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100% Beauty After Quest Online / Chapter 164: Rewrite

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Chapter 164: Rewrite

Beauty After Quest Online - Summoner Path.

Chapter 1

"Good morning, ohayo, ni hao, guten tag, bonjour, amigo, siemanko pizdeczki!"

The announcer did his best to greet everyone in their own language but to no avail. The world is vast and so he had no way of reaching every part of the community. Anyway, that's how he planned to introduce everyone to such a broad world. Though he was completely unaware that one of the aforementioned greetings had infuriated a certain country in the middle continent. Regardless of that, the announcer flashed his white teeth and continued his job.

"Exactly! There are so many languages that no one of us can master those all! It is also way too hard for us, humans, to visit every part of our beautiful blue planet! We are not only limited by our physical strength but all other factors that hold us from touring all over the world!"

It was pretty annoying, to be honest.

"What kind of bullshit is he spitting right now? It is just a mere game announcement yet he speaks some flashy words about tourism? I heard it is an MMORPG!"

"At least he got your attention."

The community had similar reactions as such, flooding forums with hate and impatience as a result. All of them had gathered in front of TV, computers, and their devices to watch the announcement of the game that had been hyped so much that no one below age thirty didn't know about it.

Despite such outrage from the community, the announcer followed his script, and finally, the new screen revealed itself after the man had spoken in at least twenty languages, breaking the beautiful languages of the earth in the meantime…

"A Second Wish! This is the game where you enter the new world with your whole body, mind, and heart! It is not a VR game where you fake yourself and think that you are in a real game, but a second reality! A second reality where you can reach out for the deepest fantasy-like dreams from your heart!"

The screen showed off a mesmerizing scenery of a fantasy world that took the breath from the viewers. Not only lands, the humans and other humanoid races, half-humans, and so on… Everything looked so real it was hard to believe.

At first, it felt like the words 'a second reality' were an exaggeration, but just from those screenshots alone, the world began to believe that this might be not the case. When the magic, so vivid it was stunning, appeared, the young part of the crowd stood up and clenched their fists.


Yes, their dreams have been rekindled.

And it was not only for the young part of the crowd. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Xuan'er, look at this. This is so dope!"

A young man with pale golden hair was laying on the bed, seeming confined. However, he was confined by fate which decided he has to keep living with the paralyzed body. His eyes barely could move, but luckily enough, the young man's sister was here to accompany him.

She held her phone carefully with her two hands allowing him to watch the fantasy-like scenery with his own eyes.

For a second, it looked like his eyes lacking in any color shone brightly.

Yes, at this moment, Xuan Xuan's mind shook and his mind got flooded by memories from the future or at least, another timeline.

The images were way more vivid and more breathtaking than the current crowd could even imagine. He was living his life to the fullest here, his body freely reaching for the dreams of his!

The Black Archmage Successor.

The Perverted Messiah.

The Star Of Night Time TV - The Lessons of Messiah.

The Shameless King.

Guild Master Of Xuan Xuan's Harem.

The Demonesses Rider.

The Goddesses Slapper.

Too many titles suddenly assailed Xuan Xuan as he remembered the important events related to each title. Tears then welled up around his eyes' corners causing his sister to flinch. She stroked his golden hair reassuring that he will surely try the game in the future.


If the game is really as advertised, then it might be fine for Xuan Xuan to go here. He can get 'a new body' and begin a new life without any obstacles. It might be in the game only, but in such a vivid world, no one would complain and live to the fullest.

"I must end the school, so this is perfectly fine! We will enter the game in the future once it is confirmed that sick people like you can join. By this time, my school will be done, and I will be able to get a job to pay your hospital bills!"

Xuan Xuan's sister, Xuan Shen cheered brightly, her cute hands clenched. She has always been treasuring Xuan Xuan and never missed her daily visits to the hospital! Not even once! Unlike her parents, Xuan Shen loves her brother and has been doing her best to cheer him up every day so that he wouldn't lose hope and break in the process.

However, Xuan Xuan knew everything now. He knew that the reason his parents lost faith and interest in him was simply because he wasn't their child. They have been feeling obligated to pay hospital bills but taking care of a son that might bring nothing to the family in his whole life just felt useless for them.

Regardless of that, Xuan Xuan knew that it was fine for him to enter the game. He was also aware that this is not exactly a game, but truly a second reality that is going to change the whole world, not only the earth but also the vast world on the other side.

This was also a chance for him to get rid of his sickness.

He has to get into the game as quickly as possible, even more with the knowledge he suddenly got out of nowhere! There were many advantages he could pull off in the game, so many things were needed to be done!

That's why Xuan Xuan darted his eyes at Xuan Shen. It startled her once more as he was looking at her so deeply it felt unreal. With eyes dilated as much as possible, Xuan Xuan hovered those on his sister deeply as he couldn't convince her in any other way.

"I know… It might be a chance for you, Xuan'er… But this is too risky…"

Xuan Xuan didn't yield, however. If this keeps up, then blood might seep out from his corners! It was dangerous, way too dangerous!

"Okay! I will ask the doctor to keep an eye on you. Just wait for the game to start! And promise me that you will log out if you feel even a little nauseated!"

His eyes tightly shut have been taken as 'yes'.

It was time for Xuan Xuan… to start the game!

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