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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Savior

The Beavers team found their rhythm under the leadership of Jayson, although isn't related to Coach Olivia arrangement. As long as it works, the coach will let it go.

The Bruins are changing from the usual rhythm they were because of Jordan Farmar leadership. He began to speed up unconsciously followed Beavers rhythm and this allowed the scouts write an evaluation: "the ability to read the game is weak."

This is equal to being an incompetent guard that doesn't how to command and control their own pace but follow the enemies. Jayson was playing only four minutes and able to completely disrupt the UCLA playing rhythm but pullback the score by twelve points. He led Beavers a 16: 4 run, he also scored four points, two steals and five assist to prove his worth.

At this time, he's already panting on the bench and couldn't continue playing and the self-healing also started. If it wasn't for the update and training in the previous days, it would be a laughing stock on the court.

Although Coach Olivia wants Jayson to play for another two minutes to make the lead bigger. However, looking at Jayson lying down the bench and can only let him rest in the end. When he was on court, the fans of Caltech Beavers finally have something to cheer on so when he got off the court gathered cheers and applause.

Everyone knows that Jayson has been life-saver Beavers offensive system. Avril and Shery don't understand basketball so they had been talking to themselves. Shery After the game," don't tease Jayson coz he already played on the court and scored points and it's better than nothing". Avril said.

Shery just shrug her shoulders: "Well, look at his face so I think he'll be kick out of the team this summer vacation and the beautiful coach looks unsatisfied.

"It's not a bad thing to play basketball; I heard that NBA players earn millions of dollar a year" Avril said

"It's not a question of money coz our family doesn't lack it. Our father is quite old fashioned and he wants Jayson take part our business. So after finishing his studies and he may return home to take over some small projects. This is a normal path of development of Jayson" Shery said.

"What's your family's business, Shery? Avril asks.

"We have malls, hotels, bank, real state dev. etc. and our net worth are at 36 billion dollars" Shery said.

"Oh you're billionaires huh! Avril was shocked by this revelation.

The conversation about Jayson were heard by UCLA fans were dumbfounded. These two thought that Jayson didn't well and doesn't seem understand that Jayson slaughtered UCLA from flashy offensive plays and to hard-nosed defense on Jordan Farmar.

While the scouts on the sideline continue writing on Jayson's report: Physical condition D.... the verdict was that he's not suitable for professional level. The scout's mood somewhat at lost, he even thought that Jayson could represent the development trend of NBA's future guards.

Jayson's worst shortcoming on the court is his poor physical conditioning that lead limited playing time.In the physiotherapy room of Staple center, the conversation is also about Beavers' Jayson performance.

"Beavers' No. 8 playing style is selfless basketball. Passing the ball isn't dazzling like Jason Williams but always in unexpected moment and crafty" Garry Payton pointing at Jayson lying on the bench and said: "If only his physical conditioning is a little to be in NBA standard, Right Karl?"

"If his physical conditioning is good enough to play forty minutes, a good shooting ability and penetration ability, then I think this lottery show is him included." Shaquille O'Neal said with a smile.

"Although I like those little extra motions on defense but his little arm and leg tricks were NBA level"

"Yeah" Karl Malone nodded and said: "I feel that he'll be coming to the League one day to play. This reminds me of my old partner John Stockton in our Utah Jazz era."

"Do you mean those little tricks he has?" Garry Payton said.

"Yeah Gary, your face isn't even clean and you've been chosen as top ten dirty players" by ESPN.

"This kid's trick is completely different from you while you're a real dirty type. He's small extra motion isn't deliberate to hurt people but use elbow to clear his path and spend time pretending. He's a good boy, I like him very much" Shaquille O'Neal said.

The three of them chatted and laughed at Jayson and never Kobe ever said a thing. He doesn't like to participate in the dialogue of the other three franchise players. His age level can't match these three and recently, he has been in a cold war with Shaquille O'Neal and feels that each other are a treat to other.

The relationship between the two has been cracked since the 1998–99 season. Then the conversation between the two has been rarely and this year has been a state of cold war. Karl Malone and Garry Payton are clearly siding with Shaq which makes Kobe made alienated, lonely and felt that this can make him grow faster.

Kobe soon walk out of the room with a cold demeanor, the three pairs of eyes didn't even look at his direction as they use to it. The game continued after the time-out, the Beavers continue to efficiently work even after Jayson's departure because the Bruins had been a mess on both offense and defense.

Matthew quickly increases the pace of the offense and successfully showed Jason Kapono why he's in the lottery show. When the first half ended, the Beavers team has a lead by four points.

Second half will start after the break, Jayson was able to sit up and recovered half of his strength and feels better after drinking two bottles of drinks and the help of self-healing. The healing will finish a little longer than expected by forty minutes. At this time,

Assistant Coach Adam came to his side and he began to think that even Coach Olivia leave the team, this guy will still stay and so he take the initiative to say hello Jayson and try to be close. So he asks: "How are you feeling Jayson?"

Assistant Coach Adam look friendly and even smiled. However, Jayson didn't like this guy.

"If I don't see you again, then I will feel better" Jayson turn his head and walk way.

"Ooh..."Adam Levitt hangs a cold face, smiled and then he walk away.

After Jayson made a cold response and made him feel uncomfortable so he dismissed this idea of being friendly. Jayson's energy led the team to a 16: 4 run in the first half and they began to pay attention to him.

At this time Assistant Coach Adam mood is isn't tense coz even Beavers led by four points, he believes that Bruins will make a comeback and find their own rhythm. Jayson did create some troubles in the first half but certainly couldn't continue to play in the second half because of exhaustion.

So Coach Olivia can rely only on Matthew on the second half and already used up all her tricks in her sleeve. Assistant Coach Adam thought is just hand over to me the Beavers team and the kid can go along with her. Thinking about this made him laugh and waiting for the game to end.

Coach Olivia's eyes glance at him and disgusted about this guy. Also Jayson cast disgust towards him, then the two eyes directed around Assistant Coach Adam face and both of them look at each other, smiled and have a understanding.

With the start of second half, UCLA head coach launch a counter attack and firmly believe that Bruins strength is greater than Beavers that can only rely on Matthew's scoring. When the Beavers trailed by three, she immediately called a timeout and change it into the playing style of Jayson used.

So she let Han Bin speed up the pace of the game and let Traviss shoot from beyond the arc. The game resume, Beavers quickly ran wild and new the problem is the ball distribution isn't good as Jayson's.

She turned her attention to Jayson and returns a helpless eyes. His condition has not reach of playing again and it would if he has Han Bin's physical ability. When the points trail by eight, she uses the Princeton tactic that didn't have to run but revolve on the center.

At this point, Assistant Coach Adam has already relaxed and saw that he will become the Head coach of Beavers. His smile has already reached from ear to ear and it will be embarrassing.

Just Coach Olivia planning to have a last attack and Jayson stood up and said: "Let me try this Princeton system coach".

"Can you still play for the remaining game?" Coach Olivia looks at Jayson.

"Well my strength is about 65% restored during the break so I'll be able play" Jayson replied.

"Ok so you're on and don't get hurt" Coach Olivia said.

The game starts again, Beavers fans cheered up seeing that Jayson will playing again and even thought of him as a savior.

"Avril, why is Jayson playing again? Shery who didn't know basketball is only interested in football and her fave is David Beckham.

"I don't know also" Avril replied. Both of them are there to show support on Jayson and have no knowledge about basketball.

Jayson didn't attack quickly but steadily dribbling the ball and stop on the three point line. Now, Jordan Farmar is the one who's defending him and said: "You can't get away from me" and stared at Jayson.

Jayson smiled and said: Did someone tell you that your ears are like elves?

Farmar then only see the shadow of Jayson in front of him and "Bang" Jayson disappeared from his vision. Jordan Farmar didn't understand what just happened.

At the Beavers fan area has already thundered with cheers and screams of the thousand fans coz Jayson just made another great pass.

As he made it into the free-throw area, he made a shooting motion and Bruins power forward player ran quickly and tried to cover Jayson. However, just as he put the ball above his head, he proceeds to duck under the airborne defender then made quick first step, next he dribbles towards the left short corner and made a no-look pass to Daniel in the restricted area.

Daniel is vacant at this moment and was surprised when he received the ball: "How the ball did come in and there's no space to receive a pass?" and he quickly made a lay-up.

But the Beavers fans are already going insane; they are dignified as they saw the replay on the screen.

"Where this guy came from?"

"Was he sent to be the savior of the Caltech Beavers?

The thoughts of most Beavers fans watching at the arena.

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