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100% Beast God / Chapter 79: Beast vs Angel

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Chapter 79: Beast vs Angel

"What are your recomendations?" Ben asked, his gaze on James.

"We need an open line of communication between each city." James said, tapping the table.

Ben nodded his head, agreeing with the royal prince. "Those can be purchased from the store."

"Communication Jades, I have prepared them for my city for each of you." James said, bringing out nine jades for them. "If anybody has anything else to say, please speak up."

The aussie stood up and spoke slowly, "My city is constantly being attacked by powerful beasts, making it difficult to hunt for food and resources. Australia was known for their dangerous and poisonious animals, after the system they became even deadlier. What I am saying is that I need a hand with these beasts."

He gave a self depreciating sigh and sat down. The other City Lords looked at him strangely.

Ben smiled and stood up, "My city would gladly help. We can go there after this meeting." he said.

The man, Lachlan, had enough humility to ask for help and Ben wouldn't leave him hanging.

"Tch, probably going to help the beasts into the city." Roberto, the bible thumper, sneered.

Ben ignored him but Deke glared at him, a small strand of black smoke floated from his hands.

"Leave it Deke, I will handle him… soon." Ben said quietly to Deke.

Deke nodded but still sent a glare at Roberto. The three guards behind Roberto had their hands on their swords, feeling Deke's killing intent.

"Thank you, City Lord…" Lachlan said, hinting for his name.

"Bennet. Call me Ben." Ben smiled, nodding at Lachlan.

"I will also lend a hand." Thomas, the Fallen Angel, added. He had an evil smirk on his face as his eyes flashed towards Roberto.

"I thank you in advanced." Lachlan said, giving a small nod.

"Anybody elses city's need a hand?" James asked, looking around. "Good. Make sure exchange jades before you leave."

With that the meeting was over. Ben suddenly stood up and cleared his throat.

"I am looking for Snow Elves. The tribe was broken up when they were sent to earth." he said motioning to Chloe. "If you have seen them please send them to my city. I will be in your debt."

The City Lords all shook their heads, indicating that they havent seen any.

Roberto had a smirk on his face and spoke with a mocking tone, "I have seen some… but I am afraid that they are 'busy' with my generals."

The room was suddenly filled with cries from beasts. Everyone looked at Ben is shock as the sounds came from his body. They also noticed the tattoos on his arms move slightly.

The ones who were the most shocked were the four chinese people, as their powers were connected with beasts. The Vermillion Bird women shivered as the cry of Ava made her tremble and the Azure Dargon gentlemen's eyes narrowed, feeling the threat of another dragon.

"It seems that diplomancy isn't always the best way…" Ben said slowly, his voice quiet but filled with rage. "I apologize to you City Lord Lachlan as I will have to postpone assisting your city until tomorrow."

His golden eyes glowed as he stared at Roberto, "I need to kill someone first."

The City Lords were speechless as they looked at Ben.

"Gentleman, please do not fight here. This is my city and my citizens will be caught in the crossfire." James said quickly, trying to stop them.

"Bastard. You are still alive only because of the mercy I had for you. Now you must die for your sins." Roberto said, standing up, white energy seemed to roll off his body.

"City Lord James is correct." Ben said, leaving the room. Chloe, Deke and Hal followed him out, Deke sent a mocking look towards Roberto and shook his head.

Soon the other City Lords followed, wanting to see Ben and Roberto's strength.


Outside the city walls, Ben stood facing Roberto and his three guards while Deke stood behind him. Chloe and Hal were not strong enough to face these kind of opponents.

"Can you handle those three?" Ben whispered to Deke.

"I can stall them long enough for you to handle him." Deke said, not underestimating them.

"I will go all out from the beginning then." Ben said, a determined look on his face.

The rest of the City Lords were standing on the wall watching the two.

"Shall we take bets?" Thomas asked, his evil grin still on his face. "Thousand gold on Ben. An extra 500 that he ends it in less than five minutes."

He looked around for any takers but the other City Lords remained silent.

"Ben will win, this I can guarantee." Adam spoke up for the first time.

"It is hard to guarantee anything." James said, waiting for the fight.

"I have seen him fight, you havent." Adam said simply.

Nia grabbed Adam's hand and nodded, agreeing with him.

"Ben will win." Wang Xia said softly, the three guards behind her nodded as well.

"What makes you so sure?" Rajesh asked confused.

"He has the aura of beasts." she replied simply.


"Just you two? What, not going to let your precious little elf fight? What about the midget? He looks fierce." Roberto asked, his sneer seemed even larger now.

"We are more than enough." Ben said with a cold smile.

He extended his arms and the air filled with roars and cries of beast. Ava, Duke and Takon soon appeared and glared viciously at Roberto.

'Let's kill the bastard.' Ava said, her voice cold.

Takon didn't say anything but extended his head to the sky and let out a soul shaking roar.

Duke bared his fangs and let out a deep growl.

"Is this enough for you?" Ben smiled, slowly drawing his swords from their scabbards.

He didn't wait for an answer and pounced at Roberto with killing intent.

The beasts were not idle either, Ava and Takon attacked the three guards while Duke attacked Roberto with Ben.

Roberto's eyes hardened, drawing out a short sword. White wings sprouted from his back and golden flames covered his sword and body.

Their swords met and a large shockwave rang through the air, dust flying. Roberto was struggling to match Ben's strength and was shocked to see a mocking smile on Ben's face.

"Is your God this weak?" Ben asked, sending a kick to his abdomen.

Roberto grunted and staggered a few steps back. He raised his sword in time to block Ben's attack but was continuously pushed back.

Ben jumped high into the air, causing Roberto to look up. He failed to realize that Duke was waiting for this and bit his arm, twisting, Duke threw him into the ground. Ben smiled as wings grew from his back and darted quickly towards Roberto.

His sword stabbed through the holy man's shoulders, pinning his to the ground.

"ENOUGH!" Ben yelled, calling his beasts back. Ava had already killed one of the guards and was about help Takon kill the other one. Deke had severely injured his opponent but stopped when he heard Ben.

The battlefield went quiet and everyone stared at Ben.

"You have one hour to bring back all the races you have enslaved here or I will kill your City Lord. Get going." Ben said coldly.

The two remaining guards glared at him but soon left.

"You will burn in hell." Roberto spat, clearly not willing to accept his loss.

Ben twisted the sword in the man's shoulder causing him to grunt in pain.

"For the next hour, you will shut up or I will be cutting your limbs off one by one and feeding them to Duke." Ben threatened.

Duke grinned and licked his large fangs, clearly happy with that idea.

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