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Marriage - Balance and Chaos: Changing my damned fate - Chapter 23 by Sir_WendoS full book limited free

Chapter 23: Marriage

Morning came… A new day.

Hua Mei woke up the blissful Xin Feng at the time she would begin her training. "Good morning~ It is time to burn all those calories~" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Last night, Xin Feng had eaten more than his body weight. What he consumed had been processed into Qi and a bit of strength, but most of it must be processed by performing physical activities.

Both Hua Mei and Xin Feng were on a blanket that they lay on the floor of the balcony last night. They were stargazing that night, drawing shapes and figures with the stars as an axis. Hua Mei was lying on her side beside him, squeezing his nose to wake him.

"Training first, and after that we'll take a bath and eat."

"Understood, boss~." Xin Feng teased as he poked her biceps.

The two jumped from the balcony to the training field. Hua Mei then re-arranged the formation flags, increasing the gravity back to fifteen times of its normal strength.

"Remember when we fought yesterday…"

"Well, you were fighting someone with a handicap" She smiled, before she threw similar bracelets as hers for him to catch. "They are inscribed with the function to put weight on the entire wearers body. Those bracelets force a ton of weight where the muscles contracts, but based on your strength, it shouldn't be a big deal to you."


"Oh right, you probably don't know what that means… Honestly I don't even know too, it's just an assumption of mine." She smugly smiled with a shrug.

Xin Feng wore the four bracelets on each limb, which completed the set and activated its function. The increase of gravity and weight on his muscles made his stamina points fluctuate. His breathing would stay stable, but the air that he breathes out becomes more visible based on the number of stamina used. He wasn't using a lot of stamina, which was why his breath was barely visible. After he had familiarized himself with the oppression on his body, he began to follow what Hua Mei did and instructed.

The first thing they did were laps around the field. What followed after that were workouts that targeted different parts of the body, fighting techniques and timing of those techniques, and lastly, battle experience.

Six hours had passed, and it was already eleven in the morning. They ended their training, and headed to the bathing room for a freeze bath that would cool off their body. In the bath, Hua Mei thought Xin Feng how to control his sense of touch better, in a way that he would be able to sense things as before or to make it even more sensitive.

She explained how it helps cultivators in regards as training to resist pain or feel wind even if their body has been hardened. He was quite surprised by the idea, because he found it ironic how the skill was to use Qi for something that one was trying to get rid of in the beginning. But he understood the reason for the technique, because he knew about the threats that could shave someone's health away until it's too late for them to realize it.

The technique made him realize that cultivators didn't get a natural ability to control their body itself, but at the least he was able to confirm that they have the ability to, as long as they were able to figure out how. Even if he was able to feel one to three damage due to the specialty of his body, he considered it as a technique that could still be used for various purposes.

After the two had finished their baths, they had their breakfast at twelve, which consisted of warm tea that had the flavor of blackberries, meat and rice balls on a fragrant smelling leave, and six types of fruits. The rest of the day was spend cultivating deep underground. It was a secret place that Hua Mei kept from everyone until know.

She shared the unknown knowledge of there being stronger spiritual energy in the deep ocean, due to the unknown number of powerful creatures that slumbers there. Her discovery was made in her late advanced stages when she tried to train herself under the most powerful cascade of the entire country. At that time when she tried to resist the current, she slipped and got dragged away aggressively in a canyon with a depth of nearly four thousand meters. With her cultivation level and control over water, she was able to survive the fall with a few broken bones.

She had spent almost twelve years in the canyon; fighting dangerous beasts and exploring multiple caves. Within those twelve years, she was able to gather an abundance of spiritual energy thanks to the powerful creatures that were lurking underground. It was somewhere in the second year of her staying there, when she realized spiritual energy was the essence of live. It was also the time when she had discovered the mysteries of the ocean that was brimming with live, due to her using a detection technique to find out where the thick spiritual energy came from.

When she had reached the nascent realm, she decided to finally leave the place. She used her water controlling technique, and brought herself back up to the surface. Because she was a nascent cultivator, she was able to become a sect master. She didn't want to carry on the responsibilities though, but only wanted to grow stronger. The patriarch had agreed with her request to only have her own territory, and that's how she became the first most talented inner disciple who was able to reach the nascent realm within twelve years from field training.

As she had her own base, she went back to the cave near sea to place a teleporting formation that would connect to her base. The teleportation point of the base was hidden in the room that was used for closed cultivation where nobody was allowed to disturb.

She had given the instruction to her servants to alert her for emergencies through a device that was installed on the door. The door would always be locked, and only Hua Mei had the key to teleport. This meant that no one would find the location, unless they explored the entire canyon as she did. "It was all according to her plans", she told Xin Feng. "Becoming a nascent cultivator, getting a position in the sect, using the received recourses to buy a teleportation array, and lastly, to become even stronger."

"Only those that are worthy to me shall have this knowledge, and that is you! My comrade!"

"Together we shall reach the peak! After all, it's too lonely on the peak…"

"And won't it be fun to have an adventure together to power! Haha!"

A cup with a warm blue drink appeared in front of her.

"What is tha-?"

"Drink, as a symbol of being my partner." She spoke with a tinge of gratitude, before she placed the cup on his lips for him to drink. He drank it, not minding to become her comrade and not afraid of getting poisoned as well due to his poison resistance. Before he finished half the cup, she pulled it back and drank the rest of it. She then leaned towards him, surprising him with a kiss that poured her share of the drink inside his mouth.

[The laws of the world ask for permission to scan user's soul's surface. Nothing dangerous.]

'Uhm… Sure'

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