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9.02% Bank of the Universe / Chapter 36: Nine-Tailed Sky Fox

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Chapter 36: Nine-Tailed Sky Fox

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Li Xiandao stood on the empty space in Spirit Illusion Holy Land. He looked at the mountains and rivers and said, "We are heading to the central region of Dali Land to save a pregnant woman!"

Tian Guangming's expression was weird, "Save a pregnant woman?"

"Is she yours?" Tian Guangming's brow rose up and asked with a naughty tone.

Li Xiandao was speechless.


Battle Angel Michael slapped Tian Guangming and said coldly, "The envoy is noble, stop making such lowly jokes."

Tian Guangming was shocked. He didn't think that such a cold person like Battle Angel Michael would actually listen to the envoy, who had no cultivation at all.

Tian Guangming apologized, "Sorry envoy, it was a slip of the tongue and I didn't think before I spoke."

Li Xiandao waved his hands, "It is okay, it is just a joke, I am not someone who is strict. A small joke is okay, but this pregnant woman is our guest, and we must respect the guests."

Tian Guangming nodded his head and didn't dare to randomly joke around anymore.

Battle Angel Michael followed several meters behind Li Xiandao like a guard, such that Archangel Gabriel's brow rose up. Apart from Master, Michael didn't need to be so respectful to this envoy, right?

Archangel Gabriel and Tian Guangming had the same question, but they didn't dare to ask. They just quietly followed.

"Dali Land center belongs to the Dali Dynasty and occupies the most fertile land. A few powers are supporting them such that the other dynasties can't fight with them." White Emperor Tian Guangming described and analyzed the situation.

Li Xiandao listened quietly. The location from which Wu Tianyu teleported from appeared in his mind.

It was a lone mountain to the south of a city. It was a gigantic city like that of a capital city.

The lone mountain was like a green dragon, circling around the land.

Li Xiandao told all of this to Tian Guangming.

After he listened to it, his eyes lit up and he said confidently, "That is Dali Dynasty's capital. I know where it is and how to get there."

"Let's go, we have to hurry, that pregnant woman doesn't have long." Li Xiandao said right away.

Tian Guangming started flying right away. Archangel Gabriel followed closely behind. After they left, Battle Angel Michael knelt down on one knee and said, "Master, please get on!"

Li Xiandao wasn't surprised and smiled, "Michael told you?"

"When merging he saw what Master looks like, and after merging, it is in my heart, never to be forgotten!" Battle Angel Michael said softly.

"Okay, bring me over." Li Xiandao didn't object. He had no cultivation now, so he couldn't fly.

Battle Angel Michael used his own body as a mount, opening his four wings. He was extremely quick, shooting through the sky towards the Dali Dynasty capital!

When Li Xiandao was on Battle Angel Michael's back, he felt like he had to learn Big River Sword Energy to ensure that he was the best at fighting.

If not, when he headed out, he would have to be taken care of by others.

It was so problematic!


The three of them were either Holy Lord level strength or Saints, so their speeds were incredible.

Along with the fact that Spirit Illusion Holy Land was not far from the capital, with their speed, they arrived in just 15 minutes. They crossed tens of thousands of kilometers and landed on the Daqing Mountain outside of the capital.

It was a lone mountain and on it was a steep peak and also broken cliffs, imperial farms, etc...

"Envoy, what is a pregnant woman doing in this deep mountain and forest?" Tian Guangming asked curiously.

Li Xiandao pointed and said, "She is at the peak, bring me there."

Battle Angel Michael didn't say a word; he continued acting as the mount and flew up right away.

Tian Guangming and Archangel Gabriel followed behind and came to the peak.

On it, there was a small cave that could only fit three people.

At that moment, a pregnant woman dyed in blood laid on the ground. Her face was ashen white and her stomach was huge. A bunch of blood was flowing out and one could see that she was in great danger.

The woman had no feeling anymore and didn't know that Li Xiandao had come.

If he was slightly later, then the pregnant woman would definitely die.

Even now, the pregnant woman was close to death.

Li Xiandao didn't dare to be careless. He grabbed her and connected to the Bank of the Universe. He used the power of the Bank of the Universe to inject in strength.


The rumbling energy seemed really fierce, but when it went in, it was gentle like water.

A portion of it entered her heart, ensuring that her heart didn't stop.

Another entered her stomach to protect the baby.

The remainder started to repair her body.

It repaired her bit by bit. To Li Xiandao, her condition was stable.

However, in the next moment, a problem appeared.

She was about to give birth to the baby.

Under the protection of the Bank of the Universe power, the baby seemed to become really active and was struggling to come out.

Li Xiandao was stunned!

He was the Master of the Bank of the Universe, he was up above but he hadn't even held a girl's hand before. He was actually going to help a woman give birth now?

"Who knows how to help a woman give birth?" Li Xiandao asked.

White Emperor turned right away.

Archangel Gabriel lowered his head and at his armor, like one could this saintly armor that followed him for numerous years had flowers or something.

Even Battle Angel Michael, who was really loyal to Li Xiandao, had a tough expression on his face. "Envoy, I haven't even held a girl's hand before!"

Li Xiandao was speechless; Michael was worse than him, at least he held a girl's hand many times!

"Seal the entrance, don't let anyone disturb. Anyone who dares to enter, kill them without mercy!" Li Xiandao instructed as he was in a bad mood.

White Emperor Tian Guangming, Battle Angel Michael, Archangel Gabriel all split up and looked around warily.

Li Xiandao tossed aside his random thoughts and started to use his talent.

At that moment, he knew the process of giving birth and started to get busy. He didn't care at all about his white shirt being stained.

The baby coming out was the most important!

The key was that the mother was unconscious and Li Xiandao had to protect her and inject energy to ensure her safety.

With the state they were in, it wasn't suitable to give them the 1,000-year lifespan. He had to wait till the mother gave birth to the baby and woke up to pass her the lifespan.

Li Xiandao didn't worry about the female body part, it was time to save someone, how could he care so much?

The kid slowly came out.

Li Xiandao injected in energy such that the mother's body used strength to push the baby out.

The moment the kid was born, a huge light shot into the sky.

A giant nine-tailed fox opened his tails, and nine furry tails along with its extremely beautiful face charmed everyone around. 

But that was just for a few short seconds as this phenomenon quickly disappeared. All that was left was a jade-like little girl in Li Xiandao's hands.

Right, not a baby, a little girl!

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