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100% Battle of Monsters / Chapter 9: Part 8

Part 8 - Battle of Monsters - Chapter 9 by Razkaarx full book limited free

Chapter 9: Part 8



Lightning strikes on the back of the giant knocking it forward and releasing Dimitri.

"I ain't letting anyone die on me again." Reek pants.

He grabs his sword and shield and preparing for a fight, the giant looks at him but Reek blocks his eyes with his shield making him still be able to move; moving forward, Reek uses his hearing for any incoming attacks.

The giant swings it's hand at Reek but Reek rolls backwards to dodge it, and it swings again destroying Reek's shield as he tries to dodge it.

"Damn it.. I'll fight blinded then!" He clenches his left fist while closing his eyes, running forward and the giant tries to crush Reek with a slam but Reek moves to the side; jumping on its arm and running on it's arm.

"Your only weakness." He opens his eyes but looks down, realizing he's close to the head he jumps on it's face.

"Is your eyes." Slashing it's eyes, it roars loudly as Reek lands on the ground.

"What..?" Dimitri waking up and tries to get up but can't, she watches the battle between them both while she crawls to her fallen bow.

"Particularum telum!" His sword glows but then turning into a fire sword.

With little to no energy left he still did the spell despite his energy.

Grabbing the handle with both of his hands, he yells out "GAHHH!" as he jumps at the giant's neck slicing his head off.

The eyes of Reek glow in flaming red as the body of the giant falls down next to him, he turns his head to the left looking at Dimitri.

"W..What are you?" Dimitri sweating and panting asks Reek that question with a terrified voice.

"A god of destruction." The voice of Reek making Dimitri shiver as she tries to get up once more.

Reek walks to Dimitri and picks her up, carrying her to the village.

"Thank you.." her panting becomes slower and quieter.

They have arrived at the village, Reek putting Dimitri down as he transforms back and dropping down once again.

The villager runs over to both of them with a concerned face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hey! What happened to you two?.."Mona says with a shaking voice.

When she says that the other villagers come over and put them both in a comfortable spot.

Reek wakes up to everyone scattered around him and Dimitri.

"What..? What's happening?" He asks.

"He's awake!" One of the villager says getting all the villagers to crowd him.

"What happened? Why are you and Dimitri passed out?" They asked.

"You don't have any blood or wounds on you but Dimitri does." One of them said.

"I, uh, we got attacked." Reek said half awake.

"By what-" One of them says but gets interrupted by others.

"Is it from the raiders?"

"No, no.. A giant, and a monster." He sighs.

"A monster?! A giant?!" They gasped, closing their mouths with their hand.

"It's fine, they... they're gone now." He reassures them.

"Is Dimitri awake?" Reek asks while looking around.

"She's still passed out but alive." Mona walks to Reek.

"I need a rest.." He says then gets carried by the squad leader to a house.

"Get some rest kid, don't worry I'll put the Dimitri gal in a bed aswell." He says while walking out the door, closing the door and locking it.

He sleeps and feels like he is in a dream, getting up from soft water. The skies looks warped and the clouds are spiral and with colors that are purple, light blue, and pink, there's nothing but shallow water on the ground; Reek tries to dig the ground under the water but the ground keeps regrowing.

Reek seems to be wearing normal clothes with a gray cloak.

"Where am i?" Reek says with an echoey voice.

Welcome, Reek.

"What? Who's saying that?"

It's me, the one you're looking for. I'm the voice in your head.

"My monster self?"

Not that bafoon.

Remember how you died but lived?

"I was wondering how that happened."

I made a deal with Elver, reviving you costed one of my monsters.

"How many are there?"

Lots, i could've made hundreds but it would be unfair for humans to fight.

"You made them for what?"

Elver made me to create a thing that can destroy a world, and i found an entertaining way to do it, they compete with humans.

"They are stronger than humans, how do you expect us to fight them?!"

Seeing the weapons and all that, 6 billion humans could take down a couple of them.

"I'll kill you, for creating these beings!"

I'd like to see you try.

"I'll promise myself, after i kill all the monsters. You're next."

Good luck.

Warping sounds he heard, and also feeling hes about to get warped back to the real world again.

When he wakes up he sees Dimitri sitting on a chair next to his bed and reading a book.

"You're finally awake."

"What're you doing here?" He asks while sitting up.

"Waiting for you to wake up so i can ask what the hell happened."

"How long have i been asleep?"

"Two days."

"WHAT!" He shouts, almost falling off the bed.

"We tried to wake you up, but you wouldn't so i waited."

"Huh, anyways, what's the question you wanted to ask."

"You said you we're a god of destruction, what does that mean? And you were covered with red stuff." She asks, closing the book and putting it back on the shelf.

"Gah.. i have to explain this whole thing again.."

"Basically, I'm a monster and i have these powers, and there are others like me but not human, monsters are called gods of destructions."

"W-wait. So you're telling me, there are more like you?"

"Yes, they we're made to destroy the world. But i wanted to fight back and save the world from getting destroyed."

"Wait, was that giant one of those monsters?"

"Yes, and I don't think you saw the other one. The lightning monster, there was two monsters there."

"So the monsters has different types of powers? Then what powers do you have?"

"Yeah, the ones i know about was i can run fast, jump high, and strength."

"But what about lightning powers? i saw you strike lightning at the giant when i was about to die."

"What? i never had lightning powers, i made sure the lightning monster dead though."

"Then, did my monster self do everything? I never remembered killing that giant."

"How about this, you should take a rest while i scout alright?" Reek says.

"What? No! You just woke up."

"It's fine, if you don't want to rest then just take care of this village, I'll scout alone so you don't get into that madness."

She sighs "Fine.."

"I'll be going now, you can sleep again if you want." She says.

"Nope, I'll just get ready for scouting."

She walks out the door as he gets up from the bed, putting on his armor and his cloak.

He walks out and goes outside the village, going around it to see a small cabin, he approaches it; Opening the door and seeing a trapdoor beneath the bed, he opens it and climbs down just to see a giant room filled with arcane stuff and alchemy stuff; with a bed, barrel full of food, water, etc, an old man sitting infront of a curved wall with unknown language written on it.

"Finally, someone has come down here after years.." The old man says.

"Who are you?"

"Fire Arts... I see."

"What are you talking about?"

"You possess the fire arts."


Chapter 8



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