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Chapter 31: Incomplete Saint

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A Saint was right in front of him, the shock that Tian Guangming felt was indescribable.

In the past, even Tiandao Sect didn't have a single Saint!

On Dali Land, there were just too little Saints. Even if there were any, they would have left this poor region and headed to one of the other Nine Skies and Ten Lands.

This was why the strongest Dali Land people were obviously at Holy Lord level, which was Heaven Essence Realm.

Cultivation started from Foundation, going through Ascension, Life Wheel, Dao Pursuing, Nirvana, Emptiness, and then entering Earth Branch, which was Sect Leader level strength.

From Foundation to Dao Pursuing Realm, each realm had 10 different levels.

Nirvana had four changes and emptiness had nine steps.

At Earth Branch, there were 12 stages relative to the 12 zodiacs.

Entering Heaven Essence, there were 10 stages relative to A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. 

Only after finishing all these would one become a Saint.

In Dali Land, most people reached the first stage of Heaven Essence, A!

For example, Tian Guangming was at this realm, which was why he was so shocked that the Big River Sword Faction Grand Elder was actually a Saint.

"Since you are a Saint, then why did you follow us so meekly?" Tian Guangming asked in confusion.

If the Saint wanted to attack, even if he and Battle Angel Michael attacked together, they wouldn't be able to block him. Even with the Celestial Artifact Heaven Emperor Brush, they had no confidence. At most, they could protect themselves from not dying, but they definitely couldn't take the Big River Sword Faction Grand Elder away.

He calmed himself down and said, "How can my body suffer from such pain? I have been reducing movement to try to drag a longer period of time for Big River Sword Faction to have another genius to pass the Celestial Artifact to before dying."

Battle Angel Michael looked on silently and didn't say a word.

Tian Guangming understood, "Your injuries are too great!"

This wasn't false words, for something to torture a Saint to such an extent showed how serious the injuries were.

"This might be my punishment. I obtained benefits but didn't follow the contract that I signed, even thinking of ways to dodge it. But things in the world don't work as you want to. When I snatched the Celestial Artifact, although I succeeded, I paid half of my life to do so." The old man said regretfully.

"I thought that you all had disappeared, so I thought I was lucky. Now that you all appeared, I knew that one couldn't think about things too ideally." The old man sighed, but it was too late to regret. He had killed that old man who had the highest talent in Big River Sword Faction.

If he had come out earlier, then that peak Holy Lord level expert wouldn't have died!

When the old man thought about this, he felt heartpained and he was filled with regret.

Battle Angel Michael butted in, "Let's go, Master is still waiting for us."

When they talked about Master, Tian Guangming didn't dare to continue speaking. He brought the old man to follow Battle Angel Michael to fly towards Spirit Illusion Holy Land.


Within the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao opened his eyes and saw those scenes. He was pretty much a god when he was in Bank of the Universe, so he could see everything on the outside through the eyes of the Battle Angel.

"I didn't expect this person to become a Saint. That year I predicted that he definitely couldn't become a Saint. Who knew that he comprehended the Big River Sword Energy so much!" Seven muttered, but she was wrong.

Li Xiandao exclaimed, "What we lack are strong men. I am the Master of Bank of the Universe and I can't show myself, so I have to let them run errands. Battle Angel Michael and White Emperor Tian Guangming are good, but there are only two of them, they are still a little lacking!"

"Master wants to recruit this Saint?" Seven guessed what Li Xiandao was thinking right away.

Li Xiandao nodded his head, "If he pays the losses for the contract, then I can give him a chance. To be able to become a Saint in Dali Land means that he is worthy of being my men!"

If he had a Saint under him, Li Xiandao would be able to complete many things. After all, the difference between a Saint and a Holy Lord was huge.

They weren't even on the same level.

"We can see whether or not he wants to trade and act on that aspect!" Seven reminded.

Li Xiandao nodded and he looked on as Battle Angel Michael and Tian Guangming brought the old man into Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

He waved his sleeves and a space gate appeared at a corner of Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

Battle Angel Michael and White Emperor Tian Guangming weren't surprised. They entered and exited this place many times and were familiar with it.

When the Saint old man saw those scenes, he recalled things in his memory and exclaimed, "That year when I entered this gate, I was just a kid. In the blink of an eye, now, I am about to die. I really didn't think that I could enter this place once more!"

"Go in, Master knows we have returned." Battle Angel Michael walked in to the gate.

Tian Guangming and the old man followed closely behind and entered the Bank of the Universe.

Li Xiandao had changed and wore the golden mask. He sat elegantly in the main hall and looked on as the few of them entered.

The old man stared at Li Xiandao without blinking, he wanted to see whether or not Li Xiandao was the same person who traded with him 10,000 years ago.

Unfortunately, he couldn't see through him. In the Bank of the Universe, no one could as he was the god here.

"Bei Heng, you went against the contract!' Li Xiandao looked at the old man, he took out the contract and said calmly.

Big River Sword Faction Grand Elder, the Saint Realm old man was called Bei Heng.

"No one has called me that in years and I feel a little unfamiliar with that, I nearly forgot that it was my name." Beiheng laughed bitterly. Looking at the familiar scenes, he sat on the trading chair.

Battle Angel Michael and Tian Guangming stood to the sides and looked on silently, not saying a single word.

"That year you personally signed the contract and now you are the one who went against it. Do you know what the price to pay is?" Li Xiandao asked.

"I know." Bei Heng nodded, "If I am unable to return the main copy of Big River Sword Energy and pay a Celestial Artifact within 10,000 years, then my soul will belong to the Bank of the Universe forever. At the same time, I still have to return both the copy and the Celestial Artifact to the Bank of the Universe." Bei Heng memorized it well.

"Since you remember it, then why didn't you return it?" Li Xiandao asked.

"I thought I would be lucky and thought that you all wouldn't find me. I saw a few who entered the Bank of the Universe before, who went against the contract and still lived happy lives, which was why I was greedy!" Bei Heng sighed.

Li Xiandao's expression turned cold, "I do know about those few people. Their happy days aren't going to last. I will find them one by one. Now, let's talk about you."

"Since you know the punishment, then from now on I will take your soul and I will do one trade with you!" Li Xiandao's eyes burned bright as he stared at Bei Heng and said softly. 

"Do one trade?" Bei Heng looked at Li Xiandao with a stunned expression. He was old and handicapped, what did he have that was worth the Bank of the Universe's Master's time.

"Only my Saint cultivation is worthy of trade, but truthfully I am an incomplete Saint; there is a huge difference with a true Saint!" Bei Heng said truthfully.

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