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100% Battle of A Storm / Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Siege Attack on Gouseon (part 2)

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Siege Attack on Gouseon (part 2)

"Charge!." Elbert general yelled as a good number of men began to charge forward at kingdom Gouseon walls.

On Top of those walls where King Norman archer firing arrows after arrows as each one hit it target killing that person or wounding them.

Yet that was not going to stop Elbert men from kept moving forward they even have their own archers firing back at them.

There were a few groups of men carrying ladders to use to lien against the walls, but the only thing standing in their way is king Norman men standing in front.

Men prepared to give up their lives to protect their homes and the ones their love.

Those men charge at Elbert clashing with them as chaos erupted while from the destination was Wilson and his men watching.

"I don't like this there something wrong here." Hellfang said.

"So you can feel it too." Wilson can understand as he too still had that same feeling

"Yeah and it gives me a not so good feeling here like the man who paying us is hiding something from us."

"I attempt to figure out what it can be, but to no luck Elbert gave me no answer instend try to make play a fucking guessing to know what the secrets he hiding from us."

The two kept watching the battle happening in front of their eyes.

"What do we do boss sit on our ass all day and do nothing." Hellfang ask hoping to get some short of answer from Wilson

"There's nothing we can do we have to stand and wait until he wants us to join in."

"Well this is boring as shit to do, I rather be out there doing some fighting."

"Sorry to take away your fun, now let just go back and wait."

Wilson and Hellfang took their leave while the battle kept on going.

Inside kingdom Gouseon lies king Norman sitting on his throne nervously hoping for this Siege attack on his kingdom to come to an end soon.

While waiting for the doors to the throne room was thrust open and a young woman came walking in with Marvin.

"My King, I try to stop her."

Marvin tries to explain, but was stopped when king Norman put a hand up.

"It fine leave us." King Norman command.

Marvin bow not saying another word and took his leave closing the door behind him.

"Care to explain to me the reason I your wife and your children have to leave the kingdom."

King Norman got off of his throne walking up to his wife grabbing both her hands

"My lovely wife Dolores, I can not take the chance to lose you and our children to the hand of my enemy if Gouseon come to fall."

Dolores sees that her husband is losing faith in the battle that is happening right now.

"Why think such a thing my dear you making it sound like the battle is already lost."

"It may be or not I don't know all I can care for now is that you and the children are long gone and safe."

"And how do you think it is going to make us feel knowing that you are alone to face the enemy. How can I and the children know that you are going to come for us after this done."

King Norman understand what his wife Dolores is saying and the man can not give her an answer only kiss her holding it for a long moment until both pull away.

"Your just going to have to believe Dolores, so please take the children with you and leave with Marvin."

"Very well, I will do what you say."

The two put their heads together enjoy this little moments they have left not knowing that they are being watched.

"How interesting look like I have something to take care of best I go find Marcellus the man can help me."

The mysteries person disappear within the shadows without making a single sound.

Back to the battle happening out of front of kingdom Gouseon things were going on a normal peace nothing progressing too fast.

A few of Elbert men were able to reach the walls killing king Norman archers, but they were also killed on top of the wall.

This fight went on until the sun was setting Elbert general called for a retreat.

King Norman men celebrate as they watch those men retreat back.

If only they knew this is what Elbert wanted as the man has something planned for them.

Those who were wounded during the fight was taken back inside to be treated and the others took the chance to rest and replenish themselves.

While this was happening Marvin and his men safeguard KIng Norman wife and children out of their castle where they lead to a carriage waiting to take them away.

"Do not worry my lady me and my men will make sure that you are protected and lead to somewhere safe."

"Thank you Marvin though, I wish you still behind to protect my husband."

"I wish that too my lady, but I can not disobey my king order now please enter."

Dolores enter with her children.

"Alright now let's get out of here and remember men we must do everything in our power to make sure they are safe no matter what do you understand me."

Marvin asked his men as they nod their heads in understanding, he then enter inside the carriage while they got on their horses and lead the way out of Gouseon.


When the day became night Victor took the chance to set up camp as he let the dagger that was given to him by Wilson steel part burn.

"Alright Victor this is going to hurt like hell, but you gotta do it to close the wound before it get worse."

Victor see the dagger was ready to be used, so he sits down bring the dagger close to the leg with the wound.

"Ok I know I can do this." Victor said to himself as he grabbed a wooden stick that he found on the ground.

Putting that thing in his mouth biting down hard on it readying himself as then burn the wound with the dagger.

Feeling the burn made bite down even harder as it was better than screaming at the top of his luges for anyone or anything to hear and come to his location.

When down were the wound was now burn close as Victor drip the dagger and the wooden stick from his mouth to the ground as well.

"Fucking... Hell that hurt more than it looks back at the camp."

During the moment Victor relax, but it didn't last long as he heard something around the area he was in.

Victor quickly stood up, taking a fighting stance.

"Who ever the hell you are you better come out now as I know your there or I come over there myself."

At a moment of silence someone appear in front of Victor.

"It you." Victor was surprised to see that it was Elaine brother.

"Sorry, but I followed you."

"You shouldn't be here."

"Like hell your going to those asshole camp and I want to help you pay them back."

Victor sees that he is not going to listen to him in going back to the Village, So he sat back down and Elaine brother did the same.

"Yeah I am know there's got to be something more behind your reason in following me out here and I would like to know and you can start by telling me your name first."

"My name Lorin and the reason I actually follow you is because I want to save my sister."

"Your sister, you mean you have another."

"Yes she our older sister, she was taken by the bandits a few months ago and on that same day they killed our father when he tried to fight them back."

Victor give Lorin a moment to himself while he look at the fire then spoke.

"Do you think it was a good idea to leave your sister Elaine back at the village alone."

"I know what you are thinking and I am doing the right thing no one back at the Village are going to do anything just let these men do whatever they want to us."

"Can you really blame them Lorin their just people who know nothing on how to fight back against men who have killed before."

Lorin see Victor point and doesn't a word back.

"Still you have a point as well they should have done something did you guys not seek help."

"We try, but the bandits kept that from happening making sure we didn't get the help we need."

"How did you come to know where these bandits set up."

Lorin gave out a small laugh then answer Victor.

"I follow them one time when they came to take what was ours as their usual collecting time. I made sure they didn't know they were being followed and soon came to know where they lived."

"And by knowing where they are what was your plan before I came where you just going to fight all by yourself."

"No I didn't have a plan yet to come at the time and aren't you doing the same thing going up against a camp full of bandits."

Victor got up from the ground.

"I am not going to fight all of them just go after their leader take that person out and they will lose their way."

"Do you really think that going to work Victor."

"I don't know, now come on let's get moving it better to strike during night time."

Victor grab his horse and started walking while Lorin follow behind.

After sometime they come to find the bandit camp it was like a fortress with wooden walls around it and there were two bandits keeping guard out front .

"Alright here what is going to happen, I am going to find a way inside kill their leader then set their camp on fire."

Victor was explaining his plan to Lorin who was beside him.

"And what if their people being held inside their camp do not forget about my sister."

"Good point I set their leader camp on fire that will get all the bandit attention, I'll then seek out those who have been held captive freeing them and you will lead them back to your village. I'll make sure there enough time for you to do that do you understand."

"I understand."

Victor see that Lorin understand and focus his attention back on the guards keeping watch.

He seem them talking and soon notice one is leaving his post alone Victor didn't let this chance get away from him as he follows that man.

Slowly following these man who came up to a tree and started to take a piss on it.

Victor made sure he was far from the other guard view seeing it clear he took out the dagger moving slowly behind on his target.

Real close to the man Victor put his dagger against his neck and slash it open as blood start coming out getting some on the tree.

Then the men body fell to the ground where the rest of his blood fell to the ground.

Victor waste no time after that and move safely to where he can see the other guy on guard.

Once he found a spot Victor eyes was on his target and where the other guy started to show signs of wounding what could be taking his friend long and when he was able to check turing his back.

Victor rapidly move close to impale the man with his dagger while covering his mouth from letting him scarm warn off the others.

Taking the dagger out of the man back and cut his throat while slowly lowering his body to the ground.

'Alright that care of the guards, now to let Lorin that it clear' Victor signal Lorin to come to his location.

"Alright you stand by and wait for me to lead the captive to you got it."

Lorin nod his head seeing that he ready Victor went inside keeping quiet and moving without being seen by the other bandits inside.

There was some still up drinking and laughing together Victor made sure not to be seen making way to find their leader tent where enter inside.

Looking around he saw the man who is the bandit leader laying down on his bed, but he was not only on this bed there was a young woman being held in one of his arms.

She was up and saw Victor who was telling her to be quiet while he quietly made his way to the bandit leader.

Ready to stab his dagger into him all of sudden Victor feel a sharp pain to his side.

Taking a look at what is causing this pain Victor see that it a sword stabbed into his side and to his surprise the man was looking at him with a smile on his face.

Victor didn't see something like this to happen to him, but he had no more time to waste, he still had to do his job and that is to kill the man in front of him.

Being his dagger down to stabbed this man, the guy sees this and quickly pulled his sword out of Victor side then kicking him to where he fell on his back at the same time letting go of his dagger.

Things were not going to well as this was not how Victor plan was supposed to go.

mattfuncool mattfuncool

Sorry it took long, but here another chapter for you out there to read enjoy.

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