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100% Because It’s You / Chapter 1: More than this

More than this - Because It’s You - Chapter 1 by Viamar_Rosana full book limited free

Because It’s You Because It’s You original

Because It’s You

Author: Viamar_Rosana

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Chapter 1: More than this

Marga Gaea Hawthrone, the only daughter of Duke Ryle Lanceloth Hawthrone.

Sounds of guns echoed inside the palace. Crashing cars and explosions was added. Marga was running down a dirty hallway with her knight, dried leaves were scattered on the floor. Dog's barking is getting closer her knight pointing a gun behind her and shoot. Marga took a deep breath, swallowing her cries. "Mama, Papa" she thought.

"You will still see them princess." As if he has read her mind, Her knight pushed her into a room. She watched the Knight wrestle with the man following them for the gun. "Close your eyes, Princess" she heard and followed. She heard two gunshots before slowly opening her eyes. Her eyes was in a blur due to her own tears but she can see it clearly how her knight twisted the man's head. And the other one laying on the floor covered in blood.

"Marga!" He saw her father running towards her, throwing the gun he has in hand to hug her.

"Papa!" She hugged him. "Where is Mama?"

Her father took a deep breath "I'm sorry." The sounds of guns was changed into sirens, She doesn't need an answer she already knew. Looking at her father's eyes. She knew without a word her mother left their side.

Two weeks has passed and she was standing in-front of their Palace. The place where she grew up, staring at it for the last time before they travel to the province of Anatol. They were staying at the house of Guivenelle for the past week. the place were in the middle of the forest literally, it was a dark place the one that you will see at a horror movie, The once a happy palace became like this.

"Marga, let's leave. It's about to rain." Someone called her. Soon this palace will be forgotten.

With a last glimpse, She turned her back to everything that She once knew. The life She was once used to.

Guayanil is a dark Empire, An empire that is always hungry for more land and power. The largest and most powerful empire.

It took them two days before they have arrived at the City of Anatol. Marga looked outside of the car and saw people, poor people, carrying woods , wearing dirty clothes and children begging for food.

"Papa," she was about to say something but her Father cut her off.

"Anatol is at the Northern part of Guayanil. The farthest province from the Capital. It will take four days before the help will reach here. "

"So they have decided to give this to you as our punishment? From failing to protect the well from the enemies?"


"I know we are branded as traitors because of mother's twin."

The car halted infront of a palace made of stones. Her brother Daniel and the knight Sir. Cornellion stood at the staircase waiting for them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Marga, your mother is different from your aunt."

But Marga pretended not hear anything.

The king have died, they accused her mom of the murder instead of her mother's sister. They killed her, and also tried to harm them. She can still clearly remember the words of that man that they have interrogated. "I came with the order to annihilate the house of Hawthrone under the command of the Duke Ravel." But the house of Ravel has fallen 14 years ago.

"Let's have dinner now that you have arrived!" Daniel took a bite of a bread that he is hiding inside of his jacket.

"But you are already eating." She turned at him

"Father I have to tell you something." She saw them stopped at the staircase talking as if they were planning of something. The war doesn't seem like it will end soon, The twelve knights will soon be summoned at the frontlines. "I see so they beheaded Henry." The burden of being the only family that can inherit the throne next to the Royal family finally starts press on them.

"Princess, please call me Selene, i will be your attendant." But it has fallen into a deaf ears

"I want to become a knight for my father." Her thoughts. "This is my family's war."

"I shall become a knight. And regain our rights, Anatol's and My family's right." She promised herself.


"So you were telling me that beheaded Henry."

"The intel told us that he discovered a Human trafficking here in Anatol. Not just here in Anatol but the entire Guayanil Empire." Ryle looked up at the sky and saw the clouds became dark. A storm is about to come.

"A big organization must be behind this."

"Father, Brother will be here soon with the information."

"It should be me dancing under the blades not you my children." Daniel heard his father's words but ignored it. It just happened he thought the moment aunt sent those letters the war has started. The manipulating aunt he hissed. As the moved up the stairs they heard an angelic voice, singing an ancient song. " Ahh,, our princess giving us hope." Daniel smiled. But his father's heart sank knowing what the song means.

"My daughter." He hesitated. " why you must also take up the sword?"

"Father are you alright?" Daniel grabbed his father's arm. Daniel doesn't like the look he was seeing at his father's face. He already what it means it pains him to know what is about to comes but he must accept it. It was the path that Marga has has chosen the three of them has chosen. But he choose to play ignorant "are you sick? I will ask Selena to make you a bowl of porridge." He knew his father's tears was from his wound that has to be healed. "Let us go inside there is nothing worse than being sick." He tagged his father and Ryle smiled.

"May this family dispute will end soon." Ryle prayed..

Viamar_Rosana Viamar_Rosana

This is my first story I hope you would like it and help me improve my writing thank you.

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