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100% Beast Shifter / Chapter 5: Running Away

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Chapter 5: Running Away

Senon was resting on the academy's "Animal Shelter", he's lying on a "fluffy" hay bed, if he was in human form no doubt he would've been dead due to the itchiness.

He just finished doing a "favor" for his neighbor, Senon made his neighbor a hay "hill". His neighbor kept going to his "territory" so he got pissed and made his neighbor promised that she won't come again if he made a hay hill just for herself, which she wagged her tails while she watched me built her hill".

His neighbor was Princess Anna's spirit animal, Fenris, which was a terrible name or not. Why couldn't I be named after a legendary beast how about after Ancalagon or even Alduin.

"Hey, Drag! I have a favor to ask you!" Fenris was capable of using a telepathic magic, which she used to annoy me every time.

Senon has heard that sentence a million times today and it's not even past 12:00 p.m., but if he chose to ignore her she'll chew his tail like a mad gnome(PunFailureLoLGet It Gnaw,

"What is it again"

"I want to ride you!"


Senon couldn't take it anymore, "This Beast is a problem child!" he thought. Senon turned his back on Fenris as he spread his swings and with it was clouds of dust and sand covering Fenris' vision. When it cleared up Senon was long gone.

Senon was hovering around the academy, there were many "lovable" things to see things above here. There is this couple behind the trees, spirit animals "dueling" with flashy moves while their master flirts with the female spectators, but what Senon truly like can be found in the courtyard behind the Covered Gymnasium besides Anna's quarters the Girl's dormitory. The Shelter was behind the Boy's dormitory which was terrible for male students as every night you'll feel as if you were living in the middle of the wilderness.

The courtyard was relatively simple and "magical" compared to the Gymnasium in front of it and the Girl Dormitory's that was built like a small palace. There were only stone pillars forming a rectangular shape, inside the "box" were sands where various "activities" were made. There were small hills surrounding it coupled with bushy trees it became the perfect spot for picnics and of course for perverts.

But the "magical" part was the thing that made this place popular, everything else will become weightless.

The courtyard was currently occupied by a group of girls playing a sport called "king's court" which is very similar to dodgeball. But king's court was a free for all game and the way of eliminating other players were very similar aside from the fact that you need to use magic spells to hit others. Only level 1 spell was used in casual games to prevent hurting other students in the academy but there is a hardcore tournament which allows level 5 spells or below.

It's just hitting each other with magic what fun is that? Some may ask, but there's a more important "something" that is one of the critical points of the game, and that is the field of the game or at least the players are able to cast a level 4 spell "Void Steps"! Naturally, most students were only capable of casting level 0 spells, even among the graduating students, the strongest was only at the elementary stage of level 3.

That's where the field comes in, there are stone platforms "stuck" on the air with magic. The stone platforms were used as "stepping stones" literally. There are bound to be students with weaker physical ability, who can't even reach the lowest floating platform in the field which was placed at 8 feet high but that could be easily solved by level 0 magics like [WeightReduction]. If athletes from earth know of this they would just flip out.

The girls were currently dashing to different platforms while casting spells from time to time which hit some players. The reason Senon and other perverts hang around here was that of;

"Mika, did you just hit my breasts again?!"

"Where am I supposed to aim if not for your breasts shielding your bo-! You got me again with the same trick of your"

The boys were enjoying the scene of a wet chest including Senon who was still in the sky. But the scene didn't last for long as the girl casted a drying magic on her clothes, the girls were already used to this kind of reaction towards the boys, no matter how much they try to keep them away they'll just come back like flies with their other "friends".

Senon spent his entire everyday afternoon like this whenever the girls were playing. Fenris after reaching her went to Princess Alexa afterward which allowed him to sleep soundly. Although he'll peek from time to time whenever he hears a scream, as that is the sign for a girl being struck with magic which makes them even more "beautiful". Yesterday, there was an accident which struck a girl unconscious, being a ''Hero" Senon carried the beauty towards the infirmary, from then on he was called the "Guardian of the Courtyard" which made him looked like a watch guard, well indeed he was here just to become a "WatchGuard".

After the girls finished their game, Senon also left exactly like the other days. Just as Senon was flying beside the Magic Tower, he saw Anna crying while going down the stairs. He flew down below and wait for a minute in front of the Magic Tower's steel door. When Anna saw Senon she immediately climbs on his back and hugs his neck as she silently wept.

Senon then flew up into the air, and of course tried comforting Anna which was one of the things he wasn't good at.

"Wanna beat someone up?" Senon spoke to Anna telepathically.

Being asked like that directly Anna was silent for awhile but replied a moment after.

"No...It's my parents...." Remembering that she even felt sadder.

Senon was silent as he never really had an argument with his father, well he did want to complain to him at some point but seeing his other brother who disobeyed his father got himself pointed with a gun, he just buried his dissatisfactions.

Seeing the atmosphere worsen Senon said while stuttering, "Yo-u know, my fa-ather was a ruthless dragon! He trained u-us brothers since young with an iron-hand!"

Anna smiled with tears as she said, "Doesn't Spirit Animals have no memories before being summoned?" then after giggled.

Senon was speechless for forgetting a minor detail, but soonly apologized "Forgive me, I don't really have any experience for comforting someone" but he inwardly thought to himself, I bet my father is worse than your father if only you'd know.

"It's okay"

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_ELF_san _ELF_san

...This should've been posted the other day but my sister was hospitalized and i couldn't make any chptr.

well it was supposed to be yesterday but i just watched anime the whole day (S2OverLord, Darling in the Franxxx, and currently Hataku Maou-sama)

Last chptr of the week...If you want a bonus about 30 votes?

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