. Sect elders that reached the nascent realm. Sect leaders that were on the soul awakening realm. And lastly, the seven swords of Intent, Eternity, Death, Life, Segregation, Destruction, and Vengeance. Seven of the eight swords that fell out of different dimensions that consisted of the said essence itself.

The swords were so powerful that they chose their own owner who outlines their very character. It happened a few millenniums ago, when eight dimensional rifts opened up in the sky and a sword fell out of each. They fell on a hill without effecting it, and were stuck on the ground for a couple of hundred years. No beasts nor humans approached the swords. That's because the intent of the swords was too strong and too bright, and one could only fall on his knees when they were within a mile. It was until one day, when the seventh overseer was about to die in his younger years near the hill.

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