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4.16% Becoming eternal, Vampire diaries. / Chapter 1: At the beginning.

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Becoming eternal, Vampire diaries. original

Becoming eternal, Vampire diaries.

Author: SnowofBlood

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Chapter 1: At the beginning.

In the lodge of a village, a woman is giving birth, on her side holding her hand stood her husband. She pushes one last time, few minutes later baby cry can be heard, a black woman take the baby boy but holding him she start feeling her energy be siphoned, she quickly clean him before giving him to his father.

" You shall be name Sammael, a fierce warrior and a strong hunter. " say the husband to the baby who have black hair and black eyes containing a lot of intelligence for a new born.

" Husband, let me see our son. " tell the mother to her husband.

" Here take him woman." the man give the boy to her but keep his gaze on him with hidden fondness, the door of the lodge open and children enter.

" Mother ! Father ! Can we see our new little brother ? " ask two boy holding the hands of a younger boy who look nervous.

" Yes come Finn, Elijah, and you too Niklaus, he is your new little brother and his name is Sammael Mikaelson. " answer the mother who look exhausted after giving birth. The three boy look at the baby with love, protectiviness and a little bit of awe.

" Now enough, I need rest, Finn can you take him please, you father has to go hunting with you brothers. " she ask to her oldest son.

" Of course mother. " answer Finn with a happy smile, he always like it when his mother trust him, taking the small baby, they all leave the room letting her appreciate a long merited rest.

Years later.

In the forest, a man and a teenager with black hair track the traces of an animal, they move without making sound, they stop and keep their distance with the dear, they stalked it until it stop moving. Sam take his bow and start arming an arrow.

" Good, now slow your breathing, aim, hold you breathe and release your arrow. " Mikael instruct his son while keeping a keen eye on the target. Sam did as told and release the arrow.

The two walk to it and inspect the corpse, the arrow had penetrated the heart and the beast died instantly, Mikael lift up the dear and place it on his back. On their way back to the village, Mikael turn his head toward his son.

" You are a very good hunter, much better than your weak brother was at your age. " he finish with an angry tone.

" Thank you father. " respond Sam politely following his father.

After a long walk they arrived at home, once inside Sam go to his room and sit on his bed, relaxing himself he start thinking about his family, his father seems getting more angrier after the years, quite amusing to watch when he can't keep his snarky comment to himself, Nik probably find it very tempting to get rid of their father but he instead seek his approval and fatherly love, Sam personally would have slit Mikael throat in his sleep if he was in Niklaus shoes.

His little brother Kol keep causing mischief and love to play tricks on the family, he's very close with their little sister Rebekah, she keep growing more beautiful day after day, she is kind of naive but not to be underestimated, especially with a knife, even in her delicate hands.

Elijah him can't stop himself to constantly try to protect Nik from the beating from Mikael , his good nature will probably cause his death, and finally Finn, nothing special to say about him they are not close at all, probably jealousy about the time he spend with their mother if his upset face is an indication.

And there him, Sammael Mikaelson, he is extremely curious and eager to learn, he can be sweet as an angel or the opposite, his father particularly like his ruthless side and his fighting abilities, he's rebellious too, taking and doing what he want, his mother always tell him he's more cunning than her, he's a warlock but he is different from his siblings, he learned why when he was 7 by sneaking and listening a discussion between his mother and her friend Ayana.


" Esther you know he's special, he can siphon magic but he also have his own. He is the only one like that, a loophole, a miracle of nature. " say Ayana to her best friend with an excited face.

" I know, I know, his potential is very good, I just want to give him time to think about learning witchcraft ... " answer Esther.

" Oh but I think he is interested, aren't you Sam ? " ask with amusement Ayana. Sounds draw the attention of Esther and she catch the hidden figure of her son, she shake her head with exasperation and a gentle laugh.


Stoping his wandering mind from going too far, he stood up and prepare himself for a discussion with his mother. He leave his room and go to his mother private room, this morning she said she wanted to discuss with him, Sam intuition told him this is about his progress in magic.

" Mother I'm here. " announced Sammael.

" Good come inside, I want to talk to you my son. " speak Esther with warm, Sam don't wait any longer, enter and he sit down in front of his mother.

" You are smart Sammael, more curious and perceptive than your siblings, you know you are different, you can siphon magic but you also have your own, you are the only one like that and you have much more power than me at your age, in the future with your knowledge on witchcraft and your talent for it you will probably become the best warlock of your time, but you already know that , but you doesn't seem interested by this, so what do you want ? " she ask him with a curious look and a hint of pride.

" I'm indeed not interested in becoming the greatest, what I want is to pursue magic more in deep, I love it and want to know it's secrets, even the darkest, don't you mother ? " he answer with a question of his own and observe her reaction.

" Maybe in my younger years... But I never was fascinate with magic as you are, you make me remember Dahlia. " she finished with a nostalgic and sad smile.

" Who is Dahlia mother ? " ask an interested Sam hearing for the first time this name.

" A ghost from my past, but you don't have to worry about that, let me show you a spell, a really special one. " answer Esther, diverting his attention from the subject of this mysterious ghost.

Autumn 1001.

A handsome young man is leaning against a giant tree reading a book about herbs with magical propieties, Magic is fascinating, even after years of practice and learning, there's is still so much that remain unknow but the more Sam understand, the more he start doubting the teaching of his mother.

Magic,Nature or mystic energy like he sometime call it, as no concept of bad or good, it just exist, like an endless source, you can use it, manipulate it, so why would he keep himself to only one type of magic or become a servant of it like the others witches.

After this revelation he start practicing dark magic and others, he of course hide it from his mother, he have no doubt that she would disagree with him, but being busy with his research had created a rift between him and his siblings, while Rebekah, Nik, Kol and Elijah grew closer, a few years ago his parents conceived another child, Henrik the youngest Mikaelson member, Nik spent all his time with him and Bekah finally have a little brother to annoy. Finishing reading the page about a particular poisonous plant, he's alerted by loud screams coming from his brother.

" Mother ! Mother help ! " scream a crying Klaus carrying Henrik body. Esther run to Henrik and look for a sign of life but it's too late he's already dead.

" What happened Niklaus ? " she ask full of sorrow.

" We went to see the wolves last night but one attack Henrik ... " answer Nik with guilt in his voice.

After this tragic event, their parents organised a family dinner, usually Mikael take his meal alone and Sam too, but tonight his mother insisted for the whole family to eat together. His mother serve a glass of wine for each member except for her and give it to each of them.

" Our family lived a difficult moment but it will make us stronger, now drink. " say sternly his father. They all drink the wine and start eating.

His brothers and his sister lay dead by his side, he certainly wasn't excepting his parents to do this, under normal circumstances he would have been able to defend himself but the wine make him unable to focus and use his magic. He tried to evaded the sword but was no fast enough, the blow killed him in seconds.

" Uhhhh " he wakes up and gasp for air, looking around him he saw his siblings still dead but theirs wounds have healed.

" What happened ? " ask Elijah waking up shocked, inspecting his chest desperately looking for the wound left by the blade. The others start waking up soon after.

Their mother and father enter the room, Mikael hold a woman and slash her wrist.

" Drink girl ! " order his father to Rebekah, reluctantly she approach her mouth and start drinking, her eyes change, the veins under her eyes becomes visible, she have fangs, she looked like a predator. When his sister stopped he approach the girl, the moment he drink her blood he became obsessed with it, he lost himself in his bloodlust, when he stop he had already drink all of her blood.

The week following their transition, they discovered that they've gain super-strength, speed, healing, their emotions all get amplified, everything they was before was sublimed, Sammael who was a little indifferent to others became more cold, calculating, his trust issue worsened and he is now extremely secretive. After a period of adaptation to his new state he check his magic, he found out he had keep it, hours later when his mother said to him he couldn't use magic anymore, he decide to not reveal it to her or anyone, knowing now what she's really capable of, he wouldn't take the risk.

But in exchange for theses new abilities, they've become predator with a thirst for blood, curse to live the night and burn to the sun, their neighbours can now keep them out of their houses and the white oak tree that gift them immortality could take it back, the flowers growing around became poisonous to them. Very fast Sam understand that his mother used the unique spell she show him 1 or 2 years ago, there was only pieces of the first immortality spell, so she probably change it and made a her own one, he discovered she used the sun, the white oak tree and the blood of a doppelganger, he patiently wait the night and to be alone before taking a branch of it, days later they burned the whole tree to the ground. For the double, with his mother at proximity, he prefer not doing anything reckless, he always have been patient.

About his condition he probably is the one with Mikael who enjoyed it the most, before his strength and agility was only human, an imperfection, like nature the body need balance, with magic as potent as his, his body was no match but now he wouldn't be burdened by it.

To fix their problen with the sun, their mother made them daylight rings, they learned to control their hunger but while Sammael, Mikael and Finn quickly control their bloodlust in weeks the others had more difficulties, none more than Klaus.

Sam retract his fangs and snap the neck of the man and focus on his super-hearings.

" Aaaah ! Brother what is happening to me, Aaaah ! It hurts brother. " he hear Nik say to Elijah. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Don't approach him Elijah he's a beast ! A bastard ! " exclaims his father with disgust and anger. His father and Elijah grab Nik and brought him to Esther.

Later, in the night.

Watching hiding in the bush Sam can't help but celebrate the fact he keep his capacity to still use magic a secret, it could have been him on this cross being cursed by his mother. He doesn't really understand why his parents are doing this, they wanted them strong and now they weaken Niklaus, illogic, and the hypocrisy of his mother, keeping nature balanced, ridiculous, she was the one who broke the balance, think Sammael while keeping an eye on the situation.

Finally the ritual finished and Elijah free Nik, Sam from his place, can see a burning rage in the eyes of Klaus, not wanting to be discoverer, he escape in the darkness.

" A perfect opportunity and with a little bit of luck Nik will be blinded by his fury and I won't have to lift a finger. " he mumbles to himself, a devious smirk and a cunning glint in his eyes.

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