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3.1% Bank of the Universe / Chapter 15: Prophet Talent

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Chapter 15: Prophet Talent

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

In the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao met the new guest!

  A middle-aged man strolled forward confidently. He had neatly combed, white hair and his sharp eyes radiated a bright glow as his body was filled with thick vital energy.

  This was an expert!

  He was very wary, like a volcano that would explode at any moment. Underneath that calm exterior, his heart was beating quickly.

  Tian Guangming stared closely at Li Xiandao, who appeared and sized him up. He was able to clearly see through Li Xiandao, who was unable to hide anything at all.

  But he couldn't see through his foundations.

  In truth, within the Bank of the Universe, no one could see through Li Xiandao's foundations.

  "Who are you?"

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  "Why did you bring me here?"

  "What is your goal?"

  Tian Guangming asked a series of three questions and he was totally confused.

  He actually couldn't leave this mysterious and weird place, which made him feel really uncomfortable.

  He was the Elder of a top sect and his strength was really shocking. In Dali Land, he could be considered an expert, who could head to any place freely.

  This was the only place that Tian Guangming couldn't do whatever he wanted.

  Li Xiandao sat on his own seat and looked at Tian Guangming, "This is the Bank of the Universe!"

  "I am the Master of the Bank of the Universe!"

  "I didn't get you here; your own heart brought you here!"

  "You should ask your heart what it truly wants; don't ask me that!"

  Li Xiandao looked at Tian Guangming, his heart was really calm.

  You are strong but can you be as strong as Ah Qing?

  Ah Qing was someone who touched Celestial Realm but in the Bank of the Universe, she was really well behaved.

  Li Xiandao didn't treat Tian Guangming any differently and just used a normal attitude with him.

  Tian Guangming looked at Li Xiandao in doubt, "Was it that red thing?"

  "Yes, that is the invitation to our Bank of the Universe. You saw it, meaning that your heart has something that you badly need, which was why that red watch appeared." Li Xiandao nodded his head.

  "I don't need anything!" Tian Guangming denied it right away.

  Li Xiandao didn't mind, but instead, he looked quietly at Tian Guangming. 

  Seven, who was by his side, said, "The watch tells me that you need God Source, which is why it appeared."

  Tian Guangming frowned and he looked at Li Xiandao, "What game are you playing?"

  "A fair trade. You need what we have but you need to pay a certain price!" Li Xiandao said calmly.

  "I need an immense number of God Source, but do you have it all?" Tian Guangming said with disdain.

  Li Xiandao waved his hands and said, "Since you don't believe me, then leave."

  Li Xiandao couldn't be bothered to continue to talk nonsense. Since Tian Guangming entered, he acted with a lot of pride in himself. He was wary, suspicious, and treated Li Xiandao as a liar.

  Li Xiandao was really busy. He sent out the 10 watches, meaning that many people wanted to trade with him.

  Since Tian Guangming wasn't willing, then Li Xiandao wouldn't force him. He immediately wanted to let him leave.

  "Wait Master, the second guest is here!" Seven suddenly said.

  When her words landed, a person appeared in the hall.

  This was a young man who was even younger than Li Xiandao. He opened his eyes wide and looked around. In his hands was a watch.

  "Can you fulfill my wish?" The young man didn't suspect anything and asked right away.

  Li Xiandao smiled behind that mask and said towards him, "Sit down and let's talk."

  The young man sat opposite Li Xiandao. His expression was one of panic and anxiousness.

  "Zhou Tianyu, 16 years old, Dao Pursuing cultivation!" Li Xiandao saw his basic information right away and instantly his heart was filled with shock.

  16 years old, Dao Pursuing Realm cultivation!

  What terrifying talent was that?

  Li Xiandao was 18 years old this year and didn't even have basic cultivation. He was 16 and was at Dao Pursuing Realm.

  He was the same realm as the Li Family Elder, who Li Xiandao first traded with.

  Li Family Elder was 300 years old while Zhou Tianyu reached it at just 16.

  Seven reported to Li Xiandao right away, "This person has an invincible talent and has rare prophet talent. It is worth taking!"

  Li Xiandao's eyes flashed and he memorized it. He said to Zhou Tianyu, "This is the Bank of the Universe; everything in the world can be traded. Say what you want to trade!"

  Zhou Tianyu obviously had problems; he was covered in wounds and he was at the low of his life. When he heard this, his face turned vicious and he said, "I want to take revenge; I want to kill Tiandao Sect's Young Master Mingtu. He wiped out my family to snatch my fiancee. If I hadn't run quickly enough, I would have been killed."

  "You are at Wendao Realm, so killing him is not enough. I can help you but what price can you pay?" Li Xiandao said calmly.

  "As long as you can kill him, I will pay any price!" Zhou Tianyu's eyes were filled with hate and desire for revenge as he said decisively.

  After witnessing his entire family get wiped out, his heart was consumed by the thought of revenge.

  He only wanted revenge; as long as he could do that, he would be willing to give up anything!

  When Tian Guangming saw these scenes, his brow rose up.

  He was a Tiandao Sect Elder and naturally knew who Mingtu was.

  He was the son of Tiandao Sect's current Sect Leader, and was really arrogant. When he was in Tiandao Sect, he retracted his arrogance, but when he left Tiandao Sect, he was really overbearing and no one dared to offend him.

  "I want to see how you would let this kid kill Mingtu!" Tian Guangming laughed coldly in his heart and decided to take a look.

  As for Mingtu's life and death, what did it have to do with him?

  Tian Guangming and Mingtu's old man were enemies, so naturally, he wouldn't care about this.

  Li Xiandao didn't pay attention to him; his heart was targetting Zhou Tianyu's talent.


  This was what Seven told Li Xiandao; this was a really rare talent!

  "Prophet, able to see the past, present, and the future. Able to flow in the ocean of time and cultivate. Once one gets used to it, one will cultivate really quickly and one won't need to stop at all. This is a top talent and there is basically nothing better than this." Seven told Li Xiandao solemnly.

  Li Xiandao stared at Zhou Tianyu and said softly, "I can let you personally kill Tiandao Sect's Mingtu to vent your rage and can ensure that you return peacefully. I only need you to pay one price!"

  "What is it?" Zhou Tianyu said eagerly. He saw hope; no matter what, he was willing to pay the price.

  Tian Guangming frowned and looked on, and felt like Li Xiandao was bragging. How amazing was Tiandao Sect? A top power in Dali Land, extremely terrifying, much stronger than Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

  Zhou Tianyu was only a Dao Pursuing Realm kid, so how could he head to Tiandao Sect to take revenge?

  Li Xiandao didn't bother about what Tian Guangming was thinking, he pointed forward, "I want your talent!"

  At the same time, Seven took out a contract and passed it to Zhou Tianyu.

  Zhou Tianyu was stunned and asked, "Only my talent?"

  "Right!" Li Xiandao nodded his head. Zhou Tianyu obviously didn't know how terrifying his talent was.

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