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87.5% Ball Master / Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Second Half vs. North Carolina Tar Heels

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Second Half vs. North Carolina Tar Heels

The game resumes, Jayson took the ball on top of the arc and uses "Emperor Eyes" as he scan for a possible vacancy. He determined that if drive through the basket, he'll have a higher rate of success and may attract the defense.

Jayson uses "Uncle Breaker" as he made sharp changes of direction, then Tar Heels' Raymond Felton was about to steal felt losing his center of gravity and he stumbles to the ground. Jayson uses "Speed Up" as he drives through the painted area and then uses his "Run up Bounce" and "Euro step" to gain upperhand after he got double-team.

Jayson saw Ryan Elmquist in the left wing vacant as he collides with his defenders. He was in shooting motion; Jayson lowers his both hands and shit the ball to his left. He made a "No-Look pass" to Ryan as he avoid getting fouled and "Swishes" it into the basket.

The bench is in funfair together with the Beavers' fans and teammates on the court had run to Jayson and hit him with chest bump by several teammates. For the Beavers, the play was so great and it was like cars collisions in a Hollywood movie. Jayson was like a sports car in "Fast & Furious movie" that is skillfully controlled to push on the edge.

Such a scene is rare in NCAA but it's happening at the moment and Raymond Felton is obviously a bit embarrassed and he didn't expect that he became a laughing stock. At this time, Coach Roy Williams has already loudly instruct on the sideline of the court; "Don't venture on steals, how many times do I emphasize and why you keep trying a high-risk move.

Raymond Felton is confused and couldn't understand why he keeps on going for a steal and he slap himself. He felt that he had been trick all this time and fell into Jayson's trap unconsciously; "Damn that B*****d"

Felton gnashes his teeth coz of anger and his heart is even bitter. He returns to the half-court, he decided to pass the ball to McCants and Jayson is closely defending him. As Felton release the ball in his hand, Jayson uses "Emperor Eyes" lightly tap the ball, chase it to the back court and approach the three-point line.

He slow down to shoot a two-pointer and jump high, Felton chase the ball to block the shot of Jayson but fail to reach as his jump was not enough. Jayson already quickly release the ball in his shooting hand and Felton can only cover his vision and a crisp sound followed; "Swish"

"Pirrt!" Basket counts plus one free-throw and foul on Tar Heels no. two" the referee Kipp Kissinger said.

Jayson looks at Felton and smile slyly after taking the free-throw and the score is 30-42 with 19:13 in the second half. Felton passes the ball to McCants and Jayson defended him closely. McCants didn't expect the Asian kid defense this tough to break, although the action isn't dangerous but made feel uncomfortable him. This made his shooting affected greatly; his jumper often hits the basket and has always well against Caltech Beavers' Matthew Della Torre.

Then Beavers got the defensive rebound, Jayson receives pass from Han Bin and run for a quick fast break. Even though the University of North Carolina had been prepared, it was a little slower, so Traviss Haussler completes a three point shot via assist by Jayson; "Swish"

The score now is updated to Tar heels 30-45 for Beavers who's leading with fifteen points. Coach Roy Williams immediately ask for a full time out, he felt that he had to change the defense and must not let the game go this way.

Before the game, University of North Carolina thought that Caltech were just creating a stepping stone for them. However, now that game has been tilted favorably to Beavers, especially the Asian kid that they been ridiculed before the game and turn out to be the main source of this problem.

"Hey, dispatch him, Caltech's basketball can't run without him coz he's the core of the Beavers defense and offense so the ball is being facilitated by him. Rashad, you will mark him on defense and the rest will dealt with Matthew and company. In fact, even Matthew wasn't put in their eyes and now, Jayson was put in the pedestal.

Also Jayson said to Coach Olivia on the bench; "I'm getting tired, let's go for a pick and roll play this time. Too much iso-play will consume my strength faster"

Coach Olivia wants to conserve Jayson's energy in crucial minutes so she said; "Okay, Let's pick and roll, this will make our offense more elaborate"

Coach Olivia began to draw on the board; she made a path for Jayson's pick and roll for other players. It seems she became an assistant to him. Soon after the two sides made tactics, the game restarts again and North Carolina storm inside the paint. They let Marvin Williams and Sean May to make trouble inside the paint, scored a six to nothing run and the score is 36-45 with 17:04 remaining in the second half .

Coach Roy Williams was smart in knowing their disadvantages on the outside line are obvious but their advantages in the inside line is huge. Marvin Williams is a lottery who can enter the first round, although a little thin but in NCAA is an invisible center.

When North Carolina's offense were focus inside, there was no way defend with a body like Traviss Haussler And Ryan Elmquist against Marvin Williams and Sean May, it became an easy offense for them. The Beavers secure the defensive rebound; Jayson took the ball while rushing to the front court. Felton chases him and McCants also run for an opportunity to double-team Jayson.

Jayson didn't give them enough time to go back in defense to double-team him. As he approaches the three-point line and Daniel Cullina came for a pick and roll. Jayson got rid of Felton's defense and made a no-look pass to the restricted area. Traviss Haussler catches the ball and Marvin Williams is in daze, have no way to chase inside the restricted area and the score is 36-47 with 15:51 mark in the game.

Coach Roy Williams shook his head on the sidelines, this crafty play and Jayson's ball handling is too fast and decisive. He always able to find his teammates and this ability is more impressive than Tar Heels Felton's is more of a defensive guard.

If Felton has the same capacity of Jayson, how good it will be and Coach Roy Williams can't help but have such thought. The Beavers scored a two-point field goal and the rhythm of the two teams began to get faster. The scores rose alternately updated and the game is nearing to its end. Fourteen minutes have passed and Tar Heels is trailing by only three points.

After the last timeout, Tar Heels McCants missed an important three-point jumper to tie the score, the shot clock left the Beavers was less than thirty seconds and Coach Olivia used their last timeout. This will Caltech's last attack, they still leading by three points and the last offensive play will be the last nail to Tar Heels coffin.

Will it be a two or three-pointer? Who's going to shoot? And this is the last problem we need to solve immediately". Coach Roy Williams is full of questions in his defensive tactic.

Looking at the shooting percentage of the Beavers' players, Matthew and Ryan have great hit rate in two-point field. Daniel and Traviss three-point shooting are good enough for last attack. The crucial thing is the ball handling and executing the play coz no one wants to mess up the whole thing they been working hard for the whole March Madness.

"We will gamble a three-point play and Jayson has no extra energy" Matthew gave his thought; "Let Daniel open to shoot three and he's in great shape today"

Coach Olivia grin and look at the other players and no one respond. So she began to draw the last play but everyone knows that in the game isn't exactly as the drawing board.

Therefore, Coach Olivia said to Jayson; "If the situation is difficult to pass, you have green light to shoot" she gave Jayson the freedom to play iso-ball.

This move didn't surprise Caltech players, even though Jayson has only played for three games but his strength has been recognized by all. Without him, Caltech may not even enter the March Madness. Let alone compete with University of North Carolina to advance in the Regional Semifinal round.

At the same time, the North Carolina Tar Heels is actively discussing the people who may perform the last attack.

"Matthew is the trump of his team"

"Daniel shouldn't be underestimated and his three-pointers in the fourth quarter are hot"

"Traviss may also shot if given a chance inside the paint"

"Wei Li may drive inside and attract the defense, then pass"

"Ryan may shoot a three pointer if given a vacancy"

Almost everyone's name was mentioned except for Jayson was ignored coz during the timeout he looks exhausted but Jayson wasn't that really tired coz he uses "Acting " skill to fake his state. But it's impossible for Coach Olivia to give the final offensive attack to him coz he also missed his last three attempts

So Coach Roy Williams made a strategy to defend Matthew and Daniel was guarded tightly. Ryan and Traviss have corresponding countermeasures. Only Jayson wasn't part of the defensive arrangement and no one argued that their defensive tactic has problems at all.

Although Caltech was able to enter the March Madness because of Jayson defeated the UCLA and San Diego but North Carolina doesn't care about the Pacific Ten Division and first round thirteen seed is only a novice stage. From the beginning to the end, they didn't take Caltech Beavers as a strong team and now even ignored Jayson who's created several risky plays in this game.

As the whistle was blown, players returned to the court and Jayson receive the ball. He uses "Lion's Heart and Emperor Eyes", Jayson was very calm dribbling outside the three-point line, in front of him is Felton who's a little far away from him and observing the players for vacancy. As for Jayson, who seems to be weak and was ignored by everyone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

So he said to Felton; "Are you not afraid of me shooting a three-pointer"

"Shoot a three-pointer? You don't even have strength to take a piss" Felton even laugh at a tense moment.

He thought that Jayson wants to distract him, so when Matthew comes over for pick, he quickly follow and leave Jayson. The remaining time is fourteen seconds left on the clock; he just thought that he should shoot for himself and he's confident on nailing it.

However, Felton shouted at the moment he saw Jayson shoots; "Rebound" and reminded Marvin Williams in the painted area, fearing that Beavers will get a second chance rebound.

However, the ball was release in a high-arc projectile in the air and Jayson retreated before the ball went smoothly into the basket.

"Swishes" the crisp sound echoed throughout the arena and Beavers bench and fans cheers for almost victory in their grasp. Tar heels have no more timeout remaining; they quickly run a fast break and score a lay-up by Jackie Manuel.

Jayson grab the defensive rebound, he avoided the attempts to foul in order to kill and pass it Wei Li. He signals Matthew for a pick and roll, he then uses "Long Range Shooting" after he got the ball back from Wei Li.

Before releasing the ball, he saw Felton broke through Matthew's screen and chases him for a block. He shot another high-arc projectile in the air; "Yeaah" Jayson roared and flexes his biceps in front of Felton, Tar Heels bench and fans as the ball "Swishes" into the basket.

The game is over, "Bzzt" as the buzzer sounded throughout the arena and Jayson completed a four-point play. North Carolina Tar Heels is eliminated and the Caltech Beavers advances to Sweet sixteen.

The North Carolina Tar Heels couldn't believe everything in front of them. It must be a nightmare; a slap in the face still hurts so their hearts hurts even more. Their season is over and this is the reality of March Madness.

The Caltech Beavers and fans roared, the players rushed to Jayson and Coach Olivia took Jayson's head and she kissed him. Then, the Caltech Beavers' players lifted the tired Jayson and throw him into the air. They put him down after seeing pale looking face and they went immediately to the player's passage

"Welcome to Regional Semifinals, Caltech Beavers.!!!" The DJ congratulated the Beavers for advancing to the next round of competition.


"The Host has accomplished the mission; you scored a career high thirty five points, gathered five rebounds, shared the ball with eleven times, stole the ball four times and block shots thrice. The Host has a total of fifty eight points and now available for distribution to upgrade."

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