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56.25% Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System / Chapter 61: Princess of Nanshu Empire

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Chapter 61: Princess of Nanshu Empire

Nanshu Empire Capital – Qiyang City, inside one of the most luxurious restaurant, VIP room in the 2nd floor…

Dongfang Ruyi gulped down his wine in frustration and gritted his teeth in anger when he remembered what he experienced in the Demonic Forrest before.

Inside the Demonic Forest more or less one and a half months ago, he stuck in that trap formation for ten days and after the formation faded away, he immediately wanted to track down Mu Xuan Yin's whereabouts using her engagement bracelet but he found out that he could no longer track or communicate with Mu Xuan Yin using it.

"That damn fox bastard must be using some kind of invisible barrier to cut off my connection with her! The next time I see him, I will definitely make him pay back for that!" Dongfang Ruyi gripped his fist harder until it made a frightening cracking sound.

In the end, Dongfang Ruyi that lost all the clues of Mu Xuan Yin whereabouts decided to gamble and came to this Nanshu Empire Capital – Qiyang City, where the next calamity will strike according to the novel.

Dongfang Ruyi was really sure that with his Yin Er soft and kindhearted personality, she will definitely come to this city and tried to stop the calamity before it happening.

However, Dongfang Ruyi has actually underestimated the vastness of this Nanshu Empire Capital. He already asked almost all the inns in this Qiyang City but he still could not find any trace of Mu Xuan Yin until now.

"Hmm… What happen? Why are there so many people on the street?" Dongfang Ruyi frowned and began to overhear the conversation from the people below.


"Sigh… So many people here… I can't even see my own hands right now!"

"Of course it will be crowded here! The famous beautiful fairy, Princess of Nanshu will pass here in a moment!"

"I am really curious… Is she really that beautiful?"

"Of course, she is so beautiful that one glance is enough to steal the soul of any male and topple down any country! I heard that all the princes including the emperor were already smitten by her beauty!"

"Shhhhhhhhh… Shut up! Look she is coming!"

"Oh my god… So beautiful… I could die peacefully right now…"


"Sigh… No matter how beautiful or pretty she is… No one can match This King Yin Er… Not only extremely beautiful but also pure and innocent… Completely untainted… Sigh… My dear Yin Er… Where are you now?... Sigh…" Dongfang Ruyi gulped another cup of his wine while staring blankly on the window with the hint loneliness and longing in his eyes.

When a golden palanquin on the street entered his vision, Dongfang Ruyi was sneering coldly at it and said " Cih… A spoiled princess surrounded by gold and jewelry. Just looking at it makes me sick!" Then he drank another cup of wine.


Dongfang Ruyi spurted out all of the wine in his mouth and forgot to close his jaw when he saw the girl inside the golden palanquin.

"Yin… Er…? I… My eyes do not deceive me, right?" Dongfang Ruyi rubbed his eyes but he still saw Mu Xuan Yin sat inside the golden palanquin.

"What the hell is happening here? Are her eyes blinded by wealth now?" Dongfang Ruyi rubbed his forehead in confusion and shock.


More or less two weeks ago…

Mu Xuan Yin removed her disguise spell and appeared as her true appearance after her Master left her. Using 'lost her way and accidentally entered the Demonic Forest' as an excuse, she managed to deceive the sect elders that guarding at the Demonic Forest border.

Actually, this kind of excuse should never work on the elders that guarding but maybe because of her current mesmerizing look, in the end, she managed to exit the Demonic Forest and heading to Qiyang City.

Along the way, Mu Xuan Yin kept training her Iron Fist and Light Feathered Step but did not know why the two of her martial art techniques was remained stagnant at Minor-accomplishment even after training for three days.

"Why? I already training so hard from dawn till dusk but it still stuck at minor-accomplishment… Where did I do wrong?" Mu Xuan Yin frowned and her sweat began to flowing down from her beautiful face after training her martial art techniques today.

Cling… Cling… Cling…

"Eh… Message from Supreme God? How unusual for him to call me first…"Mu Xuan Yin opened the message that she got from Supreme God and read it.

Supreme God: Pffft… So, My Dear, this supreme can't believe that you really training yourself so hard. This Supreme is really appreciated that. However, so sorry it will not work since you can only increase your martial art techniques mastery with the option in the system.

Supreme God: Really sorry but this Supreme really forgot to unlock that option… Pffft... Tehepero… GL…

<<Martial Arts Upgrade has been unlocked>>

Mu Xuan Yin: "….."

Then this stupid god just said that all of her hard work before was actually futile?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Grumpy Mumu: You! You clearly just making fun of me, aren't you?! How could a supreme god like you forget something like this?!

<< Sorry, the God that you are trying to send your message to is busy. Please try it again later. >>


This unreliable god was run away!?

"Okay… Calm down for now… Fuhhh… Let's try to upgrade my martial art technique from the system now!" Mu Xuan Yin calmed herself then opened the 'Supreme God System' application.

1. Aptitude Talent Upgrade

2. Creating Item

3. Martial Arts Upgrade

4. ???

5. Exit

Then Mu Xuan Yin chose 'Martial Arts Upgrade' option on her phone screen.

Current Helping Point (HP): 620

Iron Fist <<Minor Accomplishment>> (1 HP)

Light Feathered Step <<Minor Accomplishment>> (5 HP)

"It looks like I got pretty much of Helping Points from prevented the beast stampede…" Mu Xuan Yin was grinning happily when she saw her current Helping Points.

Mu Xuan Yin spent 5 Helping Points to upgrade the Iron Fist to Great Perfection and spent 30 Helping Points to upgrade Light Feathered Step to Trance.

Current Helping Point (HP): 585

"There are still so many helping points… Let's use it to learn Celestial Dance then!" Mu Xuan Yin pulled out Celestial Dance Manual from her space pouch and began to flipping through it.

However, she quickly realized that only a few front pages that were written and the rest of it were the blank pages.

"So strange… Maybe this manual is like in the other novel, the owner must master the first art first to unlock the next art?! Must be like that! Whatever, I will find it out sooner or later. First, I must master the first technique!" Mu Xuan Yin guessed and decided to put it for later then began read the first few pages.

Celestial Dance – First Dance – Sonic Step

"Sonic Step… Just the name is already cool!" Mu Xuan Yin was grinning happily and began to practice on using it for a bit since she needs to master it to Minor Accomplishment at the minimum so she can upgrade it even further with the system.

godadi godadi

Okay! Let's go back to our dear Yin Er and start a new volume with a new surprise lol... Stay tuned and do not forget to vote!

also thank you very much everyone who has already voted and gave me the gift!

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