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31.03% #Beauty In Eyes Of Beholder / Chapter 9: CHP 8: SUFFERING AND BITTERNESS

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In 10 min I reach the camp seeing the sweaty soldiers doing their drill ,I quickly give the commands and start the morning exercise.

At 10a.m we finished doing our activities. we dispersed, I quickly changed showered and wore my uniform with military cap and make my way towards the canteen where it is very lively.

I take a sit next to Asten (Earth name code in the military) who smiled at my way and gave me my food. I took the fork and started eating the salad and look up to see everybody's faces, they are all busy talking to each other and cracking jokes.

Suddenly wave of memories flashed through my mind, where I was at my home or now I call it mansion after I left home. I was sitting in a big round table where my father in the head sit to his left my brother Elle, to his right mother and next to my mother sat my adopted sister Suzan who was 3 years older than me after I came back she had kind of hostility towards me.

Whenever mother was not around she would bully me to the extend she even hit me twice. When I went to mother to tell her about this my mother refused to believe me and my father was always on my mother's side so he even told me that I must have said something bad that she did to correct my mistake.

Yes, I have one older brother who is 7 yrs. older than me, Kevin Coleman who is like my father a businessman and also a world top billionaire and an adopted sister Suzan who was adopted due to my mother's illness .

After the incident I always kept quiet during dinners my father used to talk with Elle and mother with Suzan they behaved like I was invisible they were happy family of 4.

Sometimes I believed that I was not even their daughter therefore I always went to my grandpa's house for lunch which became quiet frequent. I used to cry everyday on grandpa's lap why they don't like me. My grandpa used to lull me and told that they required time.

One day I was passing my parents room where I heard my mother speak

"Dominic Freya is becoming more like a devil she is bullying Suzan saying that she is and adopted sister, Suzan came running to me that Freya called her bad names, why can't she just accept Suzan her sister even though she is adopted I accepted her, you and whole family acknowledged her why can't she"

"how has my daughter become a selfish "

"we provided her everything even after she came back then, why is she behaving that what happened to her was our mistake?"!

"just give her some time Sara let her cool down for some time I will talk to Suzan and Freya to apologies her"

That broke my heart as I was about to move suddenly the vase on the table fell down creating 'clack' sound.

I look and see my parents looking at me surprised my father had some emotion but he quickly covered it up I could not see my mother as she was behind father.

"Freya, listening to someone conversation is rude!" This time was the longest statement he had ever spoken to me after I came back

"Freya I want you to apologize to your sister right now and just accept her" I had tears in my eyes I looked at my father's straight face into his eyes but he quickly averted it

"I know you need some time to acknowledge her just please be polite to her not for my sake just for your mother's health" He was winking at me to follow his lead I looked at his face and then to my mothers who was looking at her phone

"father you want me to accept her just for mom's sake tell me what you'll did when I came back, you'll didn't even acknowledge me I cried in dreams every day that yeah my father is superman he will definitely rescue me from those horrible people. Days passed nobody came at one time I was hoping that I was born as orphan but what did I do to deserve this did I ask for any high requests I just my parents to spend time with me but you'll just ignored my existence"

I kept quiet these whole months for mother's sake but now enough she doesn't even me as her daughter than why should I do as you say tell me"

"Freya shut up don't back answer me I don't want to do something that will make me regret" Fathers chin was tightly clenched his fingers were turned into fist he was shaking horribly his was face red from anger.

"tell me what you'll do I'm wait…."

Before I could say anything he slapped me straight on my face I fell down on the floor with pieces of vase shards on my hands and knees blood was trickling down my mouth

"Freya listen" ....

I signaled my hand to stop him from talking

"good Mr. Dominic you deserved your name in business world who doesn't expect disrespect from anyone even your blood biological daughter…. ha-ha"

"before I go I just want to say something oohh ",

where's my dearest Mrs. Sara listen and listen carefully if you'll didn't have the courage to be a parent to your Child don't even give birth to them, you'll call me selfish but you must check yourself first how good parents you'll are"


A slap was on my face I looked at see my mother's hand in the air.

"you ungrateful, spoiled brat who requires attention from everybody just shut up".

"Sara enough..."

"no Dominic she should listen to us; she cannot be my daughter such a daughter who doesn't respect her parents it was better I should have killed her at the time of birth"

"Sara don't talk….

I listened to the conversation between my father and mother, if I listen even more now, I will not have strength.

So I turn away walking to outside the room.

From behind I heard my father calling me, my mother's curses. I slowly step down the stairs.

As I was climbing down I saw my brother Elle with his friends and my sister enjoying their company he looked in my eyes the blood flowing down my knees and mouth.

I gave him a cold smile, he looked behind me. I just stopped at the entrance turned my head to look Suzan lips curled up in sneer Elle's friend looking at me awkwardly and my parents.

"from today on I will not have any family they are all dead to me just like im dead to you'll and goodbye Have a good life with family of 4 and if one day you'll realize your mistake don't come asking me for sorry. From now on im on my way and you'll are on your own and" ….,

looking straight at Suzan with my lips curled in a dangerously dark smile I gave her hearty chuckle,

" Suzan don't even think of crossing my path I never wanted the title of Coleman princess you can have that shove it in your face for an orphan like me I don't need this useless kind of title "

"aah and mother im a selfish brat goodbye everyone sayonara to all guests and ex –family" I waved my hands turned, my head held high with a proud look I left the mansion

Outside I saw my grandpa waiting for me I ran towards him in tight hug It was dark so He took me to his mansion

"grandpa why they don't like me, mother she…. called me devil, selfish brat …. Grandpa what I did that they are calling me that, is it because of the incident I was ready to forgive them because I know it was not their mistake but they .... never wanted me they should have killed me when I was born"

"my dear listen, to me you are treasure and forever will be. I don't know about your parents what they are thinking aaah….but I will be always there for you just live here comfortably"

"grandpa I want to get revenge those people who hurt me those past 5 yrs. I will have my vegenence those who protected me I swear on their grave that one day everybody will regret what they did to me today including mom dad and brother"

"Freya listen you are still small but you promise me 2 things" He looked at me emotionless;

"say it grandpa I will promise anything to you just leaving the revenge"

"ok Freya you can have your revenge but now first now you finish your school and when you turn 14 you will follow my footstep and join the army And second you get your revenge when become strong and mature now just live life of a teenager"

"teenager ...grandpa I cannot return to what I was before I will listen to your arrangement"

"ok whenever you feel like talking plz talk to me I'm always there for you. This old bones cannot take another heartbreak after your grandma's death. You have the same eyes like her I don't want to see these tears in those beautiful eyes, you are just emotional like your grandma "

"grandpa don't worry I will listen to you" "whenever I look at your face, hair and eyes just like your grandma. She will be very pleased how strong you are and remember you will always have my and your grandma's blessing"

"go have food you didn't eat anything for 4 days now your health will get effected "

"ok sir"

I humorously salute him

That night I still waited for my parents to at least talk or call me home. I waited straight 5 days near the phone but the call I didn't get.

I thought at least my dad will call me but he will choose moms side over me he loves my mother dearly. What she is happy with he can do anything for her even at the thought of forgetting his biological daughter.

Still I had a tiny hope.

So that day I finally fought over my stubbornness and called home but the call was picked up by a maid when I asked her about dad & mom she told me that the

Coleman family went for vacation that broke my heart mercilessly

Here I was silly thinking that will still want their daughter.

I just laughed till my stomach hurt I cried my till I had no tears. When I was laughing I looked and saw my grandpa standing near me with one stick in his hand and looking at me with a sad smile I returned the smile

"I don't know how I raised my son he cannot even see what is right and wrong for him I'm sorry dear''

"don't worry grandpa it's not your mistake it's my mistake to think they even wanted when I left home they didn't even utter a word this would have happened Sonner or later

"ALAS! It happened now im at least happy that I am clear about my standing"

He just stood there and looked hazily outside the window the whole place was covered with silence Grandpa broke the silence

"after six months you will turn than you will leave the current school and join the military school. I have already arranged everything for you"


After this I trained heavily with my grandpa even though I had knowledge of fighting better than grandpa I just kept quiet in order not to spill the bins of my past.

He taught me everything my grandpa became hero, father, best friend and mentor.

During those years I built my own force of security and high tech companies which is led by my acting C.E.O and who was my friend from my past. She followed me after we left that horrible place. I solely trust her with my life .

Sometimes I thought of telling grandpa about my life after the kidnapping he probably would not be able to handle his health. I don't want to risk my only family I have.

Just as remembering those memories a single tear escaped my eyes, suddenly I was out of my thought when I saw everybody looking at me worriedly. I just gave them a smile and nodded in their direction and continued eating my food fastly .

I finished eating and informed the comrades about the secret mission for 'PLUTO TROOP' in city B.

I asked my assistant (Fire) Collin Russell who was like my brother He is a sunshine kind of man. He comes from a very influential family; I have met his parents they are very sweet l love them once I hoped that they could be my parents but fate always be on high end.

I went to my office and listened to the report on appointments of the officials and general of Air, Navy and headquarters of bureau of special forces

sigh! Long day to go.

Just than my phone ring breaking the silence in the room I looked at the id a cold smile appeared in my face.

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