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Chapter 3: Misunderstanding

Senon obviously didn't know that someone was coming who was capable of changing his life.

Anna was terrified by the roar as she was just below of its jaws. But Anna had to be brave, she put her hand on its azure scale. The Sky Dragon looked down at her, Anna saw it's deep blue and fell into a deep trance.

Senon was dazed a he looked into the girl in front of her. This girl looks similar to the girl whom I always dreamed of, I used to take her to different cafes on my dreams. Recalling those memories Senon couldn't help getting red.



"Nothing! Can I name you?" Anna spoke telepathically. Once a demonic beast had a contract with a human they are termed as Spirit Animals, Being in a pact with a demonic beast rather than just taming one has advantages. For example Spiritual Connection, one may convey their thoughts to each party with their minds, one can also know each other's location although vague sometimes it can help in drastic times.

"My name is originally Senon. And I was a h-"

*Ding! Mission Acquired!

Mission Details; Don't let anyone find out that host is a human, Until host's human form is locked.

Time Limit; -

Rewards; Shadow Cat Form!

*Ding! Mission Acquired!

Mission Details; Reach Adult Hood! Until Then, Human Form Is Locked!

Time Limit; -

Rewards; Monthly Roulette Function

"Is something wrong?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking of a good name"

"Would you like the name Aqua?"

"Although dragons don't really care about genders I prefer a manly name." According to what he read in the books of the Elven Royalty, Dragons don't mate at all, instead, every dragon has either a "male" energy or a "female" energy as for how they know which dragon possesses which energy, their eyes tell them. Those who have smaller pupils "usually" are girls while the bigger pupil are boys. Although they don't mate they have a ceremony called union where the two different energy units or combine after that it forms into an egg.

"Is that so?" Anna contemplated for a while then said: "How about Kayle."

"Then that's that, May I know this maiden's name?" Senon(Kayle), moved his head closer as their heads were on each others forehead.

"An-" Just as Anna was about to introduce herself, a shadow had already hit on Senon's scaly head.


"It's a Lycanthrope!"

"Wha-! Run!!!"

Before even Senon managed to turn its head on his attacker, The Lycanthrope already pounced on Senon's long neck as it readied to attack it, when suddenly; "Stop!" Anna recognized the Lycanthrope as it was someone she definitely knows.

Just as the Lycan was about to smash its elbows towards Senon's neck when it was stopped by Anna, Senon definitely isn't someone which anybody can use as a punching bag, attacking the Lycan in surprise with his tail he successfully brought it to the ground. The Lycan jump from the crater that it was smashed from, Cracking its knuckles the Lycan again lunged forward again; "Please Stop!" Anna said, but this time the Lycan didn't stop and continued to rush for Senon.

Sky Dragons were known for their Aerobatic skills, their maneuvering skills on the air are the best among dragons coupled with their smaller builds than other dragons they are one of the fastest demonic beasts. Their hunting habits were using their sharp claws as they grabbed their prey while flailing them on the air, even worst sometimes they'll fly so high then suddenly drops, after finally building up a strong momentum they drop their poor prey as they glide down.

Senon naturally knows all kinds of beast knowledge since when he gets bored he'll steal books from the Elves which were known for their long heritage of extensive knowledge.

Together with his modern knowledge, Senon has already brewed-up a plan to beat this dog.

A Wolf and A Dragon was in a head-to-head confrontation, but just before they were about to collide the wolf jumped high disappearing from the dragon's view or so it thought. The dragon flew up with an explosive force as it dug its claws on the wolf, it flew higher and higher until it was above the clouds.

Senon covered the world's vision with his wings as he prepared for the "drop". Senon started falling, while down below someone was screaming her lungs out, "Stop". Naturally didn't hear Senon didn't hear Anna, Senon fell like a shooting star in the sky. The ground looked bigger and bigger every second, just as Senon was about to hit 500 feet mark that he estimated, he heard someone on his mind, "Kayle, Stop! his my Father!, Learning that He was just about to drop Anna's father to death, he immediately spread his wings as he landed in front of Anna with Anna's father on his feet.

"Thank you, Kayle." Anna then went to check on his father.

Anna's father, who is also the dean was now back to his naked self, After standing up he then pointed his finger at Senon as he demanded "So you're my daughters Spirit Animal? So what! You tore my clothes, do you know how much my robes cost?"

"Father, its your fault that you attacked without knowing anything!"

The dean was speechless hearing her daughter, "At least this dragon needs to compensate with his sc-"

Before even the dean managed to finish his sentence, Senon threw a leather robe at the dean from out of nowhere. But before Senon took out the robe, he made clouds of sand with his wings as he knows how rare spatial items were. As for where did he get that from, it's an ability from his 2nd life, "World" but Senon would like to call it "Dino-Room" because of the dinosaurs and it's top purpose for him is like a huge storage room.

The dean put on the robes hurriedly as the dust clouds were dispersing pretty fast, although the robe didn't have many properties like being able to block weapons, the material it was made of was actually rare. The only reason Senon didn't wear it, it was because of the history behind that "thing".

"A beast hide? mhh nice taste, where'd you stole this from?" The dean inspected the robe as he searched around for someone that has the face of someone robbed of their robe. Naturally, the dean didn't expect for Senon to have a special ability like "World" even if he had, he had just been brought in this world a few minutes ago.

Senon replied with a snort, "Anna, Let's go!", he then bit the collar of Anna's clothes as he puts her on his back.

"Kayle, Wait-" Anna said as he tried to "keep down" her skirt.

Senon already knew what she was thinking, as a second timer in this world Senon knew some stuff about academies, just like how the ceremony for graduating was held after the "summoning" of spirits. "It's alright, we're just gonna fly above the academy." Senon then started up another bunch of dust clouds, as they hovered around the academy.

After the dust cloud settled, the students searched for the Lycan and the Dragon, but when they saw Anna on Senon's back, glances of envy were focused on Anna. The violet-robed man soon started calling student's name. A commoner youth stepped out as he ate the apple, then stated his pact. Surprisingly he got a Spirit Weapon, although some say Spirit Animals were better than Spirit Artifacts, nobody could actually prove it as every year there would be some powerful individual possessing a powerful Spirit Artifact, but when faced with a Spirit Tamer they always end up with a tie.

The dean went to the Magic Tower as he needed to "fix" a misunderstanding. He did nothing major, he just warned the other kingdoms from a disaster capable of destroying millions of lives. The dean released a red beam of light which is a red-scaled disaster, Red-scale disasters are "made" either by beast(s) or a man-made disaster like occults doing ritual summonings and many more, There are only 2 signals commonly known by the public, the Red Beam and the Black Beam, meaning the Magic Tower's governing area has fallen.

Now the dean is planning to send a white beam. The white beam means the problem has been dealt with. If the dean doesn't release the white beam the whole continent might not get to sleep for a month, if not the continent's state would be like a ticking bomb just a slight mistake would result in grave consequences.

_ELF_san _ELF_san seems I've made the mc strong just right at the beginning....oh well let's just make his enemies stronger......just need a reason why they were strong....any suggestions? If i do find an interesting suggestion maybe I'll revise the idea a bit....

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